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A Fan of Some New Music?

Do you automatically classify as a fan if you like more than one song by someone? I hope not. 

It appears that I have been liking music by Chris Brown for quite some time now, and I didn't even know it was him. As I said, I hear all kinds of different things on the radio when I drive. I don't do Google searches for every tune I find favorable. I did seek out Ella Mai to download the songs "Trip" and "Boo'd Up." Other than that, I didn't put too much effort into downloading personal copies of any new music.

However, I just found out today that I had been digging "No Guidance" by Chris Brown for months without knowing it. I talked about how I liked "Go Crazy" too. I hear these songs a lot on the radio. He sings a few other songs that I really liked the melody to and didn't know it was him. I usually don't like the other artist who gets on the track with him, though. I like his singing, but not the weird autotuned rappers who get on most of his tracks. That one Young Thug kid sounded like a dying robotic animal that had just been run over by a truck. It's very painful to listen to, and it's even more painful that such sounds are considered "good music" these days, hahaha. The kids love it. Drake doesn't sound bad in that one particular "No Guidance" song, but I'm not a fan. 

I'm from the old school. I'm used to hearing my brothers sing soulful R&B and meaningful, coherent rap verses with their natural voices. 

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