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HUM Flatter ME: Scam or Real Relief? We'll See

HUM Flatter Me is another cocktail of digestive enzymes that claim to aid healthy digestion. This product also claims to promote a flatter stomach. I can see how that's possible, but it's probably not through regular weight loss. I could see someone ending up with a flatter belly due to the loss of bloating if the digestive enzymes work properly. 

I ended up getting this one because it was accessible to me right away. Gotta love the 'Zon Prime services.

I also like it because it contains amylase, protease, lactase, lipase, and many other ingredients, such as ginger, peppermint, and the bromelain found in pineapples. The enzymes aren't in as high a dosage as other products, so I felt like I could try them without overwhelming my system. I felt that it was worth a try. If I react to them, well, I can stop using them immediately. They are gluten-free, btw.

The instructions are to take one of these little capsules before each big meal. I will probably only take one per day to see how it works. I took one and ate it right before having a healthy helping of beans, lol. I figured that would be a good item to test, as the product contains the elements I need to process beans, and beans are readily available for me to eat. 

I did extensive research on this and looked up every enzyme and ingredient to see how each one might be able to help my processes. I also read many consumer reviews and then made an informed decision about the possible side effects and possible benefits. The product has an overall rating of four stars on Amazon and multiple other sites, and it has thousands of reviews. 

The Good News

The positive reviews were very positive. Some people claimed that these pills helped them resolve the bloating and gastro issues they'd had for years. Two or three of those people suffered from the effects of celiac disease, and I think one person had a different disorder, such as Crohn's or UC. The rest did not have any diagnosed issues, but they still had issues. Many people go for half their lives not being diagnosed so...

It seemed to work well for them. Some of those persons claimed to experience relief the same day, but most of them had relief within a week. Many people also claimed that the product made them "more regular." These ailments can cause D or C or a combination of both. The people who predominantly suffer from C definitely need some regularity in their lives. 

Now For The Bad News

The people who left negative reviews left very negative reviews. Many of them claimed to suffer from horrible nausea, and some of them actually vomited immediately. Some had headaches, jitters, digestive discomfort, and so forth. Others said that they felt bloated after taking the pill, and it didn't resolve any of their issues. Some people had to go to the little girl's or boy's room a lot. Some of them continued using the product for a week or so to see if the symptoms subsided, but they did not. 

There are always risks in taking any supplement or medicinal item. If you watch some of the commercials on TV for new medicines, you'll sometimes hear a long list of side effects that seem worse than the actual disease, lol. I seriously considered all the side effects I read about before trying this product. Everyone's body is different, and I considered that, too. 

Why I Chose To Take The Product

This supplement is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor's advice, treatment, or prescription. Let me make that perfectly clear. I am still going to do everything I need to do with a doctor, whether this works or not. I intend to notify my practitioner of everything I tried and did. However, I felt that trying digestive enzymes would help me to gauge the level of damage I experienced. We all know when our bodies aren't working properly. It's a natural instinct. I've known something was terribly wrong since 2017. When my organs weren't functioning right, I knew they weren't functioning right. 

After I got a little better, I still knew that something else was still wrong. It's something we just know because we've been living in our own bodies for decades. I am feeling much, much, much better energy-wise, mood-wise, weight-wise, inflammation-wise, etc. However, I'm still not processing my foods right, and there is still some level of healing that needs to be done in the intestines. Things are very sluggish and stubborn is all I can say, and the regular suggestions for relief do not work. Only one thing works, and it's not normal to have to take that all the time. 

I feel like something is still missing. Either that or I have a problem that's much worse than what I thought it was. I don't think so, though, because I don't think I'd be this energetic if that were the case. 

Anyway, my logic is this: If it works, I must really be lacking enzymes. If it doesn't work, or it makes me sicker, then perhaps I don't need enzymes at all. If it works, I figure I can take the product until my body starts producing the enzymes again itself. I have no idea how long that will take, as I had been eating gluten my entire life up until three months ago. 

So Far So Good, But Time Will Tell

I am not experiencing any nausea at all at this time. I'm also not having any other issues. I'm not experiencing any more bloating than usual, and I can swear that my stomach is softer than it was an hour ago. At this time, the only thing I feel is that I  may have to visit the little girl's room. For me, that's always a good thing. I will see how this goes for the next few days. It appears that my body took all the ingredients just fine. I do not feel devoid of energy and ready to go to sleep like I did the last time I ate those vegetarian baked beans in brown sugar. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty good, like I got a slight lift as well. It leads me to believe that the enzymes did something positive. But it's only day one and a little over an hour in. 

I'll have more information on it on day three unless something horrible happens sooner. I really don't think so, though. 

