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A Blast From the Past in Automotive Repair

I was looking through my old Google drive for some of my old songs, when I came across this: October 10, 2017 - Monte Carlo cylinder heads immersed in bubbly water with the valves still in, LOL. That was before I removed them and did all the related valve work. 

That was nearly four years ago when I was repairing a motor so that I could once again drive my favorite car around the neighborhood. I still remember the joy I felt the first time I drove that thing to Subway to get my first sandwich after it was fixed. 

What I learned this week is that I never needed to prove myself an automotive technician. I never needed to have an employer "crown" me as one or give me the title of "boss" in the automotive field. I don't really need a piece of paper that says I'm one either, though it'll be a nice new certificate of accomplishment to hang on the wall or keep in my dresser drawers. 

I am an automotive technician, and I don't really need anyone else's approval or acknowledgment of such a fact. That's one of the problems I have that I still need to work on. I still put my self-worth in other people's hands when I shouldn't. When you do that, you ask for trouble. Many people will try to hurt you if they know you have insecurities or vulnerabilities. Others will be too ignorant to see or care who you really are. Then there are the slim few who will acknowledge your talents and abilities. However, your wellness and self-confidence should never depend on whether they do or not. 

I've been having a lot of insightful epiphanies this week. 

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