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Started Working Toward Removing Second Cylinder Head


I started trying to get the rear cylinder head from the vehicle yesterday. I spent about an hour out there and came in when it was time to break from it. Yes, the work did require me to climb into the engine bay... sort of. If you look closely, you'll see that the weight of my body isn't on the engine but on the frame of the car. I'm supporting myself with one arm and "doing stuff" with the other arm. There are times when I have to use both hands, but even then, I keep most of my body weight on the frame. The car is still sitting on all of its wheels at this point. 

There's absolutely no room behind the head to get a leverage pipe in to get the exhaust manifold bolts loose. I also can't actually see back there. I basically have to feel my way to each bolt and then feel my way to place the socket wrench. I'm using a combo wrench and a hammer to loosen each bolt, and then I'm using the socket wrench. Right now, I have one loose and several more to go. I'm hoping for a weekend cylinder head release. We'll see. 

Yep, the rumors are true. I do sort of climb into the engine bay when necessary. Here's a one-minute video if you'd like to view the process in hyper-speed:


P.S.- I didn't break the fans. They were already damaged when I bought the car. Just sayin'. 

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