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Gigantic Black Pipe: 1 Timiarah: 0

I didn't get to do anything with the exhaust manifold today because there's a big black pipe in the way. It's blocking me from being able to get to the manifold bolts. To make it even worse, it's bolted on there backward, which makes it even more difficult for me to get it off. It's hard to even tell what size the bolts are. I hate this #$%^& car! I hate the manufacturer, too. I ran out of time, and that was a good thing because I was to the point of wanting to beat the thing senseless until it came off. I always try my best not to break anything, but in this case, breaking it was getting mighty tempting.

I usually win the second round, but I'm not too sure this time. I have a whole 48 hours to think about a new strategy, though. You don't know how bad I want to talk to someone at Ford Motor Company and curse them. I think I spewed about 10 cuss words while I was in that little tiny compartment trying to unbolt a bunch of backward bolts to give myself more room. I got very creative with some of them, but loosing what I loosed didn't really give me the room I needed. I need that black pipe gone! I can't get to the manifold bolts without removing it, so something has to give. 

Again I say that everything about this car is a pain in the behind. They made nothing easy on it. It's like they used a #@ck you blueprint to build the thing.


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