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Cylinder Head Two Is Out!


I removed the second cylinder head today. I had to do a whole of "rasslin'" and "grab-assin'" to get that thing out. 

I didn't get my face in the shot. I have not been very happy with my face lately. Age just caught up with me one day, and I was like, "Wow. No." I didn't even like the way I looked with the filter on, m'kay?

The rear head was more difficult to remove than the front one. Yes, it was difficult getting all the bolts off the exhaust manifold, but that wasn't what gave me the most difficulty. It was the chain guide that was bolted to the rear head and the block, lol. I had no difficulty getting into the little space between the timing cover and head with a 10mm combo wrench and unscrewing it as far as it could go on the front head. The head still slipped out for me without me breaking anything. I eventually got the second head separated from the chain guide too, and I didn't break anything, but it was hell. It was much harder. It seemed like it was really, really stuck to it, so I had to jostle and spread/pry some things to get the bolt unscrewed more, more, more. It took a lot of patience. 

This was a very unconventional process, but all I wanted to do was remove the heads. I didn't want to work under a lifted vehicle at all. So I did a roundabout process to avoid having to take the right wheel off and the oil pan and the timing cover and the alternator and blah blah. 

As I suspected, two of the cylinders were half-full of antifreeze. I hate those god-awful gaskets they used. I will never put that type of gasket on this car. This car needs a set of soft head gaskets. I'm not sure if both the heads are warped, or the gaskets were not properly torqued, but the gasket material is horrible anyway. Everyone loves those gaskets, but I don't. To me, it looks too easy for a leak to occur. I prefer soft "flexible" gaskets. 

Now all the really, really hard work starts. Cleaning up everything. Ug. 


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