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Review of Payoneer: NEVER USE PAYONEER!

Contractors and freelancers have to have some way to get paid. Thus, they use services such as Cash App, Payline, Stripe, and so on. They do...

No Weapon Formed Against Me: A Little Poetry


The devil had a hold on me.

My Savior loosed me free.

Now he spends his time

replaying who I USED to be. 

Reposting every silly script,

my brokenness and pain. 

'Cause he's not very interested

in what I sketch TODAY. 

He misses me. He wants me back

in the cage that crushed my soul. 

But he don't get that I ain't that,

and his place is not my home.

I was achy, lost, and drowning,

but claiming my life back. 

And ever since my Savior found me,

ain't no time for that. 

So he gets his jollies off old follies,

bringing up the past.

Trollin' me something ungodly,

things he must rehash. 

And wreaking little bits of havoc

all the chance he gets.

But he don't know I'm built to last, 

and all his plans are lit. 


© 2021 Timiarah A. Spriggs

Isaiah 54:17

"No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn."

Song of the Week: "Stronger" By Josephine Clarke

I discovered this song while re-watching the second season of Monogamy," lol. I was like, "WHO is that?!" The voice was so beautiful. I wasn't sure of the lyrics, but I NEEDED to find out ASAP. 

I looked her up, and her name is Josephine Clarke. She's a young beautiful sister with some amazing vocals. I thought a white girl sang it until I saw her video. Oops. But the same thing happens to me with some of my non-rap songs sometimes. My own ex-husband didn't think "Flying Away" was even me, for example. He thought it was "a group of white girls." LOL! Uh... no. It was just one me. This young lady has a lot of songs that are styled like "Stronger," and she sounds great in them all. 

So I listened to the "Stronger" song again with the lyrics, and I was like, "Wow." The lyrics are so deep. I like songs with meaning, so I really fell in love with this after I read the lyrics. I couldn't find any interviews or articles explaining what they meant, so I had to do my own interpretation. It sounds to me like someone tried to hurt the writer deeply, even shatter her, but his/her/its plan didn't work. What they did just made her stronger. 

Yeah, unfortunately, some people in the world will intentionally "light you up," watch you choke, enjoy your pain, and then hope that you never recover. I love this song, and I really feel the lyrics and the emotion in the vocals. This woman should have a million views and listens for this. I don't know why it's not on the top of the charts, but it made it onto a very good TV show. Shame on whoever didn't put this song on the top of the charts and all over the radio. 


If I say that I tried,

you'll say that I lied.

It's like you don't want me here.

The truth's in the eye,

but yours' to the side,

depriving what got me here. 

So when I grabbed my rope, you lit it slow. You watched it smoke. You did it. 

And when I just couldn't cope, you watched me choke. I did it, but you didn't know...

that you made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger, stronger. You made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger. You made me stronger. 

Strong enough not battle.

I am here for the riot. 

My heart is not broken shattered,

in spite of how hard you tried it. 

I'm better than you know. 

You can bet the house and deed.

I know all that I need's here with me.

'Cause when I grabbed my rope, you lit it slow. You watched it smoke. You did it. 

And when I just couldn't cope, you watched me choke. I did it, but you didn't know...

That you just made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger, stronger. You made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger. You made me stronger. 

Review of Payoneer: NEVER USE PAYONEER!

Contractors and freelancers have to have some way to get paid. Thus, they use services such as Cash App, Payline, Stripe, and so on. They do business with marketplaces, and those marketplaces usually offer several ways for the contractors to get paid. I had been contracting off and on for longer than a decade, and I never had any problems getting paid for the bits of work I used to do whenever I was too sick to work a regular job. My money would come to me when it was supposed to. 

The Switch to Payoneer Was Not a Good One

One day, the marketplace I was working through decided to change payment processors. None of us wanted the change to occur because we figured, "Why fix something that isn't broken?" The way they had it was just fine. Still, it was forced on us, and there was nothing we could do about it but comply or try to find some other way to earn pay. I made a dumb decision and kept dealing with them instead of setting up a Plan B, C, and D. I thought everything would be okay. 

Welp, I signed up for Payoneer just like the marketplace asked me to, and everything was fine up until this one payday when I was supposed to receive some funds. I noticed that my payment was still "pending" kind of late in the day, so then I went over to my Payoneer account to see what the problem was. When I tried to log into my account, it said: ACCOUNT BLOCKED contact us in red letters. 

Imagine My Surprise When Payoneer Blocked My Account

My first thought was WTF? I had not even logged into my Payoneer account in months because everything was connected already. So it wasn't like I tried to get into my account too many times or anything. I didn't do anything shady. I never violated any agreement terms. They had all my current, legal personal information, and I had been receiving my little payments as usual until this happened... on payday. 

Their Customer Service and "Supervisors" Didn't Give a F***

I called them to resolve the problem, which I thought would be an easy fix, but it wasn't. Customer service couldn't tell me why my account was blocked. First, they told me I was "under review." Then they told me there was some "suspicious activity" on the account. I asked them if they needed my identification or another W9, though I don't know what for, as I had already had one connected and had not changed anything since I signed up. But they wouldn't tell me anything helpful that I needed to do. Basically, they just wanted to close my account for no good reason so that I couldn't get my money. 

