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We All Have a Purpose

 Everyone has a God-given purpose in life and a reason for being here. No matter who we are, there's something we're supposed to be doing, something that not only glorifies the Creator but serves His people. 

Sometimes, we get put into certain situations repeatedly as "training" to prepare us to serve our purpose. The funny thing about purpose is that we sometimes don't listen to our callings. Our own imaginations and our fleshly desire for worldly blessings sometimes steer us the wrong way. We sometimes decide that we want to be this or we should do that, and then we go on these off-path journeys to try to force our own visions to come true. All the while, our true purpose is like, "Um... what are you doing? Where are you going? I trained you for this, but you're reaching for that. Please take a seat and pray ASAP." 

It happens. The world is a distracting place, and sheep tend to wander off when unattended, lol. 

When we begin to serve our true purpose, it never feels like we're going against the grain spiritually. Yes, we have haters, opposers, scoffers, and people who outright refuse to see us as anything other than who we may have been in the past. But spiritually, there's a sense of peace in knowing that we're doing what we were supposed to be doing all along.  

*If the topics of "God," faith, and spirituality offend you, then this might not be the blog for you to read. Those topics will be showing up frequently here, right along with the other topics I discuss.*

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