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Review of Payoneer: NEVER USE PAYONEER!

Contractors and freelancers have to have some way to get paid. Thus, they use services such as Cash App, Payline, Stripe, and so on. They do...

Review of Payoneer: NEVER USE PAYONEER!

Contractors and freelancers have to have some way to get paid. Thus, they use services such as Cash App, Payline, Stripe, and so on. They do business with marketplaces, and those marketplaces usually offer several ways for the contractors to get paid. I had been contracting off and on for longer than a decade, and I never had any problems getting paid for the bits of work I used to do whenever I was too sick to work a regular job. My money would come to me when it was supposed to. 

The Switch to Payoneer Was Not a Good One

One day, the marketplace I was working through decided to change payment processors. None of us wanted the change to occur because we figured, "Why fix something that isn't broken?" The way they had it was just fine. Still, it was forced on us, and there was nothing we could do about it but comply or try to find some other way to earn pay. I made a dumb decision and kept dealing with them instead of setting up a Plan B, C, and D. I thought everything would be okay. 

Welp, I signed up for Payoneer just like the marketplace asked me to, and everything was fine up until this one payday when I was supposed to receive some funds. I noticed that my payment was still "pending" kind of late in the day, so then I went over to my Payoneer account to see what the problem was. When I tried to log into my account, it said: ACCOUNT BLOCKED contact us in red letters. 

Imagine My Surprise When Payoneer Blocked My Account

My first thought was WTF? I had not even logged into my Payoneer account in months because everything was connected already. So it wasn't like I tried to get into my account too many times or anything. I didn't do anything shady. I never violated any agreement terms. They had all my current, legal personal information, and I had been receiving my little payments as usual until this happened... on payday. 

Their Customer Service and "Supervisors" Didn't Give a F***

I called them to resolve the problem, which I thought would be an easy fix, but it wasn't. Customer service couldn't tell me why my account was blocked. First, they told me I was "under review." Then they told me there was some "suspicious activity" on the account. I asked them if they needed my identification or another W9, though I don't know what for, as I had already had one connected and had not changed anything since I signed up. But they wouldn't tell me anything helpful that I needed to do. Basically, they just wanted to close my account for no good reason so that I couldn't get my money. 

Then they told me just wait for a response from a "special department." I never heard anything back from them at all, so I went through their online process to try to get the answer to my questions, and then I got this:

Dear Timiarah Spriggs,

Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer Care. We regret to inform you that, due to a violation of Payoneer’s Terms & Conditions, you can no longer receive or make payments using your Payoneer account.

We have closed your account and deactivated any Payoneer cards you may have. As such, Payoneer Customer Care can no longer provide assistance for your account.

Due to regulatory reasons we are unable to share the exact reasons for closing your account, however account closures are typically due to: 

  1. potential risk associated with an account
  2. complaints filed to Payoneer about an account holder’s activities
  3. company websites with questionable content
  4. fraudulent activity detected in an account

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to reactivate your Payoneer account for any reason. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,
Payoneer Customer Care
Your Customer ID: XXXXXXX
Reference Number: 

And they lied on me, too. I never did anything wrong. All I ever did was receive my pay from that one marketplace. 

Yeah, the problem with this is that I didn't do numbers 1, 3, or 4... at all. The only thing I can think of is that a malicious person or hater (very likely) reported me for something bogus, and then they just decided to shut me down. Then I started doing some research, and I found that Payoneer had done this to MANY people, and they didn't give them a reason, just a generic BS letter about some "violation" they supposedly committed. They refuse to tell you what you supposedly did, and they don't give you an option to rectify the fantasy violation either. You're just out of luck. You don't get paid from the marketplace. If you have any money in the Payoneer account, you don't get that either. 

I mean, there's nothing I can do about it. It is what it is. If it was a malicious action on someone else's part, I'm sure they'll get theirs one day. God doesn't like ugly, and yes, I'm STILL going to say that God loves me, and I'll find a way through this. 


I'm just here to warn any and all freelancers against using Payoneer. If the marketplace you use changes to Payoneer, you need to change your services to a marketplace that doesn't solely use Payoneer right away. Don't get lax or think for one minute that the marketplace is going to help you when Payoneer picks your name out of the screw box. They won't. Payoneer plays games with people's livelihoods, and it can happen any time they damn well please. They're an evil company that has no qualms about stopping people's money or even taking people's money at any time. 

