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Yes, the Music Inspired Me to Make Music


I spent about eight hours in my music box and stopped just now. I just couldn't do anymore. My brain was tired. I wanted to finish everything tonight, but that just doesn't work. It's never a good idea to rush a song because then it won't be the best it can possibly be. I did that a lot in the distant past and got a lot of songs that could have been much, much better. 

This one is fire, and if I'm saying my own song is fire, it is fire, at least to me. I am the cruelest, coldest, and worst critic of my own stuff. So if I like something, that means it sounds like something I'd seriously want to listen to. 

It is old-school Hip-Hop fire. It's not even the song I was originally working on. It's some new ish. Just came to me. I think people will like the flow. I'm definitely not any kind of old, washed up, or done with my music in any way. Yep. Old-school. I never adapted to the new "rap" movement and never will, lol. Eff 'em. 

I've been avoiding whole Hip-Hop songs lately because they're more work than other types of songs. So many words have to fit into three minutes of time. Like I said before, other genres are easier because you can stretch one word or phrase out for a very long time if you want to, haha. Can't really do that when you rap. 

Anyway, the first verse was fire. The chorus was fire. Then the second verse got corny. That's how I knew I was tired, and I needed to stop. I was like, "Yeah, no. Shut it down." I start saying whatever when I don't feel like making anything else up. No rush. I can go back in there tomorrow if the Lord is willing. I'm exhausted. Even if I did finish it, I would have had to do countless hours of vocal cleaning and mixing and so forth. To hell with all that. I'm going to bed.  I really pushed it. I only had a little bit of track left to cover, but like I said, so many words have to fit into that thang. 

The Next Morning

8:45: Listened to the song again when I first woke up to see if it was still fire. Sometimes, I listen to songs after I sleep on them, and I'm like, "What the hell????" Then I scrap them. It happens. 

Nope. Still fire. 

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