I'm Happy With the Breast Reduction


Here I am five days post-op, and I am delighted with the results. It's exactly what I wanted. Now, mind you, the breasts are still swollen in some areas and not swollen in other areas, lol. They have not taken their permanent shape and size yet. It takes about three months to a year to get there. But as you can see, my arms and torso are very small and are much more equipped for what I have now.

I am very pleased with what I see so far. That is the very first picture I've ever revealed my upper body in my entire life. 

Now, as far as the belly and the contour goes, I know I still have work to do. I had four children and an underbelly surgical cut from an ectopic. Thus, it will never be perfect. But I know I can flatten my belly and accent my curves naturally, which I intend to do the moment I hit that six-week post-op mark. Planet Fitness is getting ready to see a whole lot of this girl!

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