Garden of Life? The Most Horrific Drink I've Ever Tasted


A few days ago was the first time in my entire life I spit out a drink because of its horrible taste. This "drink" was thick, lumpy, and horrifically pungent. I hope it was spoiled and wasn't supposed to taste like that because it was absolutely horrible. The expiration date was for some time in 2022, so I don't know. I was expecting a silky chocolate dream, and I got a... woo... I don't even have a word for it!

I still get a tinge of nausea when I think about how this drink tasted in my mouth. I tried it in the car and immediately opened the door and hack-spit it on the ground. I was so disgusted that I didn't even go back into the store to get my money back. I wanted to go home and wash my mouth out right away! 

There is no rating low enough for this "drink." I do not recommend it at all. As I said, it may have been spoiled. If it was spoiled, it still gets a negative rating for being spoiled. If it wasn't spoiled, the manufacturer needs to go back to the lab ASAP. They couldn't have taste-tested this. -1,000,000 stars.

Vitacost.com users had this to say about the product:

"This drink is only comparable to the lingering taste in your mouth after you have thrown up." - Mossy

"It tasted so horrible it was undrinkable. My roommate tasted it as well and spit it out." - Miranda

" I have no idea how this can taste so bad. There is no chocolate flavor. It is salty and acidic. Vomit and rotten fish smell come to mind." - Veggie

" I never knew there was a vomit flavoring out there but Garden of Life somehow found it and added it to this drink. " - lagray86

Now I know it wasn't spoiled. It was just horrible. 

First Experience With Gluten-Free Kale Crackers

Somebody went shopping the other day for an arsenal of gluten-free foods after she got sick from eating a gluten-free pizza that wasn't actually free of gluten. She's not sure whether the restaurant gave her the wrong pizza this time or if it was cross-contaminated with only a trace amount. That fact didn't matter much as the symptoms were the same. She won't be playing around with iffy restaurant foods anymore. 

She purchased the above-pictured crackers to settle her stomach. Everyone eats crackers and drinks ginger ale when they're sick, right? Well, unfortunately, regular crackers were out of the question. They had to be gluten-free. 

Why she grabbed kale crackers, she'll never know. It's not like she eats kale regularly. In fact, she hardly ever eats kale unless it comes in some kind of mixed-veggie smoothie or some such. Still, something made her grab the expensive kale crackers even after finding several other gluten-free options. Who eats kale crackers? 

She ended up getting those kale crackers and some green tea mixed with ginger to flush the gluten out, deflate the belly, calm the intestines, etc. 

She bit the first cracker slowly.

"Ew! Gross!"

She tasted nothing but kale. 


That should have been the end of it, but something made her try again and eat another cracker. 

"I guess I'll get used to it." 

Then another cracker...

"These aren't too bad."

Then another cracker...

"These are kinda good."

Then several other crackers...

"The whole box is gone?"

She rated the kale crackers with five out of five stars. 

"It takes a minute to get used to the strong kale taste, but after that, you start to appreciate the saltiness and the overall texture of the cracker. As for settling the stomach, they're not too bad for that. They don't cause any additional problems, even though they're jam-packed with a green veggie. My nausea went away." 

The consumer will purchase another box of those crackers ASAP. Her symptoms are much better today, though she has a long way to go before everything heals completely. 

Domino's Gluten-Free Pizza (Crust) Review


I finally got up the nerve to try the Gluten-Free Crust at Domino's. As someone who experiences major abdominal swelling, weight gain, fatigue, and other issues immediately after ingesting gluten, I was a bit leery. No, I was very leery. The first thing that made me nervous was the warning they put on the website:

"Domino's pizza made with a Gluten-Free Crust is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure. Therefore, Domino's DOES NOT recommend this pizza for customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment in consuming this pizza.

Please note that our Alfredo Sauce is the only topping that contains gluten."

Translation: "The crust doesn't have any gluten, but your pizza still might have gluten in it if we don't clean our oven, or you order the wrong sauce. We can't stop you from playing Russian Roulette with your intestines if you're a celiac, though. Have at it if you like, but we're not responsible." 

I canceled my order last week after reading that, but I was dying to have some regular everyday junk food, dammit. So I took a chance and ordered the pizza with the garlic and parmesan sauce and some mushrooms on top.

So far, so good. No belly swelling. No immediate naptime, and I'm not suddenly 30 pounds heavier. Hallelujah.

I think it's safe to say that this particular pizza didn't have any gluten in it. It was good as hell, too. That thing was so good I ate two slices in my car on the way home. The gluten-free crust actually tasted much better than their regular crust. I'll give it a thumbs up for its quality as a gluten-free item. Most gluten-free foods taste pretty nasty. 

I can't really give it an official "seal of approval" for celiacs and other gluten-sensitive individuals, though. But that's only because Domino's didn't give a seal of approval either. My pizza didn't have any gluten in it, but yours might. Like Domino's basically says in their warning statement, eat it at your own risk. 

*The picture above is from a random website. It is not my pizza. I don't eat pepperoni.*