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Getting Back to the Automotive Repairs

It has been six days since I worked on the car. This picture is from last Tuesday. I didn't hurt myself or anything, but I did have some pretty funky asthmatic reactions to the pollen that's been outside lately. Today is the first day I've felt well enough to go back out there. I'm charging up my phone so that I can play some music while I work. I have numerous bolts to remove from the exhaust manifold, and I have to loosen the bolt connected to the chain guide, as well. Hopefully, there won't be anything else I need to do before I remove the second head. I'm ready to get that sucker off ASAP and start cleaning, shaving, lapping, etc. I'm not spending a dime on any parts other than gaskets and an EGR valve (it was broken). I'll be using what I already have. It's not worth it to spend the money if it might not work. I'd rather get everything as even and straight as possible and then try my luck. If it doesn't work, oh well. I won't be pissed. I will be pissed if I spend over $1,000 on brand new heads and cams and it doesn't work, though. Nope. I'll make do with what I have. I have the time and patience to try to reshape things, lol. 

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