"Queen & Slim" Movie: A Comedy and a Tragedy

I had been hyped up to see "Queen & Slim" ever since I saw the previews. I couldn't wait for the opening night to come. I didn't actually get to see it on opening night, but I still couldn't wait for it to come, lol. I almost didn't get in the next night either because my movie buddy underestimated its popularity. By the time it was time to reserve the seats, only four were left in the entire theater. We made it though, and everything worked out just fine. 

The Storyline

The movie was about a couple who met on Tinder (online dating site/mobile app). They went out to dinner for their first date, and they exchanged small talk and got to know each other. They didn't seem to click very well, so Slim was just going to drop Queen off at home. Perhaps they'd have never seen each other again. 

Unfortunately, a cop pulled them over on the drive home and did the typical "harass the black man" nonsense. Things got out of hand very quickly, and the cop ended up dead. The event left Queen and Slim bound to each other as they journeyed toward freedom and ran from the law. 

What I Liked

I liked this movie because it pulled off mixing comedy, tragedy, drama, and action. No one expected Bokeem Woodbine (Uncle Earl) and his "female friends" to deliver such lighthearted and jovial performances. The audience laughed hard several times, and so did I. It was refreshing to have that burst of humor amid such a horrible situation. They weren't the only ones who brought some funny to the table, though. A little boy and his dad had us laughing about 20 minutes earlier. There was also an interesting character toward the end who was funny as crap. 

Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith both gave amazing performances as the love-budding fugitives. Their dynamic was a cross between an old married couple, a black Bonnie and Clyde, and Romeo and Juliet. They knew their chances of survival were slim, so they wanted to live their lives to the fullest while they had the chance. They didn't let the fact that they were fugitives stop them from enjoying the beauties of the world. They didn't let it stop them from breathing in nature, loving each other, or believing in God. I loved their spirits!

I loved the support that Queen and Slim got from some of the people in the movie, as well. There were actually some good folks who understood the truth about what happened and helped them. The audience cheered them on every time.

What I Didn't Like 

There was a scene in the movie that might as well have been X-rated. They went to great lengths to show just about everything that was going on. I felt that it was unnecessary and kind of raunchy for it to be so graphic. It took some of the beauty out of their romance, and it disappointed me. I think I closed my eyes during most of the scene because I didn't need to be seeing that. Hmmm, well I guess we can add porn to the list of genres that this movie crossed!

I did not like the end of the movie at all. I can't say too much about it without dropping spoilers, but I can say with great passion that I hated it. It left me angry, dissatisfied, disgusted, and eager to use acronyms such as WTF and WTH.

My Rating

I can only give this movie three stars out of five. Even though I was mindblown by the romanticism, comic relief, ingenious genre mixing, and "power to the people" energy, I still couldn't forgive the ending. Don't get me wrong. The movie is entertaining and worth every bit of $12 or so. But don't buy any popcorn because the underwhelming final scenes might nauseate you.

"Terminator: Dark Fate" Review: No Flop Here

This week's movie choice for me was "Terminator: Dark Fate." I'm one of the old heads who saw the original "The Terminator" movie and "Terminator: Judgment Day," so the trailer piqued my interest. What made me watch it was that they revived Linda Hamilton and put her in as a kick-ass terminator hunter. I always love the concept of courageous women who can throw down. This woman was no slouch at 63 years old either! She came out kicking butts and taking names! I loved it!

I also liked seeing Governor Schwarzenegger (72) resume his role as the protective Terminator machine. He gave an outstanding performance as well, although the writers put a bit of a cheesy twist to his personality and lifestyle this time. Married with children? Yeah, no. 