Then they told me just wait for a response from a "special department." I never heard anything back from them at all, so I went through their online process to try to get the answer to my questions, and then I got this:

Dear Timiarah Spriggs,

Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer Care. We regret to inform you that, due to a violation of Payoneer’s Terms & Conditions, you can no longer receive or make payments using your Payoneer account.

We have closed your account and deactivated any Payoneer cards you may have. As such, Payoneer Customer Care can no longer provide assistance for your account.

Due to regulatory reasons we are unable to share the exact reasons for closing your account, however account closures are typically due to: 

  1. potential risk associated with an account
  2. complaints filed to Payoneer about an account holder’s activities
  3. company websites with questionable content
  4. fraudulent activity detected in an account

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to reactivate your Payoneer account for any reason. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,
Payoneer Customer Care
Your Customer ID: XXXXXXX
Reference Number: 

And they lied on me, too. I never did anything wrong. All I ever did was receive my pay from that one marketplace. 

Yeah, the problem with this is that I didn't do numbers 1, 3, or 4... at all. The only thing I can think of is that a malicious person or hater (very likely) reported me for something bogus, and then they just decided to shut me down. Then I started doing some research, and I found that Payoneer had done this to MANY people, and they didn't give them a reason, just a generic BS letter about some "violation" they supposedly committed. They refuse to tell you what you supposedly did, and they don't give you an option to rectify the fantasy violation either. You're just out of luck. You don't get paid from the marketplace. If you have any money in the Payoneer account, you don't get that either. 

I mean, there's nothing I can do about it. It is what it is. If it was a malicious action on someone else's part, I'm sure they'll get theirs one day. God doesn't like ugly, and yes, I'm STILL going to say that God loves me, and I'll find a way through this. 


I'm just here to warn any and all freelancers against using Payoneer. If the marketplace you use changes to Payoneer, you need to change your services to a marketplace that doesn't solely use Payoneer right away. Don't get lax or think for one minute that the marketplace is going to help you when Payoneer picks your name out of the screw box. They won't. Payoneer plays games with people's livelihoods, and it can happen any time they damn well please. They're an evil company that has no qualms about stopping people's money or even taking people's money at any time. 

The Marketplace Kept My Money and Told Me "Good Luck"

It's sad that a billion-dollar company felt the need to take a few hundred dollars from an intermittently sick single woman with no husband or help, but I guess that's how they roll these days. My mistake was not going out on my own and finding my own clients for my written works. I could have chosen how to collect my money from my clients instead of letting someone else make that decision for me. 

I got comfortable with a content mill that didn't give a damn about me or my need to pay my bills. They made a decision that affected all of us, and this is what happened to quite a few people after they made that change. It's sad, but they say everything happens for a reason. I wasn't expecting it, but here it is. Oh well. Next. This will give me the push I need to really come into my own. It seems bad, but I'm pretty sure it's one of those things meant to make me stronger. Such is life. 


My Account Is Blocked I Need It Unblocked To Receive Payment — Payoneer Community

"My account is blocked (#104) I need it unblocked to receive payment as soon as possible.

I have contacted the customer support but I've got an automated email that does not address the issue.

I need to withdraw my earnings at freelancer so how I can unblock my account"

Resolved: Payoneer - They stole my money and blocked my account!!! May 13, 2020 @ Pissed Consumer

"I sent ALL the documents that they asked many and many times and they refuse that with no explain! I just receive a mail telling that what I sent is not part of their requeriments and need add informations !

I called them many times and they never resolve nothing .

And now they blocked my account !

I sent another mail for the support had no answer yet!

Terrible ! Dont trust this company !!"

Closed Blocked account. Remaining funds. — Payoneer Community


You have closed my account last week and you have sent me a generic email to inform me be about that, but you have not mentioned in the email how and when I will get the remaining funds in my account.

Now, because my account is blocked I can not use the Chat to get in contact with you, I am asking you here:

When should I expect to get my money back?

The generic email you sent me was this one:

Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer Care. We regret to inform you that, due to a violation of Payoneer’s Terms & Conditions, you can no longer receive or make payments using your Payoneer account.

We have closed your account and deactivated any Payoneer cards you may have. As such, Payoneer Customer Care can no longer provide assistance for your account...

It would have been nice if you have given to me an information about my remaining funds as well."

payoneer balance blocked | BlackHatWorld

Using payoneer from 3 years or so and receiving payments from companies and my clients. But suddenly 3 weeks ago i logged into my account and balance was blocked. I can not withdraw neither i can receive payments because account is under investigation. Upon contacting payoneer support they told that you have to wait until account investigation completes. I am stuck. No updates yet. In last 3 weeks i contact payoneer support 4 times(3 times via live chat and 1 time on phone) and received same answer every time. Have patience. I mean how easy it is to say have patience when everything is on stake. There is no other payment method available in my country Pakistan. Helpless right now. Fingers crossed."

