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Pulled the Water Pump With a Neck Brace On


I'm still trying to pave the way to at least one of my heads, lol, but I can't do much. I'm currently in a neck brace. I was going to rest another day, but it had already been too many days since I'd worked on the car. I wasn't going to let a little neck injury kick my butt. 

So I went out there and figured I'd just take the water pump off and stop after that. Easy enough, right? Wrong!!!

Everything about this car is complicated and a pain in the ass. Zero room, and everything is always on there real tight. I finally got the water pump and related hoses out of the vehicle, but it was a nightmare. I had to use crowbars and sh!t. All this I had to do while being very careful not to put any pressure on my neck. 

Now everything is off the right side of the front head. I'm just going to work my way toward clearing it for extraction bit by bit. 

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