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Lifehouse: Good and Grungy

Some of the songs from Lifehouse's old album "No Name Face" have been on my driving playlist lately. It's hard to believe that these songs are 20 years old. Wow. I remember seeing "Hanging by a Moment" on MTV over and over and over again back in the day. Their music didn't really catch on with me at first. I felt like Jason Wade's voice didn't match his looks (he looked super-young but had a grown man's voice), but then I started to like it. 

He has one of the s*xiest rock/alternative/post-grunge voices of all time. It's kinda deep and grungy (which I love), but then it breaks out in those whiney, painful falsetto bits from time to time (see: "Somebody Else's Song") that are also quite dreamy.

But I didn't like Lifehouse just for the voice. Their lyrics were deep, as well. I remember listening to "Sick Cycle Carousel" one day with one of my female besties as we were discussing the extremely unhealthy relationship I was in at the time.

"If shame had a face

I think it would kind of look like mine

If it had a home would it be my eyes?

Would you believe me

If I said I'm tired of this?

Well here we go now one more time"  

I really liked that song too, but I'll have to say that my favorite song on the album is "Simon." I'm not sure if it's as popular as "Hanging by a Moment," but it always gets played when I'm on a Lifehouse kick. Its vocal arrangement is gorgeous, but it also has a deep meaning. When asked about the song, Wade said the following:

"I wrote this about a friend of mine who told me about his childhood. He was telling me how he went to school and was the outcast, and everyone picked on him and called him names, and he didn't have one friend. I started feeling the same emotions he must have felt and just started writing these lyrics... The feeling of being alone, of being abandoned, connects to that. So "Simon" came really easily."

Some confusion existed over the years about whether Lifehouse was a "Christian" band. Wade concluded that the band wasn't a Christian band but that he was a Christian. There's a difference. Christian bands generally focus their content on the Creator. But bands with Christian members don't always do that. I always thought Lifehouse's songs had a lot of substance to them. I like music with good substance, deep lyrics. 

My personal taste in music has always been very diverse. I mess with all genres and have quite a variable playlist. I loved the grunge era to pieces. Some Lifehouse songs remind me of that grunge. 





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