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New Tea Product Trial: Yogi Detox

I'm not one who likes to try new medications and such. I read all the pharmacist's paperwork, perform extensive research, and read every last active and inactive ingredient before I even consider taking something. Sometimes, I choose to take a medication a doctor gives me, and sometimes I don't. Had I taken the prednisolone I was given a long time ago, I may have improved sooner because it would have slowed down my immune system. Maybe I would have gotten a little better in one month instead of six months or fully recovered in six months instead of three years, lol. But I was scared to take it because some people had complained about weight gain. I was already 30 pounds past my weight with crushing chest pain from severe edema. I wasn't sure if taking a new medication would make things better or worse. I couldn't afford to get any worse at that time. I still don't know if that would have helped because I've never taken it. Still got the original scrip right here, as a matter of fact. I keep it as a part of my "lifetime box" documentation.  

I still wouldn't have figured out that gluten was the problem for a long time, though, and maybe doctors wouldn't have figured it out, either. It's not something that's obvious to people unless they know they have issues with foods or food ingredients (I didn't). Then they might think, "Oh, I wonder if I'm reacting to something I'm eating." It's not obvious to doctors either, especially when the patient doesn't see them much. It's not likely that a doctor will figure out that you have a problem with gluten the first time you see him or her. So I don't fault anyone for not knowing what caused the problem I was having back then. I fault some people for the way they handled the situation, though. 

I fault dishonesty and greed. I fault lack of empathy. I fault carelessness and laziness. I fault ignoring test results. I fault failure to properly assess and diagnose. I fault making up stuff (anxiety, impossible pregnancy, etc.) just for the hell of it. I fault throwing someone out of a medical institution when they clearly need lifesaving medical services. Temporary dialysis would have been nice, guys. 

That was the most frightening and lonely experience I've ever had in my life, and it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about how cold that was and how close I was to signing off. My trust is shot. But I also thank the Lord for pulling me through and giving me "signs" about how I could help myself. Thank goodness HE has the final say about how long I stay on this Earth and not another human being. I'd be screwed otherwise. 

I looked at my old videos and just noticed that I said  "I ate a bowl of oatmeal" one morning. In that video, I was complaining about the pitting edema and how I "didn't have it when I first woke up but had it then." When I looked back at the video, I said to myself, "Oh! I guess it was the oatmeal!" Some gluten-sensitive people have issues with oats. I'm one of those people. I even have issues with the "gluten-free" oats, so I avoid those too now. 

A New Tea Product Trial: Yogi Detox

I'll give a food or drink product a chance if it doesn't have any gluten or known allergens in it. Right now, I'm still in the stage of figuring out what I can and can't eat or drink. I'm looking at how my stomach responds as well as what my energy level looks like about 20 to 30 minutes after I eat or drink. I'm still judging which intolerances I still have as well. The lactose intolerance seems to be getting much better, but I still have some issues if I don't use my digestive enzymes before I have it. My stomach still doesn't care for too much fructose. I still get a little bit of bloat from that, but my energy doesn't zap out or anything. 

I tried this new tea to see if I could maximize my kidney/liver/pancreas health. I switch between probiotics, digestive enzymes, and having this tea from time to time. The tea has a lot of elements in it that boost bile production and things like that. It's a cleansing tea, meaning that anyone who drinks it will probably spend some time in the little girl's or boy's room. There's no caffeine in it, no gluten, and no other harmful ingredients. As long as you're not allergic to any of the herbs, you're good! 

It tastes pretty good. I put a little bit of gluten-free and lactose-free cream in it just for a bit of a sugar taste. I usually have one cup, but not every day. It's good for bloating and getting things moving. I give it a thumbs up. 

I am still 121 pounds, and I still feel very energetic, though I'm stressed over some recent worldly developments. Anyone in my situation would be. 

For Those Who Want My Input About the V


I really don't have much commentary about it.  

If you feel it's necessary, cool. 

If you don't feel it's necessary, cool. 

If you've gotten it, and you're fine, cool.  Good for you.

If you haven't gotten it, and you're still fine, cool. Good for you.

If businesses don't want to employ or entertain people who haven't gotten it, cool. If they want to reward those who have, cool. They have those rights. 

If the world wants to blame everything on the un-V'd, cool. They're entitled to their opinion.

If the world wants to punish anyone who has reservations or questions about putting experimental things in their bodies, alright. They've been granted the temporary power to do so. 

If all American citizens are now going to be segregated and discriminated against because of their V or Un-V'd status, okay. It's been done in America many times before based on other factors. 

I do not care. 