Payoneer - Scam with evidence May 19, 2021 @ Pissed Consumer

"I opened an account, started to receive payments from my clients, kept the money there because I thought it was a legit company, then, they did the worst back to me first thing, they blocked my card for no reason, i just went to withdraw some money using this card they deducted 2$ and blocked it for no reason second thing, a client sent me a payment, they kept it in hold for 3 days then I asked him to call them, he called them, they lied to him and told him that i've received the payment already, he kept calling me a scammer and I did the same and then we logged into eachother's accounts using team viewer to see what's wrong, I realized at that point is that payoneer is A BIG SCAM nothing more, they LITERALLY stole my money and scammed me, they took the money from the client's account, sent him a confirmation email saying that payment was approved, and when he contacted them, they told him that I have received the payment already. I contacted their lame support ( WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER THEY HANG UP ON ME) the indian *** answered and told me that my client has to call back for details, my client called them and sent me all details he asked, then he told me sir i cannot help you with anything at the moment i understand your frustration but you have to wait forever like i cannot give you any time, just keep waiting.

And they come here in the website write more teasing replies to the people's reviews telling them that it's because of the security, no its not about security. It's all about Payoneer being the worst scammers ever, I will pay every single cent I made and i will make in the future to give them bad reputation everywhere online and I just hope that someone would shut down this scam bank very soon.

I will keep posting my experience everywhere online and will buy domains just to shut them down and give them bad reputation for scamming the *** out of me!! NEVER USE PAYONEER, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND HANG UP ON YOUR PHONE CALLS

Product or Service Mentioned: Payoneer Account.

Reason of review: Clear Scam.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Payoneer Cons: Scammers, Stole my money, Worst experience, Poor quality of service, Bad support, Scam."

"They blocked my account with 16000 Aud funds with no communication, when I talk to the support they say they cant give any details except your account has been blocked due to security reasons. What reason they have not told me and are not giving me my 16k AUD. total scammers."

"I am Going through the exact same thing, I am doing everything they ask They still refuse to release My money 545.00. I have been working on this for over a week.

Right now been on hold for 45 mind again I have spent countless hrs on the phone with these *** My next step Mastercard the company. I am at a loss."

Stay Away From Oneforma and Payoneer : beermoneyindia (reddit.com)

"Oneforma has insisted on using Payoneer as the only major payout method with extremely limited alternatives. Other alternative is Paypal but they have capped it to $300 withdrawal per year which is too low for UHRS work. Oneforma claims Payoneer is the best for payment when iterally everyone else has been complaining on forums, blogs and twitter that the company is a scam and is illegally withholding their money."

Once you are paid by Oneforma into your Payoneer account, the money will get stuck. They will demand sensitive documents which they are not entitled to and even if you send them they won't release the funds. Payoneer support is dead and they will never reply your emails and phone calls. Beware!"

Why Do I Think Payoneer is a SCAM? | Techy Talk

"Just after few hours, I was about to subscribe Netflix but my card got rejected multiple times. So, I just opened my account on Google Chrome to check my funds on the account.

And once I opened my account. I saw red notification of “Balance Blocked” on my account. I was shocked. I am still…"


"OK, so i tried to log into my payoneer account and got a message that the account is blocked, i wrote to customer support and provided them with my details and they wrote back saying "you have gone against our terms of service" and that i can no longer receive money to my payoneer account. I tried to ask them and they said the cannot provide details which i think is extremely unfair."

"payoneer blocked my account without writing any emails or giving me a reason. now I can not withdraw the balance on my account, I dont know why was it blocked yet and I have been trying to contact them by phone, live chat or email but this options are only available for active members not blocked menbers. since they blocked my account I can no longer reach them and the averythime I trying to email them I got this email over and over.MY Customer ID: ******** Reference Number ************* ********************* have closed your account and deactivated any Payoneer cards you may have. As such, Payoneer ************* can no longer provide assistance for your account.Due to regulatory reasons we are unable to share the exact reasons for closing your account, Unfortunately, we wont be able to reactivate your Payoneer account for any reason. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.please help to reach them to recovery my money $360.00 Thanks *****"

"My Account ID is ********. So basically, I received a payment from a business partner in February. After the money came in, I attempted withdrawing the amount into my bank account, it displayed the message "pending". Then, I was asked to fill a questionnaire form trying to get more information on that exact payment. I filled it and after a while it was rejected then Alas! my Payoneer account dollar balance was blocked. I put call through to them and all they said is they were going to look to it. Afterwards, I was asked to upload my proof of identity the second time which I did. After this the Payoneer account was completely blocked depriving me of access to my account and my money. The total amount in my Payoneer dollar balance is 3299USD, the payment was for freelance jobs done. Desired Settlement: I need that my account be restored so i can withdraw my hard earned money. I'm no more interested in Payoneer's services. All i need is my money"

