Career Aspirations

Sometimes you don't know what you want to do with your life until you do it, and you like it. I didn't start working on cars until I was thirty-something, and the reason I first repaired a car myself wasn't even interest-based. I did it because:

a. I didn't have the money to pay a "certified" mechanic.

b. I got tired of mechanics lying to me and overcharging me. 

c. I had the mechanical aptitude for the work. 

I've always had the mechanical aptitude to work with my hands. I just chose different paths because I had customer service, sales, and cashiering and banking experience, too. But I also used to assemble furniture as a job. I also used to work on a production line. I also used to do quality control in a coffee warehouse, lol. I used to repair cell phones and computers and such from time to time. The mechanical stuff was just always overshadowed by my love for customer service and my desire to nurture or help people. I found myself enjoying the chats and assisting with problem-solving and stuff like that. One day, I forgot about my hands and got side-tracked by administrative tasks, finance-related work, and sales. 

There are a lot of things that other people think I should do, and then there are those things that I do well because I have experience in them. None of them are things that I want to do, though. They're things that simply pay the bills. There's a big difference.

The head gasket work on my Monte Carlo wasn't my first successful repair experience, and I don't want it to be my last. I love taking cars apart and playing with the intricate parts. I love challenging tasks, and I love doing things differently. I didn't do the work the way any other mechanic did it. I did it a different way and used my own special style, and it still worked. I still followed the manufacturer's torquing specs, but I did the job with my own little flavor.

The head gasket job was a long, sloppy, hardworking mess, but once I started, I couldn't stop in the middle of it. I made a huge statement when I decided that I was going to do the job. I decided that it was for me. 

I'm not a lady who minds getting her hands dirty. Physical labor doesn't bother me either... if it's something I love doing. I'm small, but I'm not dainty. I wear skirts, but it's not because I'm too delicate to wear pants. I'd wear them if I was a mechanic in somebody's shop because it makes sense to do so from a legal aspect. 

I would like to be an automotive mechanic. I've been thinking about it for a few years now. "Do I really want to be responsible for other people's vehicles?" "What kind of dangers are involved?" "How hard is it going to be for a woman to rise up in such a position?" 

Well now, even though I do have legitimate experience fixing cars, I don't have the experience in the corporate world's eyes. I worked on MY cars, but I didn't work on any of their customers' cars. So apparently, I have to humble myself and learn what they refer to as the basics first. Touch a little battery here and there and so forth. I just hope I can impress someone before it's time for me to retire.

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