Opinions About Breast Reductions


The subject of breast reduction surgery has sparked some conversation and controversy among myself and other individuals. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to such an opinion. I welcome opinions and appreciate a good opportunity to trade arguments and exchange banter. However, at the end of the day, it's my body and my decision. I'll always do what's best for me and not anyone else. I feel that I spent too many years of my life trying to please other people, and it has never gotten me anywhere. At this time in my life, I'm going to put myself and my health and happiness first. 

Three questions have come up along this journey:

  1. People want to know why I want to get a breast reduction.
  2. They want to know my religious views about the matter.
  3. They wonder if I could have chosen an alternative to getting a breast reduction. 

Why I Wanted a Breast Reduction

I can't lie and say that I wasn't ecstatic when one of my medical practitioners suggested that I consider a breast reduction. I was 100 percent on board with the idea. However, my breast reduction is not a whimsical cosmetic procedure that I'm doing for a vain reason. My breasts truly cause me back, neck, and shoulder pain, and those issues are now affecting my ability to do my job. I'm in constant pain and have lost functionality in both of my shoulders over the past few years. My spine is out of alignment. My posture is poor. My neck hurts, and so on. Besides that, I have scars, cuts, and bruises from where my bra straps have damaged my body over the years. That's all physical pain.

Now, let's look at the psychological and emotional aspects of having overly sized breasts. I have always had to deal with objectification and mistreatment because of them. In other words, the male "species" always treated me like I was a person to be used for sexual purposes only and then thrown away afterward. They assumed that I had no substance other than my cleavage. There is so much more to me than my chest, but none of them ever saw it. The mistreatment from men caused me years of psychological and emotional damage that will take years for me to recover from even after I don't have large breasts anymore. 

People always made fun of my breasts and stared at them like I was a circus freak. I remember one time an ex-boyfriend of mine called my breasts, "flapjack titties." Granted, he was a narcissist whose sole purpose was to make me feel lower than dirt. But knowing that didn't make the pain decrease for me. Emotional or verbal abuse is sometimes worse than physical abuse because the wounds stay with you for years. 

Furthermore, I was unable to participate in sports activities and exercises the way I wanted to. I couldn't wear normal clothing. I couldn't wear a bathing suit or lingerie. I had trouble finding my bra size in the store. 

The list of problems I had with my breasts goes on and on. So no, I'm not getting it done for a cosmetic purpose. I'm getting it done to alleviate extreme physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Any cosmetic benefit that comes from it will be a bonus. 

Other People's Opinions About My Breast Reduction

I get mixed opinions about the reduction. I didn't ask any men how they felt about it because, frankly, I don't give a damn what their opinion is. The same men who would speak against it are probably the same men who would use me as a sexual object because of my breasts. They're the same men who wouldn't want to know anything about my goals, likes, dislikes, desires, abilities, or dreams. Thus, I didn't even allow them to express an opinion. I would have dismissed it even if I had. I don't have a significant other at this time. There's no husband, boyfriend, or friend with or without benefits. Perhaps I would have welcomed an opinion from that person if he existed, but I still would have done what was best for me. 

I went to high school with some women who have breasts that are much larger than mine. However, those women also have much larger frames than I have. Thus, the problem doesn't affect them physically the same way as they affect me. They love their breasts and wouldn't change them for the world. I respect their decisions, and I believe that their breasts are beautiful. They match their frames perfectly. If my breasts matched my frame and didn't cause me any pain, I'd surely keep mine, as well. 

My family members are supportive of the reduction. They know me well, and they know I've suffered in many ways throughout my life. They are all for it, although one family member advised me not to go too small. She was concerned that I might become a member of the "itty bitty titty committee." Personally, I won't mind having a smaller size. I don't want to be a B cup, but I certainly wouldn't mind a full C or even a single D.  

My Religious Views on Breast Reduction

I believe that "God" made us all beautiful and wonderful. However, I also think that he allowed some of us to develop deformities. Perhaps, he allows it to help us to grow and see how we will handle the issue. Maybe it's a challenge or a test. Maybe I'm failing that test. However, I still believe he's a loving entity who wouldn't want anyone to suffer emotional, physical, and psychological pain if the deformity caused such issues. All good things, such as medicine and surgeries, are gifts from him. Therefore, I don't believe that having a breast reduction to alleviate one's pain is a sin. I might have a different opinion about augmentations, but then again, I might not. I'm still on the fence about that because women who have small breasts can also suffer severe emotional and psychological pain. Who am I to judge another? 

What About Alternative Solutions?

What alternative solution is available for making your breasts smaller? Exercise? Well, the ability to reduce your breast size through exercise depends on whether the size is primarily from fat or tissue. In my case, it's all tissue. I'm already a small person who has lost weight. There is no difference in my breast size whatsoever. 

What about chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, pain medication, and so forth? Those are all lovely temporary solutions... if they work at all. They will not provide anyone with a permanent solution if they continue to have massive breasts hanging from the torso. I've tried all of the "alternative methods," and the physical pain prevails because the pain source is still there. 

I considered all factors before I decided to have the procedure done. It's something that I always wondered about, to be honest. I'd have done it a long time ago if I knew I could have it done. Now it appears that I need it, and I've been granted the chance to have it done. I'm delighted about doing it. 

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