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"Terminator: Dark Fate" Review: No Flop Here

This week's movie choice for me was "Terminator: Dark Fate." I'm one of the old heads who saw the original "The Terminator" movie and "Terminator: Judgment Day," so the trailer piqued my interest. What made me watch it was that they revived Linda Hamilton and put her in as a kick-ass terminator hunter. I always love the concept of courageous women who can throw down. This woman was no slouch at 63 years old either! She came out kicking butts and taking names! I loved it!

I also liked seeing Governor Schwarzenegger (72) resume his role as the protective Terminator machine. He gave an outstanding performance as well, although the writers put a bit of a cheesy twist to his personality and lifestyle this time. Married with children? Yeah, no. 

Now let's talk about the new terminator models and the girl everyone fought to protect. Natalia Reyes played the target, Dani Ramos, a young and fearful Mexican girl who had no idea that she would be a legend in the future... if she survived the hunt. I liked her character because she started innocent, compassionate, and sweet and blossomed into a fight-or-die young woman of strength. Gabriel Luna played the Rev-9 android assassin sent to terminate Dani, and Mackenzie Davis played the **gender confusing and cybernetically enhanced soldier sent to protect Dani. All of their performances were great, but Linda Hamilton (Sara Connor) was the one who made the movie for me. 

The movie started with lots of action and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The storyline wasn't difficult to understand as they scratched the concepts from all the movies after "Judgement Day" and replaced them with a new one. There was never a dull moment the whole time I watched. All the performances were stellar, and the graphics were quite good. It would have been really awesome in 3D, but it was still amazing on a regular screen. 

The Rev-9 was a complex machine that had the ability to split into two entities, hack databases, and reliquify itself back together after an extreme arse whooping. He was no joke, and it seemed as if he was unbeatable. 

Grace had massive strength, but she wasn't a full machine. Her weakness was that she was only designed for short spurts of action. After that, she needed to take certain medications like benzos and insulin to live. Thus, we had Hollywood's first diabetic (?) Terminator. It was interesting to see her interact with her fully human allies against the Rev-9 machine.

I felt that the writers and producers redeemed themselves and made up for the multiple lackluster sequels of the past. I appreciated the hella heroines concept, and I loved that they brought some of the original characters back. This movie was no flop to me. I'd pay to watch another one if it follows this particular storyline, and I'd love to see Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger come back in their 80s to kick some more butt, ha-ha-ha. I'll give it four stars out of five. The missing star is for the confusion it caused me in the beginning, lol.    

**I thought Grace was kind of a cute male at the beginning of the movie. Turns out he identifies as a woman. Oops. Never mind.

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