Now let's talk about the new terminator models and the girl everyone fought to protect. Natalia Reyes played the target, Dani Ramos, a young and fearful Mexican girl who had no idea that she would be a legend in the future... if she survived the hunt. I liked her character because she started innocent, compassionate, and sweet and blossomed into a fight-or-die young woman of strength. Gabriel Luna played the Rev-9 android assassin sent to terminate Dani, and Mackenzie Davis played the **gender confusing and cybernetically enhanced soldier sent to protect Dani. All of their performances were great, but Linda Hamilton (Sara Connor) was the one who made the movie for me. 

The movie started with lots of action and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The storyline wasn't difficult to understand as they scratched the concepts from all the movies after "Judgement Day" and replaced them with a new one. There was never a dull moment the whole time I watched. All the performances were stellar, and the graphics were quite good. It would have been really awesome in 3D, but it was still amazing on a regular screen. 

The Rev-9 was a complex machine that had the ability to split into two entities, hack databases, and reliquify itself back together after an extreme arse whooping. He was no joke, and it seemed as if he was unbeatable. 

Grace had massive strength, but she wasn't a full machine. Her weakness was that she was only designed for short spurts of action. After that, she needed to take certain medications like benzos and insulin to live. Thus, we had Hollywood's first diabetic (?) Terminator. It was interesting to see her interact with her fully human allies against the Rev-9 machine.

I felt that the writers and producers redeemed themselves and made up for the multiple lackluster sequels of the past. I appreciated the hella heroines concept, and I loved that they brought some of the original characters back. This movie was no flop to me. I'd pay to watch another one if it follows this particular storyline, and I'd love to see Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger come back in their 80s to kick some more butt, ha-ha-ha. I'll give it four stars out of five. The missing star is for the confusion it caused me in the beginning, lol.    

**I thought Grace was kind of a cute male at the beginning of the movie. Turns out he identifies as a woman. Oops. Never mind.

Quick Review of "Black and Blue" Movie

The trailer for "Black and Blue" got me interested in going, so I watched it in the theater not too long ago. I don't go out to the movies much because the "free" option is always available to me. Free is always more appealing than $11.99 is. However, there's something recreationally satisfying about being inside of a gorgeous movie theater with plush reclining chairs and a gigantic screen. Plus I deserved a nice time out, and by golly, I got one. 

I loved the movie. The action started within the first 10 minutes, and it never stopped. There wasn't one second when I wasn't on the edge of my seat. Naomie Harris played one hell of a role as the innocent rookie who accidentally witnessed some highly unethical behaviors. I adored her character to death because she reminded me of myself. That's how I would be if I were a police officer. I'd care about "the people," and if I saw something unjust, I'd want to change it, even if it meant risking my life. I loved this woman in the movie. Damn that girl could run, lol. She also had a set of iron fists and had no problem opening up a can a whoop-ass on a grown man in a heartbeat. My favorite part of the movie was toward the end, and it involved a lead pipe and a crooked police officer. 

I was happy to see Tyrese Gibson in the movie, too. I didn't know much about what kind of role he was going to play before the movie started, but I was pleasantly surprised by him. He portrayed a courageous, chivalrous, and heroic brother who also risked his life for something good. Uh-oh. I think I'm in love. 

Frank Grillo played the complete and utter scum-bucket cop who killed some unarmed people for no apparent reason. He didn't feel that their lives mattered, but they did matter to someone. 

This was the best film I've seen in a while. I'll give it four stars out of five. The missing star is for Mike Colter's character, Darius. I wanted to see a different outcome for him. I say the movie is worth the money to see if you like good cop/bad cop movies, though. It kind of has an air of "Training Day" to it, and we all know how awesome that movie is.  

I Have Pink FILA Sneakers in My Life

After I finished doing all my errands, I visited the Oglethorpe Mall in Savannah where I thought I was going to find the Pink Timberland boots. I was very disappointed that I didn't find them. Foot Locker did not have them as advertised online. I could have ordered them, but I needed a PINK FIX ASAP! NONE of the stores that carried the Timberlands had the pink ones. They did have a pair of baby blue ones, but they weren't attractive. 

