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Life in Seasons

I don't write many journal-type entries in my public blog anymore. I've learned over the years that it's best to write that sort of material under a pseudonym or in an old-school private journal. It's not easy for someone like me to keep quiet, though. Writing is like breathing to me. I never let a day pass without writing something. It's in my nature.

I've been thinking about life lately, and how it's a continuous change of seasons. We go on various journeys, and each of them only lasts a season. People come in and out of our lives. We change our environments, our jobs, our lifestyles, etc. Then another season begins. Some seasons burn like the sweltering sun amid a heatwave. Other seasons are so cold and long that it takes years for us to thaw out our frostbitten hearts. Still, we survive. We move on, and we learn lessons that shape us into better human beings.

This season has been challenging, but it hasn't been the worst I've seen. I've been dealing with loneliness, the ageing process, and an "angry" rotator cuff. Furthermore, I've had to push myself to make some changes in my life. Change has always been difficult for me. I get comfortable with people, situations, environments, etc., and then it's easier for me to stay and settle than it is to go through the pains of change.

I think I just made it over a hill, though. It took some time, but I got there. 

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