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There's Nothing Funny About Wickedness


Evil isn't a joke. Thus, the chances are slim that a person who jokes about being evil is just "kidding." It's exactly the same as when a narcissist throws those spirit-crushing "jokes" at his target and then says he's "kidding." There's nothing comical about it at all, and it's insulting to pretend there is. I have a great sense of humor, and I find many things funny. But I don't see the humor in claiming evil. Our words come from what's in our hearts. 

These persons are proud of what they do and proud of the entity they represent. They're basically boasting about their affiliation with wickedness and testing you to see if you continue to deal with them after that. You have free will to do so, but you also have free will to separate yourself. What does light have to do with darkness? Absolutely nothing. They don't mix at all. 

You may want to think twice if a person ever says words to you such as:

  • "I like evil."
  • "I'm a soul snatcher." 
  • "The devil is inside me." 

That person is telling you exactly who they are and what they're about, and they're doing it right in your face. That person is not kidding at all because there's no such thing as joking about loving evil. Believe me. I've heard such words in my lifetime, and the people who spoke the words always stayed true to them.  

One of the biggest tricks of the devil is to try to convince people he doesn't exist. He does this using various techniques, such as "hiding" the truth in plain sight and using "jokes," sarcasm, and ridicule to paint people who believe in him or God as crazy. We're not any crazier for choosing love, kindness, or righteousness than they are for choosing evil. We're not any crazier for choosing the Word than they are for choosing whatever guidebook they use.  

I learned over the years that it doesn't matter whether I preach the Word and put myself out there, try to fit in where I know I don't fit in, or hide in my home and say nothing. People still know who I am. Entities still know where I stand. Battles still occur. So it makes no sense to "lay low" or be silent when the wicked don't. They're quite proud of who they are. Well, I am, too. 

I used to think that if I remained quiet, I'd just be left alone, and I'd get to go through this life without challenges, opposition, attacks, additional hardships, dishonest and dismissive doctors, etc. That's not the way it works at all. We get put through the fire, no matter where we are. We cannot hide from God, nor can we hide from his refining processes. We can't escape the warfare or battles either, especially while we're living in this decaying world. The thing to remember is that evil will not prevail. Also, the Wicked One is nothing to fear, so long as we stay close to our Savior. 

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