I fell in love with these rose gold colored FILA sneakers. They're not usually my brand. I like Reebok sneakers for the comfort, but these were in the perfect color. I bought them, and then I stopped at Wally World and found a matching pink shirt that says "LOVE" on it. I'm all pink and lovey-dovey now. Lol. 

I Need These Boots In My Life

OMG, I need these boots in my life ASAP. Nothing makes me happier in the middle of trying times than a pair of PINK sneakers or boots. I think I owe myself a little present for all the stuff I've been through lately. I am going to hunt down these boots TODAY and get some matching shirts and whatnot. Oh HELL yeah. I haven't gotten myself a pair of boots in a long time except for my work boot that I hardly wear. These are currently on sale at Foot Locker. I hope they have my size. The actual color is "dusty rose." I like that. It kind of reminds me of some pink roses, which are my favorite flowers. 

Goodbye 2019

The world's holiday season has started, and I have to say that I've been feeling pretty crappy. I don't miss celebrating the holidays at all. In fact, I'm thrilled that I don't participate in them, especially Christmas. There's something unholy about all the expectations and perceived financial obligations that people have at such a time. 

What I do miss is the gathering aspect of it. I miss having "loved ones" around. It's going to be rough for me as it gets closer to these times because my household is currently solo, and there isn't a "loved one" around for hundreds of miles. I'm starting to get a hint of the blues. One of my coworkers said something uplifting the other day, though, when I was talking about my holiday blues. This person said, "We're your family." I thought about it for a minute, and then I said, "I guess you're right."  People do spend most of their time with their coworkers, and some of them get stuck working the holidays with their coworkers too. I guess in that sense, our coworkers are our families. They aren't perfect family members, but neither are our blood relatives. 

But enough about work. I think the above text is all I'm allowed to discuss about my job and the folks there other than the technical stuff. I shall obey the rules of social media engagement.

I've been thinking about all the years of my life, and I think 2019 might just be the absolute worst of them all. It started like it was going to be a good year, but it was actually quite poopy (I don't like to cuss). I had a good major life event, and then eight months later, I had a bad major life event. Then I started seeing a little sunshine and feeling alive again only to find myself a little disenchanted later on. It was just a bad year, but I guess if I compare it to the other years, maybe it wasn't so bad. Or perhaps it was. Let's see:


  • Finalized nine-year-long lingering legal process
  • Got an awesome new job that I'm still at today
  • Finally got approved for an apartment
  • Finished that solo head gasket job I was working on
  • Drove the fixed car around and became known for fixing it
  • Got a new car later because it was time for one
  • Made a full recovery from random kidney failure

Hmmm. 2018 was pretty good.


  • Made a few friendships that kind of fizzled out over time
  • Worked a few random jobs along with my writing self-employment
  • Lived in a not-so-nice place
  • Got bit by a group of angry ants in the parking lot
  • Almost died from random kidney failure. I'm starting to think it somehow had to do with the ants and my allergies.
  • Car broke down
  • Had to change head gasket with failing kidneys, frozen shoulder, and crushing chest pain
  • Got closer to God while dying

2017 was very scary.


  • Moved to a new area
  • Had a difficult time adjusting
  • Stayed in my room most of the time and wrote articles for pay

2016 was pretty blah.


  • Went to Key West for the fourth time
  • Traveled all over Florida with my son
  • Lost my son (physically and emotionally)
  • Had nobody but God for comfort

2015 was heartbreaking and soul-crushing.

I guess 2019 wasn't as bad as 2015, but it sucked. I hope things start to look up for me in 2020. `

The Upsides of Being Alone

Some people feel super down when they have to spend a part of their life alone. If you feel this way, you're not the only one. With society's "everyone must have a partner" view on relationships, it's hard not to. Not being in a relationship can make you feel like a failure, reject, or something worse with that mindset. There are other more positive perspectives you can have about being alone, however. Additionally, there are lots of plusses to flying solo for a while. These are three of them.