Yes, I care about other people's lives, and I care about my life. But I don't care to get involved in nonsense or confusion. God is not the author of confusion, and He is not the father of lies, nonsense, hatred, or oppression. 

I might be V'd and I might be Un-V'd. Neither is any of your business. 

If you think I'm not, and you're "scared" of "getting something from me," you can kindly stay the hell away from me. I'd like that very much. 

If you think I am, you can still stay the hell away from me. In fact, please do. I'd like that very much. 

The time has come when we all have to make the decision that we truly believe in. We have to do what we feel is best for our own health. Damn what anyone else says or thinks about our personal decisions. Certain entities have already shown me that I can't trust them, and they don't really care whether I live or die. It's not likely that those entities have had a sudden change of heart about my welfare. Not one individual or institution was there for me when I almost died, and some folks even outright lied and covered things up. So I give zero f*cks what they have to say now. 

I'm not about to argue with anyone, go back and forth, or defend or attack anything. 

Don't call me wanting to discuss this subject, or I will promptly end the call. Don't send me videos because I will not watch them. Don't ask me questions about my personal V business because you won't get an answer. Mind your business and your business alone. 

Kiddie Bracelets for Gluten "Allergies" (UPDATED)


**Image is from a shopping website and is not the property of Timiarah S.**

There's technically no such thing as a genuine gluten "allergy." There's a wheat allergy, and then there are various autoimmune conditions that gluten aggravates immensely. Everything else gets classified as an "intolerance." Most people with such conditions want to try the best they can to avoid gluten. They want to do that for their children if they have those conditions as well. Additionally, they want to protect themselves, if God forbid, they ever end up in an emergency room unconscious and have to rely on the staff there to preserve their lives.    

Just like in every other field and realm of life, there are good people and bad people who practice medicine. There are highly adept specialists and specialists who shouldn't even have the right to call themselves medics of any kind. 

I thought having the appropriate information written down might help me if I ever had another "situation," and someone had to "care" for me. But honestly, some of these people probably wouldn't even read the information anyway. We're not human beings to some of these individuals, so they don't really care if we die on their watch, or we die after they send us home. I tell it like it is and don't pull any punches. That's how it is. 

So I came up with the idea to get a little bracelet to wear just in case. There's no guarantee that I'll be taken care of appropriately if I can't speak for myself. But perhaps a big ole color-coded bracelet with the words "GLUTEN ALLERGY" would help. It's not something one could really miss or not see. It provides a colorful way to communicate the message, "Hey, please don't give me GLUTEN if I'm in your care. Don't inject it into my veins, and don't serve it to me when I'm hungry and incoherent either. Thanks!"  

I think these are great. They're fashionable, as you can wear them with any color-coded outfit you might wear. They're small enough for my child-sized wrists. And like I said, they express the correct message. Wearing a "celiac disease" or "XYZ autoimmune condition" bracelet wouldn't help much because half of these unempathetic, barely adult caretakers don't even understand what that means or how dangerous gluten is to some people. Gluten allergy is a language that anyone can understand and no one can miss unless they want to. It might not be the appropriate terminology, but it could possibly save a life. 

Below is a video of me today versus me when I was having the worst reaction ever. I literally almost died during this time. Many people try to downplay it, but I have the videos and the test results and will never forget what happened. You might need to hit the play button twice to view it.


Warehouse Jobs Are not Actually "Slave Labor" Jobs


Warehouse work is not for everyone. Many young women and men quit after less than one week of warehouse work, and some of them only work for one DAY. So the unwillingness for a person to do warehouse work has nothing to do with one's age. I know senior citizens who have done the work for years. I know many middle-aged people as well. I did the work temporarily a while back for almost half a year, and I enjoyed it.

I was cracking up while watching a video from a 20-something-year-old healthy male who quit after his first day on the job. I don't even think he completed an entire shift. Many people don't. They're like, "Hell NAW!" before they even get done for the day, hahahahaha!  The videos are priceless. 

Why Do Warehouse Jobs Have Such a Bad Reputation?

Most of the time, it's because of people's initial expectations and beliefs. Maybe they believe the jobs are easy because they don't require a certain educational degree or conventional hiring process. Well, they're not easy at all, and they're not no-brainers, either. They require physical endurance and certain brain activity, too. They require speed and precision as well. Certain goals need to be met, and the errors need to be low at the same time. So people come in expecting something easy peasy, and then they find out that it's not something that everybody can do. 

What's All This I Hear About Slave Labor?