"Hello, I've been dealing with Payoneer for years, but ever since their IPO last year, the company seems to have become a bunch of "scammers". Early on this month, I tried logging in to my account, but it was blocked - for no reason at all. I contacted customer care - posted on their forum - used Twitter - but nothing doing - other than a "warning" I received from their forum staff (apparently I'm not allowed to even complain!!!) - nothing was done. They took two weeks to get back to me, and when they finally unblocked it, I used it to receive two more payments which were promptly blocked again, and as always, customer care isn't interesting in resolving the issue. My issue is - it's one thing for them to block accounts, but to hold people's money illegally (no reason given) is not right - not on! Please get in touch with Payoneer, and ask them to release my funds, as what they are doing amounts to out and out theft - plain and simple. Best, ***** *********"

"I tried logging into my Payoneer account yesterday, August 24, 2021 but got a message that my account has been blocked. So I should contact them. I tried reaching out to them severally but keep receiving the following automated email: "Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer Care. We regret to inform you that, due to a violation of Payoneer's Terms & Conditions, you can no longer receive or make payments using your Payoneer account.... I am just so confused and frustrated. I am a professional Translator and receive payments for my services from all over the world. I have not done anything illegal."

There are many more stories about this sort of thing happening worldwide, but I'd be here all night posting them all. Do your own research and think twice before using Payoneer or trying to work through a company that only offers Payoneer as a payment option for you. Believe me. You can do everything right and on the up-and-up, and they'll still block your account one day. You know the deal. All those people couldn't have possibly "violated" their terms and conditions. I think the only thing they violated was their own wallets by sticking with Payoneer and affiliated companies. Please don't make the same mistake we did. 

The Avocado Is King

I was hungry as crap by the time I came back from the procedure yesterday. I basically had to fast for 14 hours. Today I'm okay, but I experienced a little bit of heartburn, which I haven't experienced much. I also had a little episode of blurry vision, but I think that was from all the fructose I took in. My smoothie was packed with lots of fruit, and I still have to watch the fructose. When I started getting that eye thing, I just went to bed and rested my eyes. I'm fine now.

I needed the calories I ate. As I said before, I'm looking to get into a strenuous job, so I will have to learn how to get 2,200 calories a day and 100 grams of protein a day so that I don't lose any more weight. I'm currently 119.80. So as you can see, the weight loss has tapered off, but it's still trickling a little. 

I thoroughly enjoyed two whole beef patties with garlic salt and a huge smoothie loaded with calories. The smoothie had: an avocado, spinach, a banana, peanut butter, protein, coconut water, almond milk, and some raw honey. Man, that thing was freaking dreamy. The avocado smooths out when I put it into a smoothie, and it gives the drink a silky texture that is just out of this world. I've been into avocado smoothies lately. I remember babbling and trying to talk my driver into trying avocado smoothies yesterday, but she wasn't interested because of their mushy texture. Yes, that's why I prefer putting them into smoothies to eating them whole and raw. 

I'm the type of person who will make little stuff for other people like cookies and smoothies and such. I remember doing that a long time ago when I was living in SC. I bought a blender and made green smoothies for folks. Some of them enjoyed them, and some of them didn't want to be bothered with me, but I tried. I made cookies at one of my jobs a few times, too. I'm a friendly person once I remove my shell. But it's tough for me because many people have harmed me immediately after they got me to remove it. Meanies! Yup, I have a shell. I have an exterior that seems rough, but it's really not... at all. In no way am I a narcissist, but I have known quite a few in my lifetime.  

Let's get back to the rough exterior of the avocado, though. It looks wrinkly and ugly, but it's so very healthy. One avocado has about 250 calories, 13 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 30 grams of healthy fat. Peanut butter is a high-calorie item, as well. That one smoothie I made probably had about 700 calories with all the ingredients I put in it. The two lean beef patties (GF label, no hormones, etc.) were about  320 calories. See what I did there? That was just about half of the daily requirements I need to fulfill. It was all damn delicious, too. 

I took my digestive enzymes before I ate, and I was okay for the most part. They still give me that regularity, and I don't have too many side effects from the foods I eat. The blurry vision may have just been from fatigue, the procedure, or a fructose overload. I don't know, but I'm okay. 

As far as gluten goes, I'm going to avoid it like the plague for the rest of my life, no matter what the doctor or report says (which we don't know yet). My body deteriorated, and I came pretty close to death when I was eating it every day when I lived in "substandard" housing. I know how horrible I felt over the last few years when I was eating it, too. And I know how much better I feel now. I'm done with it. Yeah, it's much more expensive to buy gluten-free foods, but it's healthy for me. I don't LIKE gluten-free foods at all, and I'm not interested in participating in any fad diets. I do it because it makes my body feel normal. 

These UDI's gluten-free bagels are not good, by the way. Not good at all. I used to love me some bagels, so I tried these for about five or six bucks. Yeah, no. Not hittin' at all. 