The Marketplace Kept My Money and Told Me "Good Luck"

It's sad that a billion-dollar company felt the need to take a few hundred dollars from an intermittently sick single woman with no husband or help, but I guess that's how they roll these days. My mistake was not going out on my own and finding my own clients for my written works. I could have chosen how to collect my money from my clients instead of letting someone else make that decision for me. 

I got comfortable with a content mill that didn't give a damn about me or my need to pay my bills. They made a decision that affected all of us, and this is what happened to quite a few people after they made that change. It's sad, but they say everything happens for a reason. I wasn't expecting it, but here it is. Oh well. Next. This will give me the push I need to really come into my own. It seems bad, but I'm pretty sure it's one of those things meant to make me stronger. Such is life. 


My Account Is Blocked I Need It Unblocked To Receive Payment — Payoneer Community

"My account is blocked (#104) I need it unblocked to receive payment as soon as possible.

I have contacted the customer support but I've got an automated email that does not address the issue.

I need to withdraw my earnings at freelancer so how I can unblock my account"

Resolved: Payoneer - They stole my money and blocked my account!!! May 13, 2020 @ Pissed Consumer

"I sent ALL the documents that they asked many and many times and they refuse that with no explain! I just receive a mail telling that what I sent is not part of their requeriments and need add informations !

I called them many times and they never resolve nothing .

And now they blocked my account !

I sent another mail for the support had no answer yet!

Terrible ! Dont trust this company !!"

Closed Blocked account. Remaining funds. — Payoneer Community


You have closed my account last week and you have sent me a generic email to inform me be about that, but you have not mentioned in the email how and when I will get the remaining funds in my account.

Now, because my account is blocked I can not use the Chat to get in contact with you, I am asking you here:

When should I expect to get my money back?

The generic email you sent me was this one:

Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer Care. We regret to inform you that, due to a violation of Payoneer’s Terms & Conditions, you can no longer receive or make payments using your Payoneer account.

We have closed your account and deactivated any Payoneer cards you may have. As such, Payoneer Customer Care can no longer provide assistance for your account...

It would have been nice if you have given to me an information about my remaining funds as well."

payoneer balance blocked | BlackHatWorld

Using payoneer from 3 years or so and receiving payments from companies and my clients. But suddenly 3 weeks ago i logged into my account and balance was blocked. I can not withdraw neither i can receive payments because account is under investigation. Upon contacting payoneer support they told that you have to wait until account investigation completes. I am stuck. No updates yet. In last 3 weeks i contact payoneer support 4 times(3 times via live chat and 1 time on phone) and received same answer every time. Have patience. I mean how easy it is to say have patience when everything is on stake. There is no other payment method available in my country Pakistan. Helpless right now. Fingers crossed."

Payoneer - Scam with evidence May 19, 2021 @ Pissed Consumer

"I opened an account, started to receive payments from my clients, kept the money there because I thought it was a legit company, then, they did the worst back to me first thing, they blocked my card for no reason, i just went to withdraw some money using this card they deducted 2$ and blocked it for no reason second thing, a client sent me a payment, they kept it in hold for 3 days then I asked him to call them, he called them, they lied to him and told him that i've received the payment already, he kept calling me a scammer and I did the same and then we logged into eachother's accounts using team viewer to see what's wrong, I realized at that point is that payoneer is A BIG SCAM nothing more, they LITERALLY stole my money and scammed me, they took the money from the client's account, sent him a confirmation email saying that payment was approved, and when he contacted them, they told him that I have received the payment already. I contacted their lame support ( WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER THEY HANG UP ON ME) the indian *** answered and told me that my client has to call back for details, my client called them and sent me all details he asked, then he told me sir i cannot help you with anything at the moment i understand your frustration but you have to wait forever like i cannot give you any time, just keep waiting.

And they come here in the website write more teasing replies to the people's reviews telling them that it's because of the security, no its not about security. It's all about Payoneer being the worst scammers ever, I will pay every single cent I made and i will make in the future to give them bad reputation everywhere online and I just hope that someone would shut down this scam bank very soon.

I will keep posting my experience everywhere online and will buy domains just to shut them down and give them bad reputation for scamming the *** out of me!! NEVER USE PAYONEER, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND HANG UP ON YOUR PHONE CALLS

Product or Service Mentioned: Payoneer Account.

Reason of review: Clear Scam.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Payoneer Cons: Scammers, Stole my money, Worst experience, Poor quality of service, Bad support, Scam."

"They blocked my account with 16000 Aud funds with no communication, when I talk to the support they say they cant give any details except your account has been blocked due to security reasons. What reason they have not told me and are not giving me my 16k AUD. total scammers."

