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Real Hip-Hop Ain't Easy


I did everything I said I was going to do over the weekend, which included "playing" with my video games, creating music, and dedicating the largest portion of my time solely to healing and spiritual nourishment. The more positive things we feed into our processors (brains), the more we wash out the negativity that was placed into them. The more we surround ourselves with positive, supportive people and their energies, the more we cast out the negatives. The more we act as friendly and compassionate advocates of ourselves, the less we feel that we need to rely on other people to be such. That's reprogramming in a nutshell. 

What can I say about the music I make for myself? It doesn't really mimic anything I've ever heard, and it doesn't really have a definitive genre or style. It's usually a mixture of the things I personally like. I usually create sounds that make me feel good and sounds that I enjoy hearing. Then I see how they carry over elsewhere. You see, I don't make music or write songs for money, fame, validation, recognition, and so on. All of those are nice, and I certainly wouldn't reject them if they came my way. But they don't motivate me to create art. My love for art motivates me to create art. 

So I came up with two pieces. One has more of a Dubstep overall sound but also has Rock undertones. The other is a Hip-Hop sort of thing with many Classical aspects and a tad bit of a Latin sound. My creations are usually genre mash-ups that somehow work. My soul loves a variety of instrumentations, and it likes to hear those things together. So a mixture is what usually comes out of me if I'm the person building the musical composition. 

Favorite instruments:

  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Trumpet
  • and the effing FLUTE

The next step will be to write something for one of the musical pieces. I started rambling an incoherent melody to the Hip-Hop-ish one, but that one's going to require a lot of words. Hip-Hop is one of the hardest styles of music for a lyricist. Well, at least Old-School Hip-Hop is. I've said this many times before, and I'll say it again. You have to have a vocabulary that makes sense, a message that means something, the ability to make things rhyme, the diction and clarity, and the skill to deliver those words in a catchy way (a good flow). 

It is NOT easy. It's much easier and faster to write a pop song or something because you can fit much fewer words into a longer stretch of music, lol. You can just hold the notes for a long-ass time, hahaha. With Hip-Hop, you have to talk. You have to express ideas and try to entertain at the same time. With other styles of "rap," you can mumble incoherently and mesmerize the audience with the beat and gargly effects. But for the old-school stuff, you'll want your lyricism to be just as memorable as your beat, if not more. Lyrics matter!

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