I Actually Got a Ride Today


Woo-hoo! The ride/companion was so reliable that she came knocking on my door when I ran late. See, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. RELIABILITY. All I ask is that when someone says they're going to do something, they do it. If they can't, they can just say that they can't. Don't tell me to take an Uber, which is extremely rude and insensitive (and not even allowed for a medical procedure). Don't tell me you're going to do it and then back out right before a surgical procedure. Don't ignore me and then pop up in my life after I resolve my own issues. Just be honest and show up if you say you're going to show up. I would do the same for anyone else who needed a ride, and I have done such things before.  

RELIABILITY. That's what I like. I don't care what color a person is or what their gender or preference is. I respect honesty and reliability. All that other stuff has nothing to do with me. But I think it's a shame that none of the (former) men in my life would have even considered giving me a simple ride to a quick procedure and then taking me home. I guess I was making some pretty bad choices, and that's exactly why I've been alone for the past year and a quarter. I think it's safe to say that I'll be alone for the duration at this point. 

Anyway, the procedure went fast. I didn't like the smell of the drug they used, but I only smelled that funky smell for about 15 seconds before waking up because I was done. I don't have any stomach aches, and my throat isn't sore. The only side effect I had from it was being extremely chatty on the way home, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's about time I started talking to people in this town I've been living in for several years.

I'm not any closer to getting a diagnosis, though. The biopsy doesn't come back for two weeks.

HUM Flatter ME Digestive Enzymes: Day 3 -I Like Them

Okay, so I can finally give my full opinion on the Hum Flatter Me digestive enzymes. They are definitely not a scam. I believe that they work for folks who really need them. I have no idea why they made some people sick, but they never made me sick at all in any way. Maybe some folks were not taking them with their meals? I don't think a digestive enzyme supplement will do you any good if you don't eat anything that needs to be digested. Perhaps some didn't really need them. Who knows?

 I was able to have super-large meals on these. Last night, I had more beef (lol) along with a giant veggie and fruit-filled smoothie I made for myself. I'm pretty sure I ate 1,000 calories worth of food in that one meal, and that's something I need to do to get my muscles and weight back up a little bit, especially if I'm going to be working a strenuous job. I need a 2,200-calorie diet at the very least, and I need darn near 100 grams of protein every day. 

Now, let's talk about regularity. This supplement did indeed bring forth regularity as far as frequency. I was visiting the little girl's room the first day, and I was regular by the third day. That's a huge difference for me as someone who has had difficult irregularity issues my entire life. 

I believe this supplement did everything I needed it to do, and I will continue to use it. The only problem I see is the possibility of becoming dependent on it. How long will it be before I can make my own enzymes? Will the company ever change its ingredients? Will I be able to find this same cocktail and dosage of enzymes? These are the things I wonder about with supplementation. 

The other issue is what I was talking about earlier. I noticed some frightening lower intestinal changes, and they have nothing to do with the supplements, as they were happening before I even started taking them. I researched those changes, and they didn't point to anything good. I can only hope that they are a symptom of secondary UC because the other alternative is not good at all. All I can do is continue to document and record the changes and talk to the doctor about them. But in terms of the digestive enzymes, yes, they work very well for me. 

Day 2 of Hum Flatter Me Digestive Enzymes

Sunday morning 10:27 a.m. - I was fine after I took the first capsule with the beans. A little later Saturday night, I went and bought a pound of beef and tried another capsule with my meal. I'm sorry. I like me some beef. It gives me protein and iron, and it tastes fantastic with a little garlic powder on it. I ate a few carrots and hummus with the beef. I was going to put some cheese on the patty, but I wasn't quite bold enough to do it at that time. Again, I had zero nausea, headaches, jitters, vomits, and so forth. I felt the enzymes "doing something," and I again received a boost of energy from the food instead of being drained of energy after I ate it. I still had a little bit of bloat, but that may have been because I ate until I was super-full. I had not been eating a whole lot. 

I decided to drink some lemon tea with honey a little later to try to produce more stomach acid naturally, just in case I was low on acid as well. I did some writing and then fell asleep for the night shortly after. I also massaged my vagus nerve before I went to sleep. Vagus nerve? Sounds freaky, doesn't it? Lol, it's a nerve in the neck. I had learned about the vagus nerve and how that nerve affects your digestive processes and various other processes in the body. I figured why not give it a try? It was as if my digestive system was paralyzed from top to bottom, and I felt like maybe massaging the nerve would stir things up a bit. 

Welp, I woke up this morning and took a little trip to the little girl's room. That's progress for me. I mean, I didn't perform any miracles, but it seems like my digestive system is waking up a little bit. 

It's hard to tell what the problem actually is when we change our diet and eating frequency so abruptly and are also healing from intestinal damage. We don't know whether the body is just in shock from not getting as much food as it used to, acting up because it's not getting the gluten anymore (withdrawal), not producing enough stomach acid to signal the pancreas to release the digestive enzymes, or if the pancreas itself actually isn't producing the enzymes because the body overworked it from being in a state of inflammation for so long. 

I went with trying the digestive enzymes first. I could have tried an HCL supplement to give myself more stomach acid first. However, taking additional HCL if you already produce enough stomach acid can lead to ulcers. I didn't want to chance giving myself any ulcers on top of what was already going on. 

