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Musical Endeavors


I've been biding my time doing things other than watching narcissism and codependency videos, haha. I already have enough knowledge. I've had the knowledge for over 20 years. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes many years to put the knowledge into practice. We can still continue to make mistakes long after we become aware of narcissism and codependency and all the red flags that come along with it. Growth and recovery times differ for every person. 

The movies and videos are only a small portion of my healing process. My process also includes indulging in my hobbies, interests, and talents. One of the golden rules of some of the recovery programs is to ensure sure we set aside time to "play."

I started trying to build myself a better recording area. I can't finance a full studio, so I have to work with what I have. I ordered acoustic panels and soundproof weather stripping and other such items to eliminate the noise when I record. That will minimize the work I have to do with my vocal tracks when I'm done "playing," and it will make it much easier for whoever's mixing and mastering to come up with a great finished product. 

I don't think I give myself enough credit as a producer of actual music, though. I just listened to a few of the songs I produced myself all the way, and they came out pretty good. I mean, they got a good amount of attention too, as compared to some of the stuff I did on other people's productions. The mixing and mastering weren't bad either. It wasn't top-quality work, but it wasn't shoddy either. I'll have to renege on that negative commentary I made about my own productions, at least for those two tracks. 

I think I tend to be more detail-oriented when eliminating background noise from my own tracks than some others are. I literally sift through every second of the track and zone in on those hard P's, S's, pops, and other such noises when I'm really focused on something. I'll highlight little itty bitty minuscule parts of a word, for example, and get the pop of the P without erasing the whole P, for example. That's when I'm focused on the project, though. When I'm feeling lazy, all sorts of stuff could be left in, lol. 

I think I will spend the weekend composing some music instead of singing to someone else's music this time. I like to mix it up and do my own stuff sometimes and collaborate other times. I haven't made a beat for myself in a while, and I think it's time to just open up my mind and see what comes. I like odd instrumentations, and I like putting them together. I like violins and trumpets and pianos and bells and whistles. I also like hard drums. So we'll see what happens. 

The above picture is not of my recording area, but it was fitting for the post.  

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