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Timiarah's Contact Information

Mailing: PO BOX 1508 Hardeeville, SC 29927

Residential: 000 Noneofyourbusiness Lane 29927

Phone: 843-510-7200

Email: timiarah@live.com

You can use the above information to contact Timiarah any time. The residential information is private. Phone number and email address aren't her only ones, but they're the only ones she's sharing with the public. 

Timiarah's Personality

Timiarah's personality is quite mellow. She spends most of her time relaxing and doesn't bother anyone. The only time the world gets to experience the spitfire of old is when Timiarah sees businesses treating consumers or employees poorly. She also speaks up on topics such as racism, domestic violence, and general heathenry. 

Timiarah's Lifestyle

Timiarah lives a lifestyle that some may refer to as "boring." She does not smoke, drink, or "party." She has no idea what that term means and never really did. She works, reads the Bible, and dips and dabs in her music when time permits, which isn't often. 

Timiarah is a woman of faith who takes the commandments in the Bible quite seriously. She doesn't feel as though she is religious. She just likes to live her life as a child of Yahuah (God). 

Timiarah's Life Objectives

  • Get to know Yahuah better
  • Serve Yahuah better
  • More healing and recovery
  • Comfortable self-employment or hella-good corporate job position ($50,000 plus)

Timiarah's Relationship Status

Timiarah is currently married.

Timiarah's Residences

Timiarah currently resides in the USA. That's really all you need to know and all that's relevant at this point. 

Timiarah's Education

Timiarah was on the honor roll in high school and participated in sports such as tennis and basketball for a very short time. She didn't like basketball because she only wanted to shoot hoops and didn't want to play the rest of the game. 

Timiarah earned an associate degree in psychology at the University of Phoenix in 2010 and life coaching certification in 2017. Additionally, she received some schooling for medical coding, addiction counseling, and computer repair. 

Timiarah's Professional Certifications

  • Certified life coach (2017)
  • Certified expert level business writer (2017)
  • Certified accounting specialist (1994)
  • Certified (and licensed) craps, blackjack, and roulette dealer (1997) 
If you need to verify any such certifications, you may email Timiarah Camburn for the documentation. 

Timiarah's Job History
(No Particular Order)
  • Paper delivery girl
  • Fast food cashier 
  • Waitress/server
  • Office clerk
  • Car saleswoman
  • Assembly line assembler
  • Office furniture assembler
  • Quality control specialist
  • Grocery store cashier
  • Casino banker (Trump)
  • Casino cashier (Trump)
  • Childcare aide
  • Retail customer service representative (Verizon)
  • Mobile phone sales representative (Metro PCS)
  • Sales manager (Yikes)
  • Student
  • Freelance writer
  • Transcriptionist
  • Business manager (own)
  • Life coach
  • Automotive technician

Timiarah's Childhood

Timiarah's Ungodly Days


Timiarah's Family

Timiarah has given birth to four children. 

Timiarah believes that family members are people who stick by one another, stick up for one another, protect each other, build each other up, and follow the ways of the Lord. Otherwise, such people are simply blood relatives. Her favorite verse regarding family is Luke 8:21 KJV.

Timiarah's Likes and Interests

  • God
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Tennis (playing)
  • Basketball (just hoops, please)
  • Baseball (playing)
  • Football (playing)
  • Ping Pong 
  • General fitness
  • Good movies
  • Comedy shows (clean)

Timiarah's Strong Dislikes

  • Domestic violence (all forms)
  • Manipulation and emotional abuse
  • Head games
  • Bullying
  • Lies
  • Greed
  • Superiority complexes
  • Racism
  • Broken promises
  • Materialism
  • Chauvinism
  • Hedonism 
  • Evolution
  • Other Tom Foolery


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