This page was put together so that anyone who is researching Timiarah Camburn will know that she doesn't just simply say that she has these credentials and so forth. More will be added as they surface:

Timiarah Camburn's Life Coach Certification:

Timiarah does intend to continue her life coaching schooling with an ICF-accredited firm in the near future. For now, this is the certification that she has, and it's just as good as any other.

Timiarah Camburn First Life Coach Certification

Timiarah Camburn's Certificate of Ordination: 

Again, God actually "ordains"people. These organizations just put it on paper to express their trust in the applicant that he or she is a woman or man of God.

Timiarah Camburn Certificate of Ordination

Update: Timiarah does not practice Christianity or any other man-made religion, but she is very much a lover of Yahuah.

 Timiarah Camburn's Random Sales Awards:

There are many more of these, but you get the point. She was there. She did the job, and she apparently did the job well.

Timiarah Camburn's Sales Awards

Timiarah Camburn's Psychology Schooling Transcript:

Timiarah did graduate for the associate, but her actual degree is being held ransom for a specific amount of cash. She will elaborate if you ask. This is all that is currently available to show that the schooling did take place and was not a fabrication of some kind. It was edited a little bit to block out personal information and the grades that Timiarah didn't like. You get the point.

Timiarah Camburn's Psychology Transcript

 Timiarah Camburn's Business Writing Certification:

This is the computerized version. The paper version didn't come yet. Timiarah's score put her in the category of "expert" for business writing. 

Timiarah Camburn's Business Writing Certification

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