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Quick Review of "Black and Blue" Movie

The trailer for "Black and Blue" got me interested in going, so I watched it in the theater not too long ago. I don't go out to the movies much because the "free" option is always available to me. Free is always more appealing than $11.99 is. However, there's something recreationally satisfying about being inside of a gorgeous movie theater with plush reclining chairs and a gigantic screen. Plus I deserved a nice time out, and by golly, I got one. 

I loved the movie. The action started within the first 10 minutes, and it never stopped. There wasn't one second when I wasn't on the edge of my seat. Naomie Harris played one hell of a role as the innocent rookie who accidentally witnessed some highly unethical behaviors. I adored her character to death because she reminded me of myself. That's how I would be if I were a police officer. I'd care about "the people," and if I saw something unjust, I'd want to change it, even if it meant risking my life. I loved this woman in the movie. Damn that girl could run, lol. She also had a set of iron fists and had no problem opening up a can a whoop-ass on a grown man in a heartbeat. My favorite part of the movie was toward the end, and it involved a lead pipe and a crooked police officer. 

I was happy to see Tyrese Gibson in the movie, too. I didn't know much about what kind of role he was going to play before the movie started, but I was pleasantly surprised by him. He portrayed a courageous, chivalrous, and heroic brother who also risked his life for something good. Uh-oh. I think I'm in love. 

Frank Grillo played the complete and utter scum-bucket cop who killed some unarmed people for no apparent reason. He didn't feel that their lives mattered, but they did matter to someone. 

This was the best film I've seen in a while. I'll give it four stars out of five. The missing star is for Mike Colter's character, Darius. I wanted to see a different outcome for him. I say the movie is worth the money to see if you like good cop/bad cop movies, though. It kind of has an air of "Training Day" to it, and we all know how awesome that movie is.  

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