I believe there's significant damage causing me not to have or produce enough digestive enzymes, and that's why I'm noticing a huge difference. I could be dead wrong about my theories, but we'll see. All I know is that I was happy to see the little girl's room. Hopefully, this will progress into regularity without turning into D. Day 2 has no complaints for the HUM Flatter Me pills. One more day of testing.  

I will have my endoscopy this week as long as my ride comes through. I'm still waiting for my genetic testing as well. This is all theory based on the premise that I was suffering from celiac for many years. It ain't official until it's official. 

HUM Flatter ME: Scam or Real Relief? We'll See

HUM Flatter Me is another cocktail of digestive enzymes that claim to aid healthy digestion. This product also claims to promote a flatter stomach. I can see how that's possible, but it's probably not through regular weight loss. I could see someone ending up with a flatter belly due to the loss of bloating if the digestive enzymes work properly. 

I ended up getting this one because it was accessible to me right away. Gotta love the 'Zon Prime services.

I also like it because it contains amylase, protease, lactase, lipase, and many other ingredients, such as ginger, peppermint, and the bromelain found in pineapples. The enzymes aren't in as high a dosage as other products, so I felt like I could try them without overwhelming my system. I felt that it was worth a try. If I react to them, well, I can stop using them immediately. They are gluten-free, btw.

The instructions are to take one of these little capsules before each big meal. I will probably only take one per day to see how it works. I took one and ate it right before having a healthy helping of beans, lol. I figured that would be a good item to test, as the product contains the elements I need to process beans, and beans are readily available for me to eat. 

I did extensive research on this and looked up every enzyme and ingredient to see how each one might be able to help my processes. I also read many consumer reviews and then made an informed decision about the possible side effects and possible benefits. The product has an overall rating of four stars on Amazon and multiple other sites, and it has thousands of reviews. 

The Good News

The positive reviews were very positive. Some people claimed that these pills helped them resolve the bloating and gastro issues they'd had for years. Two or three of those people suffered from the effects of celiac disease, and I think one person had a different disorder, such as Crohn's or UC. The rest did not have any diagnosed issues, but they still had issues. Many people go for half their lives not being diagnosed so...

It seemed to work well for them. Some of those persons claimed to experience relief the same day, but most of them had relief within a week. Many people also claimed that the product made them "more regular." These ailments can cause D or C or a combination of both. The people who predominantly suffer from C definitely need some regularity in their lives. 

Now For The Bad News

The people who left negative reviews left very negative reviews. Many of them claimed to suffer from horrible nausea, and some of them actually vomited immediately. Some had headaches, jitters, digestive discomfort, and so forth. Others said that they felt bloated after taking the pill, and it didn't resolve any of their issues. Some people had to go to the little girl's or boy's room a lot. Some of them continued using the product for a week or so to see if the symptoms subsided, but they did not. 

There are always risks in taking any supplement or medicinal item. If you watch some of the commercials on TV for new medicines, you'll sometimes hear a long list of side effects that seem worse than the actual disease, lol. I seriously considered all the side effects I read about before trying this product. Everyone's body is different, and I considered that, too. 

Why I Chose To Take The Product

This supplement is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor's advice, treatment, or prescription. Let me make that perfectly clear. I am still going to do everything I need to do with a doctor, whether this works or not. I intend to notify my practitioner of everything I tried and did. However, I felt that trying digestive enzymes would help me to gauge the level of damage I experienced. We all know when our bodies aren't working properly. It's a natural instinct. I've known something was terribly wrong since 2017. When my organs weren't functioning right, I knew they weren't functioning right. 

After I got a little better, I still knew that something else was still wrong. It's something we just know because we've been living in our own bodies for decades. I am feeling much, much, much better energy-wise, mood-wise, weight-wise, inflammation-wise, etc. However, I'm still not processing my foods right, and there is still some level of healing that needs to be done in the intestines. Things are very sluggish and stubborn is all I can say, and the regular suggestions for relief do not work. Only one thing works, and it's not normal to have to take that all the time. 

I feel like something is still missing. Either that or I have a problem that's much worse than what I thought it was. I don't think so, though, because I don't think I'd be this energetic if that were the case. 

Anyway, my logic is this: If it works, I must really be lacking enzymes. If it doesn't work, or it makes me sicker, then perhaps I don't need enzymes at all. If it works, I figure I can take the product until my body starts producing the enzymes again itself. I have no idea how long that will take, as I had been eating gluten my entire life up until three months ago. 

So Far So Good, But Time Will Tell

I am not experiencing any nausea at all at this time. I'm also not having any other issues. I'm not experiencing any more bloating than usual, and I can swear that my stomach is softer than it was an hour ago. At this time, the only thing I feel is that I  may have to visit the little girl's room. For me, that's always a good thing. I will see how this goes for the next few days. It appears that my body took all the ingredients just fine. I do not feel devoid of energy and ready to go to sleep like I did the last time I ate those vegetarian baked beans in brown sugar. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty good, like I got a slight lift as well. It leads me to believe that the enzymes did something positive. But it's only day one and a little over an hour in. 

