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It's Emotional Suicide

I said in my last video that "narcissists are not all bad." In no way does that mean that anyone should stay with one, get involved with one, or try to "help them find their empathy." Hell no. Quite honestly, you will drive yourself crazy trying to do so, or you'll be left so emotionally damaged or drained in the process that there will hardly be anything left of you. Trust me. You might want to separate yourself to avoid emotional death. 

What I meant by my statement is that some narcissists have had to deal with the same kind of earlier-life invalidation, lack of attention, or emotional abandonment/rejection as codependents, and so they crave love/attention/adoration/validation the same way their relationship counterparts do. A lot of the time, it's not their fault that they developed strange ways of getting their needs met.

What I meant was that codependents and narcissists understand each other on a deeper level, and that's why they gravitate toward each other, even when the codependent is definitely not seeking to hook up with a narcissist. 

But make no mistake. These two individuals differ a lot, too. Narcissists have no mercy, especially if someone inflicts some sort of narcissistic injury on them. They will not contribute equally in any kind of relationship with anyone. They will only take. Furthermore, their inner rage is a lot worse than a codependent person's is. Narcissists hate closeness and intimacy. So the closer someone tries to get to a narc, the more the narc is going to punish that person. The "nicer" and more giving that person is, the more that person will get pummeled emotionally. 

They want to live their lives without feeling anything except contempt. They want to believe that those who have empathy, compassion, and feelings are inferior to them. They want to get fed and get gone. They have an appetite for destruction. Anything good, loving, or positive makes them angry. But they still need love, and they need other people's warmth. So they do what they need to get it, and then they crush those who give it to them. What's even worse is that they'll try to come back again once they crush someone,  lol. 

WTF, right? But that's how it is to deal with a narcissist in any capacity. 

Any kind of relationship with a narcissist is basically emotional suicide. I do not advise. 

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