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Movie Commentary: "Here Today" Was a True Dromedy


I'd been looking for a good movie to watch for a while, but all I could find were gore flicks and movies with "hell" or "unholy" in the first or last part of their titles. Yeah, no. 

I considered watching "Mortal Kombat," but then I changed my mind. I enjoy playing my fair share of Mortal Kombat video games, but in no way did I want to see an even more realistic version of the kind of gore the games display. At times, even the games are a bit too much for me, so no. 

Finally, I saw the trailer for "Here Today." The first thought I had was, "Where the heck did they find Billy Crystal after all these years?" The next thought I had was that I might get a bit of nostalgia from watching a Billy Crystal flick. His movies were kind of funny back in the day. So this one had a chance of being funny. Comedy is always my first choice for movies, and the trailer made me laugh a little bit. I'm not that familiar with Tiffany Haddish, but she seemed pretty fun in the trailer to me. 

The movie ended up having a lot more substance to it than a typical comedy. In fact, it wasn't a straight comedy at all. At times, it was a tear-jerking drama. At other times, it toed the line of romance. It wasn't your typical romance but it was love. It showed how two people can be there for one another, be great friends, and truly love each other without having any physical relations whatsoever. 

This is one that you really have to watch to understand. You'll go into it thinking you're going to get some silly Billy Crystal stuff (and you will), but then you'll get much more. I thought it was good. I might even watch it again. I'll give it four stars for touching every one of my emotions at least once within the two-hour span.   

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