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Car Engines Are Sexy

I think naked engine blocks are sexy. You know what I find even sexier than that, though? This:

That's from one of my vehicles when I was working on it a while back. I wasn't done yet at that point, but I was pretty close to it. Pretty clean, yes? I used the highest level of care on it, held the cylinder heads in my hands, removed valves, springs, rocker arms, etc. I personally touched every part of the upper-end assembly. This job called for precise handling. It's not something that someone can get right on a fluke. That's why I was so interested in doing it myself. Anyone can swap out an alternator and get it right by accident. No one can change a head gasket and have the car start back up and run well by accident. The job is way too complex for that. 

Did I make mistakes along the way? Yes. Could I have done the job faster and less laboriously with the help of someone who was used to doing the job on a regular basis? Most definitely. I would have done it much faster if I wasn't deathly ill at the time, too. But I think I did well for a solo job in a motel parking lot with only a minimal amount of tools.  

Something About Car Engines Just Gets Me Going

I am taking a break from schoolwork right now. About 45 percent of my schoolwork is online. I'm going into in-depth studies of the cylinders, pistons, rods, crankshaft, and so on. I like messing around with all the stuff on the top end, but hell, the bottom end is pretty interesting, too. The way the whole thing works is just wild. Very exciting stuff. 


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