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Life Is Quite a Bitch

Life is really funny sometimes. It throws you stuff that you don't expect and catches you off guard in a good way. Then, in one breathtaking second, it throws you stuff that catches you off guard in a bad way. Nothing soothes the soul when those bad life experiences hit. People's kind words all sound like bullsh*t. The "I understand" commentaries seem like false empathy. The "I'm there for you" gestures don't seem real at all, nor do they materialize when you need them to. Nothing helps, especially for a believer who is not allowed to seek vengeance or be unforgiving. All we can do is suck it up, feel our hearts being torn to shreds, and then thank our Heavenly Father in the morning for every last second of it. Pain is dealt to us often by people who don't understand us and people who hate us for our warm nature. One would think that a warm nature is something everyone would adore, but it works the opposite in this world today. Our bright lights…