What Artists Do When They're Bored

I started messing with some buttons on a random app, and it led me to a place where I could "make an avatar of myself." I was semi-interested, so I fiddled with it a bit. The first step was to take a selfie and then let the software create the foundation of the avatar'ss face from my picture. It seemed interesting, so I tried it.

Um... NO.

I didn't think the avatar looked anything like me at all. In fact, I thought this program was the worst avatar creation software I'd ever used. However, I still went ahead and tinkered with buttons and messed with features and added afro hair to her and so forth. I probably spent a whole hour diddling with this avatar. I'm an artist, so I get stuck on silly stuff like this. He-he.

Well, now she has her own little personality. I think she's kind of cute, but she still looks nothing like me. I colored her eyes and gave her a little button nose, lol. Additionally, she has no breasts, and I couldn't seem to find her any either. That was the glitch I found in the app. All the avatars came out flat-chested whether they were supposed to be male or female. There was no bust size adjustment button either. You could adjust their clothes, hair, nose, head, ears, etc. etc. etc., but you couldn't give 'em any titties... at all. Shameful. 

Oh well. I had fun, though. I might make some more of these little characters later. Maybe I'll name them, too.  I made these two with a different program. 

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