I'll have more information on it on day three unless something horrible happens sooner. I really don't think so, though. 

First Homemade Smoothie Went Over Well

I forgot to take a picture of my smoothie, so I used a generic one. My first homemade green smoothie went over well. It didn't make me pass out or get blurry vision, lol. It didn't make me feel extremely tired. I drank the smoothie one to two hours ago, and I'm still awake and feeling okay. I would have had a bad reaction by now if something was going to happen. Here's what I put in the smoothie:

1 cup of ice

1 cup of PLAIN unsweetened Silk almond milk

1 cup of baby spinach

1 banana

1 teaspoon of JIF (GF) peanut butter

1/2 scoop of organic protein

A generous helping of 100% PURE raw & unfiltered honey

I think I used three teaspoons of honey and then let a little more go in there to sweeten it up a bit, lol. I have no issues with honey. I'm not sure why I didn't react to the honey, but I do react to other sugars. **Random fact: I Just found out that raw honey has AMYLASE in it.**

I did not put any vanilla extract in my smoothie, and I did not use vanilla-flavored almond milk. I was thinking trace gluten, so I just avoided it. Better safe than sorry. 

I probably got a good 400 or 500 calories from this, and it didn't cause me any problems. That's just one item, though. I'll have to come up with many more ideas for getting foods into my system. The smoothie was pretty plain, but it tasted good. I take avocados pretty well, but I get tired of eating them raw and regular. I think they're better inside smoothies. So maybe my next smoothie will be avocado and spinach and so forth. Eventually, I'll try adding some other things like coconuts and pineapples and such. I just wanted to start with the basics and see how everything went over. 

The Care Regimen

Since I don't do very well with regular capsules and tablets, and I'm iffy with food, I decided to try these "melts" to get all my vitamins and minerals. They supposedly hit your system right away like a sublingual. One bottle has magnesium, calcium and D3. The other has a vast assortment of vitamins and minerals, including zinc and selenium. 

They do melt quickly, and I did feel a little something when I took them. 

For digestive health, I'm deciding between these two items:


The pancreatic enzyme formula is a straightforward pancreatic enzyme formula. You get:
  • Pancreatin (from porcine) (lactose free) 500 mg
  • -Providing:

  • --Lipase 17,500 USP units
  • --Protease 110,000 USP units
  • --Amylase 120,000 USP units

These enzymes help you to digest and absorb carbs, fats, and proteins. It seems like I am lacking some of these items, so I'd like to try the enzymes, at least for a week to see what happens. 

Celiact also has the pancreatic enzymes amylase, protease, and lipase, but it also has other elements.  It's more of a comprehensive solution. It comes with a ton of vitamins and some probiotics as well. 

Both items are around the same price.  I like the idea of taking a comprehensive solution, but I don't want to overdose on the vitamins I'm already taking. It's a tough call. I'll either have to get the plain one or get the Celiact and then stop taking the multivitamin. SMH, choosing the right supplements is difficult sometimes. Then there's the issue of taking things in tablet and capsule form. I can grind tablets, and I guess it's okay to take a capsule apart if I need to. 

I have a feeling that the enzymes will make me feel better, if I can dissolve them properly. They might solve most of my problems, and maybe time will solve the rest. I enjoyed the pot pie, but it seemed like it hung around in my stomach for the longest time. It had a lot of carbs. I had some belly issues, and I also fell asleep, lol.

I ate the grain-free, gluten-free pancakes the other day, and they were okay. They weren't like Aunt Jemima pancakes or Bisquick or anything, but they worked. Got a little tired but it resolved.

Today I ate some creamy tomato soup from Panera Bread (gluten-free) and tried to take the lactase enzyme by itself to see if it would prevent a reaction from the milk. SMH, I fell asleep several minutes after eating it and didn't wake up for four hours. Some stomach issues, too. I ate the entire bowl, and it had lots of carbs, fat, and sugar (probably fructose). So I think it was elements other than the milk that I didn't digest/absorb properly this time. Lactase enzyme usually prevents me from reacting to milk. That's why I think I need all the enzymes at once.

It's so frustrating because it's not just one problem. It's several. Being gluten-free has definitely stopped the harsh immune system reactions, but I still can't process various other foods right. It makes me not want to eat at all

I just bought a blender today to make my own smoothies to eat three times a day.  I'll stick with the liquid meals. There's still no guarantee that the fruit sugars won't throw me off in some type of way, too. SMH. 

Gluten-Free Goodies to Eat

For a long time, I was really scared to eat. Now my appetite is coming back, so I've been looking for goodies. I had this yogurt this morning when I first woke up. It's gluten-free and "lactose-free," meaning that it has lactose in it, but it also has the lactase enzyme in it (it says so on the back). My body doesn't make enough of the lactase enzyme right now, so the enzyme helps me to digest milk items better. I had no bad side effects after eating it, and it was quite good, too. 