A few people made comments such as, "I  knew I was going to have to work, but da*n." Other people made worse comments that referenced slave labor. First, let me say this: The slaves didn't get paid. Read the history. They were forced to work and were beaten and tortured if they didn't. So an employer would have to fail to pay people and force them to work there to qualify as a "slave labor" institution. Many people use the terms "slave wages" and "slave labor" inappropriately. I've done it myself a few times, but technically, the job market is neither of those things. 

Certain employers might offer "sweatshop wages" that don't help single people to survive, but none of them offer "slave wages" because there's no such a thing as a slave wage. "Slave labor" is forced and unpaid hard manual labor. 

These jobs are at-will positions. Anyone may leave at any time. Some places even provide convenient self-service resignation options. So anyone can exit at his or her free will. Alternatively, some people might want to stick around to see if they can reap the benefits of such jobs and learn how to keep themselves healthy and strong for their positions. Some of these companies offer full benefits, rare benefits, high pay rates, and other goodies that other companies don't offer at all. I would challenge any prospective warehouse worker to compare these perks to what other jobs offer and then consider sticking around. 

You Can Give Yourself a Better Experience as a Warehouse Worker

A few hard workout sessions a week or two before the job's start date could prevent the initial shock to the body's muscular systems. Dietary changes, sleep schedule adjustments, proper hydration, and nutrient supplementation can take care of the rest. Just saying. Many people miss out on some excellent perks only because they're not necessarily in good shape when they start.  

I Actually Got a Ride Today


Woo-hoo! The ride/companion was so reliable that she came knocking on my door when I ran late. See, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. RELIABILITY. All I ask is that when someone says they're going to do something, they do it. If they can't, they can just say that they can't. Don't tell me to take an Uber, which is extremely rude and insensitive (and not even allowed for a medical procedure). Don't tell me you're going to do it and then back out right before a surgical procedure. Don't ignore me and then pop up in my life after I resolve my own issues. Just be honest and show up if you say you're going to show up. I would do the same for anyone else who needed a ride, and I have done such things before.  

RELIABILITY. That's what I like. I don't care what color a person is or what their gender or preference is. I respect honesty and reliability. All that other stuff has nothing to do with me. But I think it's a shame that none of the (former) men in my life would have even considered giving me a simple ride to a quick procedure and then taking me home. I guess I was making some pretty bad choices, and that's exactly why I've been alone for the past year and a quarter. I think it's safe to say that I'll be alone for the duration at this point. 

Anyway, the procedure went fast. I didn't like the smell of the drug they used, but I only smelled that funky smell for about 15 seconds before waking up because I was done. I don't have any stomach aches, and my throat isn't sore. The only side effect I had from it was being extremely chatty on the way home, but there's nothing wrong with that. It's about time I started talking to people in this town I've been living in for several years.

I'm not any closer to getting a diagnosis, though. The biopsy doesn't come back for two weeks.

HUM Flatter ME Digestive Enzymes: Day 3 -I Like Them

Okay, so I can finally give my full opinion on the Hum Flatter Me digestive enzymes. They are definitely not a scam. I believe that they work for folks who really need them. I have no idea why they made some people sick, but they never made me sick at all in any way. Maybe some folks were not taking them with their meals? I don't think a digestive enzyme supplement will do you any good if you don't eat anything that needs to be digested. Perhaps some didn't really need them. Who knows?

 I was able to have super-large meals on these. Last night, I had more beef (lol) along with a giant veggie and fruit-filled smoothie I made for myself. I'm pretty sure I ate 1,000 calories worth of food in that one meal, and that's something I need to do to get my muscles and weight back up a little bit, especially if I'm going to be working a strenuous job. I need a 2,200-calorie diet at the very least, and I need darn near 100 grams of protein every day. 

Now, let's talk about regularity. This supplement did indeed bring forth regularity as far as frequency. I was visiting the little girl's room the first day, and I was regular by the third day. That's a huge difference for me as someone who has had difficult irregularity issues my entire life. 

I believe this supplement did everything I needed it to do, and I will continue to use it. The only problem I see is the possibility of becoming dependent on it. How long will it be before I can make my own enzymes? Will the company ever change its ingredients? Will I be able to find this same cocktail and dosage of enzymes? These are the things I wonder about with supplementation. 

The other issue is what I was talking about earlier. I noticed some frightening lower intestinal changes, and they have nothing to do with the supplements, as they were happening before I even started taking them. I researched those changes, and they didn't point to anything good. I can only hope that they are a symptom of secondary UC because the other alternative is not good at all. All I can do is continue to document and record the changes and talk to the doctor about them. But in terms of the digestive enzymes, yes, they work very well for me. 