"I am Going through the exact same thing, I am doing everything they ask They still refuse to release My money 545.00. I have been working on this for over a week.

Right now been on hold for 45 mind again I have spent countless hrs on the phone with these *** My next step Mastercard the company. I am at a loss."

Stay Away From Oneforma and Payoneer : beermoneyindia (reddit.com)

"Oneforma has insisted on using Payoneer as the only major payout method with extremely limited alternatives. Other alternative is Paypal but they have capped it to $300 withdrawal per year which is too low for UHRS work. Oneforma claims Payoneer is the best for payment when iterally everyone else has been complaining on forums, blogs and twitter that the company is a scam and is illegally withholding their money."

Once you are paid by Oneforma into your Payoneer account, the money will get stuck. They will demand sensitive documents which they are not entitled to and even if you send them they won't release the funds. Payoneer support is dead and they will never reply your emails and phone calls. Beware!"

Why Do I Think Payoneer is a SCAM? | Techy Talk

"Just after few hours, I was about to subscribe Netflix but my card got rejected multiple times. So, I just opened my account on Google Chrome to check my funds on the account.

And once I opened my account. I saw red notification of “Balance Blocked” on my account. I was shocked. I am still…"


"OK, so i tried to log into my payoneer account and got a message that the account is blocked, i wrote to customer support and provided them with my details and they wrote back saying "you have gone against our terms of service" and that i can no longer receive money to my payoneer account. I tried to ask them and they said the cannot provide details which i think is extremely unfair."

"payoneer blocked my account without writing any emails or giving me a reason. now I can not withdraw the balance on my account, I dont know why was it blocked yet and I have been trying to contact them by phone, live chat or email but this options are only available for active members not blocked menbers. since they blocked my account I can no longer reach them and the averythime I trying to email them I got this email over and over.MY Customer ID: ******** Reference Number ************* ********************* have closed your account and deactivated any Payoneer cards you may have. As such, Payoneer ************* can no longer provide assistance for your account.Due to regulatory reasons we are unable to share the exact reasons for closing your account, Unfortunately, we wont be able to reactivate your Payoneer account for any reason. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.please help to reach them to recovery my money $360.00 Thanks *****"

"My Account ID is ********. So basically, I received a payment from a business partner in February. After the money came in, I attempted withdrawing the amount into my bank account, it displayed the message "pending". Then, I was asked to fill a questionnaire form trying to get more information on that exact payment. I filled it and after a while it was rejected then Alas! my Payoneer account dollar balance was blocked. I put call through to them and all they said is they were going to look to it. Afterwards, I was asked to upload my proof of identity the second time which I did. After this the Payoneer account was completely blocked depriving me of access to my account and my money. The total amount in my Payoneer dollar balance is 3299USD, the payment was for freelance jobs done. Desired Settlement: I need that my account be restored so i can withdraw my hard earned money. I'm no more interested in Payoneer's services. All i need is my money"

"Hello, I've been dealing with Payoneer for years, but ever since their IPO last year, the company seems to have become a bunch of "scammers". Early on this month, I tried logging in to my account, but it was blocked - for no reason at all. I contacted customer care - posted on their forum - used Twitter - but nothing doing - other than a "warning" I received from their forum staff (apparently I'm not allowed to even complain!!!) - nothing was done. They took two weeks to get back to me, and when they finally unblocked it, I used it to receive two more payments which were promptly blocked again, and as always, customer care isn't interesting in resolving the issue. My issue is - it's one thing for them to block accounts, but to hold people's money illegally (no reason given) is not right - not on! Please get in touch with Payoneer, and ask them to release my funds, as what they are doing amounts to out and out theft - plain and simple. Best, ***** *********"

"I tried logging into my Payoneer account yesterday, August 24, 2021 but got a message that my account has been blocked. So I should contact them. I tried reaching out to them severally but keep receiving the following automated email: "Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer Care. We regret to inform you that, due to a violation of Payoneer's Terms & Conditions, you can no longer receive or make payments using your Payoneer account.... I am just so confused and frustrated. I am a professional Translator and receive payments for my services from all over the world. I have not done anything illegal."

There are many more stories about this sort of thing happening worldwide, but I'd be here all night posting them all. Do your own research and think twice before using Payoneer or trying to work through a company that only offers Payoneer as a payment option for you. Believe me. You can do everything right and on the up-and-up, and they'll still block your account one day. You know the deal. All those people couldn't have possibly "violated" their terms and conditions. I think the only thing they violated was their own wallets by sticking with Payoneer and affiliated companies. Please don't make the same mistake we did. 

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