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Song of the Week: Method Man and Redman's "Da Rockwilder"


We're going to go old-school with the song of the week this time. I've been watching "Wu-Tang: An American Saga" series lately and have been enjoying the backstory. In the last episode, they were all on a ferry ride trying to squash all their differences for the greater good of the music movement. It was difficult for RZA to make all that happen, but he had some help from his brother and one of his brother's best friends. 

A guy was playing the violin on the ferry, and I loved it! The violin is one of my favorite instruments. I use violins and cellos in my music whenever I can. Sadly, I can't play either of them for crap. I had better luck with the guitars and keyboards. I kept listening to that violin solo thinking, "Dang, that would go great in a Hip-Hop song!"

I found out later that the violin solo was from their song "Reunited." I had never heard Wu-Tang's Song "Reunited" before, so naturally, I had to listen to it. It's good, though it's explicit like most of their stuff is. I can't say that Wu-Tang Clan isn't a part of my history. It totally is, and I listened to them and liked them a lot. They had many members, but I always liked Clifford a.k.a Method Man the best. He had the perfect voice, and I thought his flow was killer. His voice and flow got better as he aged, too. ODB had good songs and bad songs. His flow was killer in songs like "Protect Ya Neck," but then he was a little too explicit and off the wall in some of his other songs for me. He was still a very talented artist who will never be forgotten. I think I liked Inspectah Deck, U-God, and some of the others, too, but Method Man was my main man. 

Listening to the "Reunited" instrumental makes me feel like droppin' some bars, LOL! It might have just inspired me to finish the new song I've been working on. Sometimes, all I need is a little inspiration from Hip-Hop artists to put me in the mood. I was using my own beat for the new song, but I stopped recording while I was in the middle of going back and forth to doctors and whatnot. It seems I have a few days to play around this week, and I might just do that.

I didn't choose "Reunited" as the song of the week, though I think you should listen to it just the hear that violin I'm talking about. I chose a song that Method Man did with Redman called "Da Rockwilder." This is probably one of the shortest songs in history, but every bit of it sounds good. It's the definition of a Hip-Hop song. I love Method Man's flow on this one. Redman is really good, too, though I'm not very familiar with him. They both got that s@xy NY and Jersey swag. Don't get me wrong. I love me some West Coast and Southern rappers, too. But nothing hits me like that NY/NJ swag. 

That beat was amazing, but it was the artists and their energy and flows that made the song addictive. This song always gets played numerous times in my car when I'm in old-school mode. It's a fun tune.

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