Day 2 of Hum Flatter Me Digestive Enzymes

Sunday morning 10:27 a.m. - I was fine after I took the first capsule with the beans. A little later Saturday night, I went and bought a pound of beef and tried another capsule with my meal. I'm sorry. I like me some beef. It gives me protein and iron, and it tastes fantastic with a little garlic powder on it. I ate a few carrots and hummus with the beef. I was going to put some cheese on the patty, but I wasn't quite bold enough to do it at that time. Again, I had zero nausea, headaches, jitters, vomits, and so forth. I felt the enzymes "doing something," and I again received a boost of energy from the food instead of being drained of energy after I ate it. I still had a little bit of bloat, but that may have been because I ate until I was super-full. I had not been eating a whole lot. 

I decided to drink some lemon tea with honey a little later to try to produce more stomach acid naturally, just in case I was low on acid as well. I did some writing and then fell asleep for the night shortly after. I also massaged my vagus nerve before I went to sleep. Vagus nerve? Sounds freaky, doesn't it? Lol, it's a nerve in the neck. I had learned about the vagus nerve and how that nerve affects your digestive processes and various other processes in the body. I figured why not give it a try? It was as if my digestive system was paralyzed from top to bottom, and I felt like maybe massaging the nerve would stir things up a bit. 

Welp, I woke up this morning and took a little trip to the little girl's room. That's progress for me. I mean, I didn't perform any miracles, but it seems like my digestive system is waking up a little bit. 

It's hard to tell what the problem actually is when we change our diet and eating frequency so abruptly and are also healing from intestinal damage. We don't know whether the body is just in shock from not getting as much food as it used to, acting up because it's not getting the gluten anymore (withdrawal), not producing enough stomach acid to signal the pancreas to release the digestive enzymes, or if the pancreas itself actually isn't producing the enzymes because the body overworked it from being in a state of inflammation for so long. 

I went with trying the digestive enzymes first. I could have tried an HCL supplement to give myself more stomach acid first. However, taking additional HCL if you already produce enough stomach acid can lead to ulcers. I didn't want to chance giving myself any ulcers on top of what was already going on. 

I believe there's significant damage causing me not to have or produce enough digestive enzymes, and that's why I'm noticing a huge difference. I could be dead wrong about my theories, but we'll see. All I know is that I was happy to see the little girl's room. Hopefully, this will progress into regularity without turning into D. Day 2 has no complaints for the HUM Flatter Me pills. One more day of testing.  

I will have my endoscopy this week as long as my ride comes through. I'm still waiting for my genetic testing as well. This is all theory based on the premise that I was suffering from celiac for many years. It ain't official until it's official. 

HUM Flatter ME: Scam or Real Relief? We'll See

HUM Flatter Me is another cocktail of digestive enzymes that claim to aid healthy digestion. This product also claims to promote a flatter stomach. I can see how that's possible, but it's probably not through regular weight loss. I could see someone ending up with a flatter belly due to the loss of bloating if the digestive enzymes work properly. 

I ended up getting this one because it was accessible to me right away. Gotta love the 'Zon Prime services.

I also like it because it contains amylase, protease, lactase, lipase, and many other ingredients, such as ginger, peppermint, and the bromelain found in pineapples. The enzymes aren't in as high a dosage as other products, so I felt like I could try them without overwhelming my system. I felt that it was worth a try. If I react to them, well, I can stop using them immediately. They are gluten-free, btw.

The instructions are to take one of these little capsules before each big meal. I will probably only take one per day to see how it works. I took one and ate it right before having a healthy helping of beans, lol. I figured that would be a good item to test, as the product contains the elements I need to process beans, and beans are readily available for me to eat. 

I did extensive research on this and looked up every enzyme and ingredient to see how each one might be able to help my processes. I also read many consumer reviews and then made an informed decision about the possible side effects and possible benefits. The product has an overall rating of four stars on Amazon and multiple other sites, and it has thousands of reviews. 

The Good News

The positive reviews were very positive. Some people claimed that these pills helped them resolve the bloating and gastro issues they'd had for years. Two or three of those people suffered from the effects of celiac disease, and I think one person had a different disorder, such as Crohn's or UC. The rest did not have any diagnosed issues, but they still had issues. Many people go for half their lives not being diagnosed so...

It seemed to work well for them. Some of those persons claimed to experience relief the same day, but most of them had relief within a week. Many people also claimed that the product made them "more regular." These ailments can cause D or C or a combination of both. The people who predominantly suffer from C definitely need some regularity in their lives. 

