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Larry's Giant Subs in Springfield (#179) Gave me a Dangburger!


*Disclaimer: This text may contain substitute words that differ from what the author actually said.*

Larry's is one of the only places around here where I can get a sub on gluten-free bread. Subway hasn't had it lately, and I already said my peace about Firehouse's relish situation. So Larry's was the only place I could get it, and the one in my town was closed. I had to drive up to Springfield and get one from them because I need it for work on Sunday. I ordered the biggest one they had and ate half of it just now for a little break from my usual diet of meat and fish with no bread, greens, fruits, smoothies, water, etc. 

I told them to put everything on it: mushrooms, olives, onions, spinach (they were out), and some CHEESE! I miss my cheese. Cheese and I have a long history. I used to crave cheese so much because I was missing the calcium, I guess. I'd order all this cheese from Walmart and come home and eat the entire quarter-pound of it. I didn't know what was wrong with me then. I NEEDED to eat it so badly at that time, but I couldn't process it at all. Every time I ate it, I had bad symptoms, but I didn't put two and two together until later when I drank a cup of milk. 

Anyway, I'd been avoiding it because I'm still lactose intolerant. However, my digestive enzyme supplement includes LACTASE. I figured this would be a great time to test the lactase. So I told girlfriend to go ahead and slap some cheese on that mofo.

Well, I bit into that thing, and it tasted so good I thought they made some kind of mistake! It was mouthwateringly delicious. It was so tasty it threw me off for a minute. First, I fondled, smelled, and tasted the bread again to ensure it was the GLUTEN-FREE bread. Then I stared at the tuna and wondered if they'd switched the type. The other store used albacore. Albacore tastes different from yellowfin and skipjack. It's kinda dry and has a weaker taste. So I wondered if they switched things up a little. 

Then I looked at the sub and just said, "Dang!" and continued to devour it. I even ate that long pickle, and I don't even like pickles.

That's the definition of dangburger, folks. It's any sandwich, sub, or burger that tastes so good you look at it sideways and go... "Dang!"

I'm just fine, BTW. I don't look three or six months pregnant. I'm not having any pain or issues. I haven't fallen asleep against my will or run to the ladies' room. That thing was good. I need to write that the customer service was also excellent there. I've had nothing but pleasant customer service experiences at these establishments. 

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