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Detroit: Become Human - I Finished the Video Game


I finally finished my first run of the "Detroit: Become Human" game for the PlayStation. I'm not pleased with the outcome, lol. I got Connor deactivated for making an empathetic decision and sparing someone's life. Ug, that darn empathy I have.

Then, I got Alice, Luther, and Kara killed because I didn't want to sacrifice anyone at the Canadian border. Dang. I thought about that decision more than once, and I just couldn't bring myself to sacrifice Luther or Kara. I was trying to preserve everyone's life. Unfortunately, they all got killed because of it. I think Alice and Kara would have gotten away if I'd sacrificed Luther, but I didn't want to want to kill the big teddy-bear brutha off, lol. 

The only one of my characters who made it was Markus, and he made it because I played him like a straight rebel who was no longer effin' around. I had him release a little somethin'-somethin' on Detroit that quieted the masses on down. Thus, he lived and some of his troops survived, as well. 

I enjoyed the game very much. I think interactive games will be my favorite genre now. Now, I'm not sure if I want to play it again from scratch or choose another game like "The Last of Us" or "Heavy Rain" or some such. DBH has numerous endings and outcomes, but I might want to try a new adventure and get to know some new characters. I'm seriously considering "Beyond: Two Souls." That might be the next one I mess with.

My favorite character from DBH was Kara because of her love for the little girl. Connor grew on me. I felt he was too robotic at first, but then I liked him after when he began to pick up empathetic characteristics. Well, then he died. 

I appreciated Markus in the beginning because of his artistic abilities. I enjoyed painting and playing the piano with him. But then the story changed when Carl's drugged-out son became violent. I made a decision that caused Markus to get into trouble, and then I had to play him differently from that point. 

I really enjoyed the graphics and the entire story. It was one of those games that held my attention for a long time. 

Nope, I didn't get a PS5. I tried several months ago and got cart-cleared by Walmart twice. After that, I just gave up. I can wait a year or two if I have to. I really don't play all that much. 

I Like the Detroit: Become Human Game for PS4

I love gaming, but my gameplay is so sporadic that I couldn't justify getting a PS5, not that I could find one anyway. I almost picked one up at Walmart online many months ago. Unfortunately, the system cleared from my basket several times while I was trying to purchase it, and then I got the "sold out" message. Oh well. PS4 it is.

I usually play fighting games and race car games, but I decided to try some interactive story games. First, I tried "Life Is Strange," but I wasn't really feelin' it. Then came "Detroit: Become Human." I enjoy this one a lot. It has a great storyline, and the graphics are super-real. I like the concept of making different choices and seeing how the outcome unfolds. I don't always make the right choices, though. I decided to play Markus as a revolutionary/vigilante with the "protect the mission at all costs" mentality. That didn't work out too well yesterday. I think I just opened up a can of war. Oops. 

I think Kara is my favorite character of them all. I like her human-like love for the little girl. I'm neutral towards Connor. I think his abilities are cool, but he's not my favorite droid. He's a little too droidy for me, haha. So I  play him to make compassionate and empathetic decisions every chance I get. 

I may dig into it a little more today. We'll see.