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My Hobbies and Interests Haven't Changed

I have not forsaken working on automobiles, playing my guitar, making music, playing video games, or any of the other things I enjoy doing. The thing is that there are only 24 hours in each day, and now I have so many things on my plate that I have to separate and prioritize them. I'm currently only working on things that are capable of earning me pay either now or in the near future. Or I'm working on things that can improve my quality of life. If it doesn't do one of those two things, it gets put at the bottom of the priority list. My blog posts usually lean toward whatever I'm working on at the time. So no, if I'm not frequently posting about cars, then I'm probably not working on one at the moment. That doesn't mean I won't ever again or that I've suddenly lost the passion for tinkering. It just means I don't have the time right now. On the other hand, if I am writing about biblical principles or some kind of healing or recovery, then I'm probably "working on that." It's all part of who I am. 

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