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Now the Rings Fit Perfectly


The "I Am Enough" ring started to feel slightly loose after the first day. I thought I'd remedy the problem by going to Claire's and buying a ring snuggy to accommodate my finger's occasional post-swelling reshrink. It turns out there will be no need for that. The purity ring came today, and it's super snug. It also pushes the other ring up closer to my knuckle, which gives it a tighter fit. Right now, the rings fit very snugly and will not slip around my finger or budge. In fact, the purity ring is so tight I think I might have a problem getting it off, haha. Good!

I won't be needing to drive to Claire's today, and I'm happy with the fit. I'm concerned about what will happen the next time I swell, though. Doh! Got butter? 

Both of these are positioned in the place where a wedding band would go, and they'll be on my person for a long time. 

Not much else to write. The little musical artist in me has emerged, and I'll be nurturing her for a while. I won't stifle her. Instead, I'll let her express herself in whatever way she wants to do so. Shoot, maybe I'll get a whole album out of her in 2021.

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