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Rear Cylinder Head: 1 Timiarah 0

I did manage to get back there and get all those bolts off the back of the exhaust manifold. The rear head is almost out, but it's hanging on by one bolt. I'm afraid that there may be a second bolt in that space in between the timing cover and the head that I need to undo enough to get the head loose. I can do it if I can see it, but I'll need a very long combo wrench. I worked at it until I got to the point of frustration. I was so close, and I wanted to be able to pull it out on camera and see what's underneath. I can tell you right now that I've been smelling the very strong smell of antifreeze. I can guarantee that the cylinders are full of it. 

Whenever I get frustrated, I just pack it in and start fresh another day. I usually accomplish the task the next time 'round. 

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