This was for dinner. Someone in the celiac group told me about it, and I had to get it. I used to LOVE me some pot pies. OMG, and it looked so good. The only thing that concerned me was that it has a lot of sodium in it. But, I haven't been putting any salt on my foods, so the 900+ mg of sodium is okay if it's the only sodium-filled item I have for the day. It was pretty good. I just got finished eating it. We'll see how I feel in a little while. 

I will be eating this here tomorrow morning for breakfast, LOL! To hell with those riceandbeanios cereals! I want some damn pancakes! We'll see if they taste like cardboard or not come tomorrow. 

Song of the Week

 "Damage" By H.E.R

I don't know who this artist is, but I kept hearing this song on the radio. Again, I had no idea what was being said. I had to sing incoherent in-tune words to Google to find the name of the song. Fortunately, my singing was pretty okay. It found the song for me right away. 

I liked the melody, obviously, but then when I read the lyrics, I liked it even more. It sounds like it's a song about someone who doesn't want to be taken advantage of or get hurt. I feel like she's saying, "You know you can do damage to me, but please choose not to take me for granted. Learn who I really am, or I'm out." I love it. It has definitely been on the playlist this week. 

Lyrics to "Damage" by H.E.R.

If you got it, it ain't a question

Oh, it ain't no room for guessin'

No more than emotionally invested (No, no)

Showin' you all my imperfections, oh

If I let you, you'll take me for granted, yeah (You, you, you, you)

If I'm worth more than you could manage, manage, yeah

Open with me, oh we could be honest

Closer to me, oh giving me solace

Promise that you won't let me fall

Holding me tight

Loving me right

Giving me life

All night

You could be (You could be)

Telling me lies

Making me cry

Wasting my time

The whole time

So just be

Careful what you take for granted, yeah

'Cause with me know you could do damage

You, you could do damage

You, you could do damage, yeah

Worried about it I'm putting pressure (You know)

You'll only cut me if I let you

No, we ain't doing this just for pleasure

Either learn me or I'm a lesson gone oh

If you want me don't take me for granted, yeah, yeah

If I'm worth more than you could manage, baby

Oh you're falling for me, oh baby I've caught it

Ooh we could be whatever you wanna call it

Promise that you won't let me fall

Holding me tight

Loving me right

Giving me life

All night

You could be

Telling me lies

Making me cry

Wasting my time

The whole time

So just be

Careful what you take for granted, yeah

'Cause with me know you could do damage

You, you could do damage

You, you could do damage

Oh, you could do damage

Know you could do damage, yeah

Oh, you could do damage, yeah, yeah, oh, oh

Oh, you could do damage, oh with me

Kroger Is an Awesome Market for Gluten-Free Foods


*image is of a Kroger store in Savannah, GA from crexi.com. It's not the Kroger in my home town*

Kroger is the best place I've seen for the gluten-free community so far. Whole Foods Market probably has a fantastic labeling system in place for their GF products too, but I've never been there. I can only speak on it once I visit, and it's not likely that I'll travel to Hilton Head, SC (50 minutes) or Savannah, GA (20-40 minutes) just to visit one. In my town, we have Walmart and Kroger within walking distance. We have a Publix about five miles away. There are Food Lions and such too, but they're out of the way. 

I visited Wally World the other day for the inexpensive sublingual B vitamins. I already knew they were gluten-free because I had bought them there before. I then looked around for a phantom box of gluten-free Tuna Helper that I had heard about from someone in an online forum. "Walmart sells gluten-free Tuna Helper."

I couldn't find it, and I couldn't really find anything else gluten-free, except for one loaf of bread that someone had stood up to face the customers, which made it easier to see. 

I will not buy any foods from Walmart anymore because I can't tell what's gluten-free and what isn't. Honestly, I'm surprised that the grocery giant doesn't have a better system in place. A lot of people can't eat gluten.  

I purchased a gallon of distilled water and vitamins. That was it. I got my last TV from there, too. Walmart is a great place to go for discounted non-food items. It's not a good place to go for food if you have digestive issues, allergies, sensitivities, autoimmunities, or the like. In that case, you'd be better off at Kroger. Kroger labels everything that's gluten-free with a big ole GF label: foods, drinks, vitamins, MEATS, teas, condiments, veggies, etc. Finding stuff is a really easy process. If they're not sure about whether it's GF, they don't label it as GF at all. 

They seem to really "get" how serious gluten sensitivities are. You can still read the ingredients list if you want to be extra sure, but you don't have to sift through mounds of grocery items and read all the labels until you find something you think is gluten-free. Kroger helps you out a little bit, lol. 

I don't frequent Publix too much because it's out of the way. I only went there to buy the Silk Ultra shakes when I was drinking those. I don't remember them having a GF system. They may have had a GF section, but I'm not sure. 

According to the Center for Celiac Research & Treatment, 18 million people in the US have gluten intolerances and issues. Three million people have celiac disease. You'd think that more grocers would consider that and try to help make life a little easier for those customers. 

Right now, Kroger gets the award for being GF-conscious and considerate.