You Get to Plan Each Day

When you're by yourself, the canvas is clean, and the sky is the limit every day. You can paint the portrait of your life any way you so desire. You can spend your time how you want to spend it, and you don't have to consult with anyone else first. You don't have to ration any of your time out to any other folks. You don't have to explain why you're going here or there, and you don't have to compromise about your activities. You can do whatever you want, no matter how silly, trivial, or corny someone else thinks it might be. You can use all your time doing things that make you and only you happy. 

You Have Total Freedom

Even the most responsible and mature people need a little freedom sometimes. We need the freedom to laugh, live, and act a fool if we want to. When you're alone, you can just pick up and travel around the world if you like. You can jump on a motorcycle and ride to wherever, or you can take a cruise to the end of the waters. You can come home if you feel like it or stay elsewhere if you like. You can keep your house messy or tidy, and you can eat healthy or unhealthy. You can also choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable, and you don't have to worry about anyone else trying to change your unique style. Shucks, when you're in your own home, you can even choose to wear nothing if you like. 

You Can Interact With New People 

Nothing is stopping you from meeting and interacting with new people. It's your option to choose the people you want to allow into your world and the relationship that you want to have with them. You can spend some of your alone time making new friends and acquaintances. Love might be just around the corner, too. 

Of course, there are downsides to being solo, like having to pay all your bills alone and not having someone to hold you at night. But some of the positives are fantastic. If you're alone, you can take this time to get to know yourself better and do things you never had the time to do before. You can also spend this time reflecting on your past relationships and figuring out what you want and what you will and won't accept. There's an old saying that you should always "look at the bright side of things." Consider that the next time you get down about being by yourself. 

Life's Journey

It's been a while since I've tended to this blog. I've been busy walking down the railroad tracks of life and trying not to get run over along the way.  I'm still working as an automotive technician. It turns out that tinkering with cars was meant to be for me. Of all the various jobs I've had, this one has been my favorite. I like the challenge, and I like working with my hands. It's not a glamorous job or a cutesy job, but it fits. It's just perfect for a tomboy like me. 

I finally fell in love with the area where I live. I was kind of forced to take an apartment in a place that I wasn't too crazy about moving to initially. There's nothing wrong with the town or the apartment. I think the scenery is gorgeous, and the place is very clean. I just had a different plan, but then life threw me a curveball, so I had to change my course. I ended up someplace that wasn't in the plan. It took me an entire year before I started going out and getting to know the town. It turns out that this area has EVERYTHING I need. Everything I like to do is less than 25 minutes away. There's a skating rink, a bowling alley, a smoothie spot, a table tennis club, a tennis court, a basketball court, a movie theater, a gym, bumper cars, and lots of new and exciting restaurants to visit and review. The only thing it's missing is a comedy club, but there is one about two hours away. I'll be visiting it soon. I've been taking "fun days" for myself at least once a week and just chillin' solo 'cause that's my status right now. I guess you could say that I've been dating myself lately, lol.  

Love has not been kind to me. It never has been, but maybe that will change one day. It's never too late to find true love. 

I still have my faith, but it has been challenged more the past year than it has ever been in my entire life. I've been dragged through the refining fire, shoved into trials and tribulations, and put through many tests. I've passed some tests and failed others. The beautiful thing is that the Heavenly Father keeps waking me up every morning and giving me additional opportunities to learn and grow into something beautiful. I can tell that he's not done with me yet, and he still holds me securely in the palms of his hands. 

Through the mistakes I made, I learned to appreciate what our Savior did for us even more. The sacrifice he made just to give us the opportunity to be with him was the biggest display of love ever. We hear "God so love the world..." all the time, but it really doesn't hit home until we screw up and realize how flawed and undeserving we really are. Reflection is wisdom. 

I'm Happy With the Breast Reduction

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