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Exhaust Manifold Is Disconnected

I had no choice but to remove the fans to get access to the exhaust manifold bolts. The good news is that I was able to get that dumb bar loose that was in my way. However, I still couldn't fit my wrench in there to get the manifold bolts off. Thus, I had to remove the fans. No, I'm not the one who broke the fans. They were already broken when I got the car, lol. 

So the exhaust manifold is officially disconnected from the head. I'm almost there. I just have to get the head loose from the timing side. I still don't really know if I can do it, but I'm damn sure going to try before I jack up the car and take a wheel off and whatnot to get the timing cover all the way off. I refuse to remove the oil pan and all that whatnot. So we'll see If I can loose the head by removing the chain guide bolts and a few of the timing cover bolts. Maybe. I hope so. 

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