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New Tea Product Trial: Yogi Detox

I'm not one who likes to try new medications and such. I read all the pharmacist's paperwork, perform extensive research, and read every last active and inactive ingredient before I even consider taking something. Sometimes, I choose to take a medication a doctor gives me, and sometimes I don't. Had I taken the prednisolone I was given a long time ago, I may have improved sooner because it would have slowed down my immune system. Maybe I would have gotten a little better in one month instead of six months or fully recovered in six months instead of three years, lol. But I was scared to take it because some people had complained about weight gain. I was already 30 pounds past my weight with crushing chest pain from severe edema. I wasn't sure if taking a new medication would make things better or worse. I couldn't afford to get any worse at that time. I still don't know if that would have helped because I've never taken it. Still got the original scrip right here, as a matter of fact. I keep it as a part of my "lifetime box" documentation.  

I still wouldn't have figured out that gluten was the problem for a long time, though, and maybe doctors wouldn't have figured it out, either. It's not something that's obvious to people unless they know they have issues with foods or food ingredients (I didn't). Then they might think, "Oh, I wonder if I'm reacting to something I'm eating." It's not obvious to doctors either, especially when the patient doesn't see them much. It's not likely that a doctor will figure out that you have a problem with gluten the first time you see him or her. So I don't fault anyone for not knowing what caused the problem I was having back then. I fault some people for the way they handled the situation, though. 

I fault dishonesty and greed. I fault lack of empathy. I fault carelessness and laziness. I fault ignoring test results. I fault failure to properly assess and diagnose. I fault making up stuff (anxiety, impossible pregnancy, etc.) just for the hell of it. I fault throwing someone out of a medical institution when they clearly need lifesaving medical services. Temporary dialysis would have been nice, guys. 

That was the most frightening and lonely experience I've ever had in my life, and it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about how cold that was and how close I was to signing off. My trust is shot. But I also thank the Lord for pulling me through and giving me "signs" about how I could help myself. Thank goodness HE has the final say about how long I stay on this Earth and not another human being. I'd be screwed otherwise. 

I looked at my old videos and just noticed that I said  "I ate a bowl of oatmeal" one morning. In that video, I was complaining about the pitting edema and how I "didn't have it when I first woke up but had it then." When I looked back at the video, I said to myself, "Oh! I guess it was the oatmeal!" Some gluten-sensitive people have issues with oats. I'm one of those people. I even have issues with the "gluten-free" oats, so I avoid those too now. 

A New Tea Product Trial: Yogi Detox

I'll give a food or drink product a chance if it doesn't have any gluten or known allergens in it. Right now, I'm still in the stage of figuring out what I can and can't eat or drink. I'm looking at how my stomach responds as well as what my energy level looks like about 20 to 30 minutes after I eat or drink. I'm still judging which intolerances I still have as well. The lactose intolerance seems to be getting much better, but I still have some issues if I don't use my digestive enzymes before I have it. My stomach still doesn't care for too much fructose. I still get a little bit of bloat from that, but my energy doesn't zap out or anything. 

I tried this new tea to see if I could maximize my kidney/liver/pancreas health. I switch between probiotics, digestive enzymes, and having this tea from time to time. The tea has a lot of elements in it that boost bile production and things like that. It's a cleansing tea, meaning that anyone who drinks it will probably spend some time in the little girl's or boy's room. There's no caffeine in it, no gluten, and no other harmful ingredients. As long as you're not allergic to any of the herbs, you're good! 

It tastes pretty good. I put a little bit of gluten-free and lactose-free cream in it just for a bit of a sugar taste. I usually have one cup, but not every day. It's good for bloating and getting things moving. I give it a thumbs up. 

I am still 121 pounds, and I still feel very energetic, though I'm stressed over some recent worldly developments. Anyone in my situation would be. 

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