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Career Aspirations

Sometimes you don't know what you want to do with your life until you do it, and you like it. I didn't start working on cars until I was thirty-something, and the reason I first repaired a car myself wasn't even interest-based. I did it because:

a. I didn't have the money to pay a "certified" mechanic.

b. I got tired of mechanics lying to me and overcharging me. 

c. I had the mechanical aptitude for the work. 

I've always had the mechanical aptitude to work with my hands. I just chose different paths because I had customer service, sales, and cashiering and banking experience, too. But I also used to assemble furniture as a job. I also used to work on a production line. I also used to do quality control in a coffee warehouse, lol. I used to repair cell phones and computers and such from time to time. The mechanical stuff was just always overshadowed by my love for customer service and my desire to nurture or help people. I found myself enjoying the chats and …