Timiarah Breaks Her Silence

Timiarah J. has been silent for a while, huh? Yeah, well... you know. 

This week was the first week I started learning about my Chevrolet Sonic. It took me a long time to stop missing my Monte Carlo and start appreciating the good points about the Sonic. No, the Sonic isn't in the same class as a Monte Carlo, but it is in a class of its own. The thing has great gas mileage, and it still has awesome traction, which makes it super-fun to drive. I complain about the stick shift all the time, but it's kind of like a novelty to people when they get in my car. They're like, "Hey, that thing's a stick shift?" and "Oh, this is a stick shift?"

Yeah, mon. It's a stick shift, and I actually love shifting it and such, but only on the open highway. The open highway is my best friend. When I'm on the open highway is when I have to turn on some hardcore Thousand Foot Krutch. TFK is one of those "Christian rock" bands that nobody can tell is Christian, lol. Actually, their lyrics ARE about "God" and stuff, but they still rock hard. It's hard to tell what they're about unless you're really listening to the lyrics. I liked their Oxygen: Inhale CD because they sang so many sweet songs to the Heavenly Father. Too bad their fans complained, and they hardened it up for the next one. I still like the hard stuff too, though. I admit it. 

Anyway, the Sonic is a great car, but GM designed it all crazy like. They have the alternator sort of underneath the car, and the belts are hard to get to. I would have to remove a wheel and crawl under the car to get to the alternator... seriously. I guess they didn't want anyone to work on the vehicles themselves, but you know me. I want to get at that alternator just because they made it so difficult to do so. Not only am I going to swap out the alternator, but I'm also going to find a way to do it from the top of the car and not the bottom. Good times. 


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