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What Age Would You Go Back to if You Could Go Back in Time?


That's a tough question. I had a rough life, so I can't say that I'd want to go back to any younger age if it meant I'd have to also re-live that part of my life. If I could also have a different life experience, then maybe. But then again, I wouldn't have had my children, and I wouldn't reverse them for anything in the world. Despite how everything turned out, they were my sunlight amid a lifetime of struggle and pain. They are still the best thing that happened in my life. No experience is as golden as the experience of childbirth/nurturing/rearing. I only wish that I had learned all of my lessons earlier in life or healed earlier so that I could have been the person they needed me to be. 

Sometimes, I wish I could have the booty or face I had when I was 20 (not the chest, though), lol, but I don't want the life back at all. Not at all. No, sir. Nope. I wouldn't even go back six years because I was completely devastated. I wouldn't go back three years because I was sick. I wouldn't go back one year because I was hurt. Get the picture? This time right here is the best time in my life. It's a peaceful time I intend to enjoy and not let anyone steal from me. I've had enough irreplaceable things stolen from me over the years. It ends now. 

We can't do anything about the physical signs of aging or the changes in our facial structure and such. That's just a part of life. And if anyone doesn't want to date us or deal with us or get to know us because we "look mature" or whatever, then they're probably not the type of people we want in our lives anyway. Our bodies are just shells that encase our souls and spirits. The declining body is part of the curse we have to deal with because of our forefather and foremother. 

My spirit is forever young, and it's awesomely beautiful. But you'd have to get to know me on a non-superficial level to understand it. My soul is a happy youngster who loves innocently and sees the good in everyone. I love that part of myself, and it will never change, no matter how many people try to destroy it. It's embedded in me, and it simply can't be removed. I've tried. It doesn't work, lol. But I do guard myself better these days, as the wrong people will always try to abuse it. 

I like to laugh, joke, bowl, enjoy good movies, eat good (gluten-free) food, play video games, and diddle with my music in my spare time. It's not a midlife crisis. I'm not "pretending to be young." It's who I am inside. I'm me. I also have a serious side, a spiritual side, a professional side, a mothering/helpful/counseling side, and an educated side. And of course, like anyone else, I have a bad side. But the giddy little life-loving kid is who I am when I'm alone or around someone I trust. If you haven't seen this side of me, then well, I probably don't trust you. 

(How) Can a Non-Virgin Wear a Purity Ring?

*image is from https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2009/jul/14/iphone-purity-pledge-apple*

Any person can wear any piece of jewelry she likes with any word across it that she feels is appropriate. It's her body, her money, and her message if she wants to wear it. No law says that one has to be a virgin to wear a purity ring. Traditionally, those rings were for virgins who were keeping themselves pure for marriage, but again, no law says a biological non-virgin can't wear one. 

The main concept of the purity ring is that the wearer has vowed not to have relations before marriage. Well, a non-virgin can make that same vow at a later time in her life, and it will still be valid for her to wear a purity ring. She can vow that she won't have relations before marriage... this time. Can she not? Says who?

Then there's the concept of forgiveness of sins and the cleansing and purification that believers receive through the blood of the Messiah. A non-virgin can be cleansed and renewed spiritually, even if she can't ever physically return to her virginal status. She can also come pretty close to returning to that status if she stays abstinent long enough. JK... but not really. It all comes down to whether the wearer truly believes that she has been cleansed. If she believes it, she will also believe that she can rock that purity ring. 

The people in the world (and the enemy) might not see her as "pure," but her Savior does, and that's all that matters, really. He doesn't remember past sins at all. They are in the sea of forgetfulness. Only a flawed human being (and the enemy) would use the past to try to shame such a person.

Furthermore, the term "purity" stands for more than just sexual purity. It stands for a whole different lifestyle that includes sexual purity but also includes speaking life instead of death, keeping the thoughts pure, keeping intentions pure, eating pure foods, staying away from all forms of toxicity, etc. A commitment to purity goes far beyond abstinence, and it's a serious commitment. 

When it comes down to it, it's the wearer's decision of whether to rock such a ring. Other people really don't get a say in the matter. The most important thing is that anyone who wears it should take it seriously or not even bother to put it on. 

A non-virgin wouldn't wear a purity ring to try to fool anyone into believing she's a virgin. She'd wear it to express her current lifestyle, beliefs, and practices. She'd definitely explain herself if the subject of her virginity ever came up, but it probably wouldn't, given her age and the fact that she has several grown children. A new suitor would already know that she isn't a biological virgin but that she's practicing purity/abstinence/celibacy at this time in her life until she's married... or dead.

My Hobbies and Interests Haven't Changed

I have not forsaken working on automobiles, playing my guitar, making music, playing video games, or any of the other things I enjoy doing. The thing is that there are only 24 hours in each day, and now I have so many things on my plate that I have to separate and prioritize them. I'm currently only working on things that are capable of earning me pay either now or in the near future. Or I'm working on things that can improve my quality of life. If it doesn't do one of those two things, it gets put at the bottom of the priority list. My blog posts usually lean toward whatever I'm working on at the time. So no, if I'm not frequently posting about cars, then I'm probably not working on one at the moment. That doesn't mean I won't ever again or that I've suddenly lost the passion for tinkering. It just means I don't have the time right now. On the other hand, if I am writing about biblical principles or some kind of healing or recovery, then I'm probably "working on that." It's all part of who I am.