Now For The Bad News

The people who left negative reviews left very negative reviews. Many of them claimed to suffer from horrible nausea, and some of them actually vomited immediately. Some had headaches, jitters, digestive discomfort, and so forth. Others said that they felt bloated after taking the pill, and it didn't resolve any of their issues. Some people had to go to the little girl's or boy's room a lot. Some of them continued using the product for a week or so to see if the symptoms subsided, but they did not. 

There are always risks in taking any supplement or medicinal item. If you watch some of the commercials on TV for new medicines, you'll sometimes hear a long list of side effects that seem worse than the actual disease, lol. I seriously considered all the side effects I read about before trying this product. Everyone's body is different, and I considered that, too. 

Why I Chose To Take The Product

This supplement is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor's advice, treatment, or prescription. Let me make that perfectly clear. I am still going to do everything I need to do with a doctor, whether this works or not. I intend to notify my practitioner of everything I tried and did. However, I felt that trying digestive enzymes would help me to gauge the level of damage I experienced. We all know when our bodies aren't working properly. It's a natural instinct. I've known something was terribly wrong since 2017. When my organs weren't functioning right, I knew they weren't functioning right. 

After I got a little better, I still knew that something else was still wrong. It's something we just know because we've been living in our own bodies for decades. I am feeling much, much, much better energy-wise, mood-wise, weight-wise, inflammation-wise, etc. However, I'm still not processing my foods right, and there is still some level of healing that needs to be done in the intestines. Things are very sluggish and stubborn is all I can say, and the regular suggestions for relief do not work. Only one thing works, and it's not normal to have to take that all the time. 

I feel like something is still missing. Either that or I have a problem that's much worse than what I thought it was. I don't think so, though, because I don't think I'd be this energetic if that were the case. 

Anyway, my logic is this: If it works, I must really be lacking enzymes. If it doesn't work, or it makes me sicker, then perhaps I don't need enzymes at all. If it works, I figure I can take the product until my body starts producing the enzymes again itself. I have no idea how long that will take, as I had been eating gluten my entire life up until three months ago. 

So Far So Good, But Time Will Tell

I am not experiencing any nausea at all at this time. I'm also not having any other issues. I'm not experiencing any more bloating than usual, and I can swear that my stomach is softer than it was an hour ago. At this time, the only thing I feel is that I  may have to visit the little girl's room. For me, that's always a good thing. I will see how this goes for the next few days. It appears that my body took all the ingredients just fine. I do not feel devoid of energy and ready to go to sleep like I did the last time I ate those vegetarian baked beans in brown sugar. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty good, like I got a slight lift as well. It leads me to believe that the enzymes did something positive. But it's only day one and a little over an hour in. 

I'll have more information on it on day three unless something horrible happens sooner. I really don't think so, though. 

The Care Regimen

Since I don't do very well with regular capsules and tablets, and I'm iffy with food, I decided to try these "melts" to get all my vitamins and minerals. They supposedly hit your system right away like a sublingual. One bottle has magnesium, calcium and D3. The other has a vast assortment of vitamins and minerals, including zinc and selenium. 

They do melt quickly, and I did feel a little something when I took them. 

For digestive health, I'm deciding between these two items:


The pancreatic enzyme formula is a straightforward pancreatic enzyme formula. You get:
  • Pancreatin (from porcine) (lactose free) 500 mg
  • -Providing:

  • --Lipase 17,500 USP units
  • --Protease 110,000 USP units
  • --Amylase 120,000 USP units

These enzymes help you to digest and absorb carbs, fats, and proteins. It seems like I am lacking some of these items, so I'd like to try the enzymes, at least for a week to see what happens. 

Celiact also has the pancreatic enzymes amylase, protease, and lipase, but it also has other elements.  It's more of a comprehensive solution. It comes with a ton of vitamins and some probiotics as well. 

Both items are around the same price.  I like the idea of taking a comprehensive solution, but I don't want to overdose on the vitamins I'm already taking. It's a tough call. I'll either have to get the plain one or get the Celiact and then stop taking the multivitamin. SMH, choosing the right supplements is difficult sometimes. Then there's the issue of taking things in tablet and capsule form. I can grind tablets, and I guess it's okay to take a capsule apart if I need to. 

I have a feeling that the enzymes will make me feel better, if I can dissolve them properly. They might solve most of my problems, and maybe time will solve the rest. I enjoyed the pot pie, but it seemed like it hung around in my stomach for the longest time. It had a lot of carbs. I had some belly issues, and I also fell asleep, lol.

I ate the grain-free, gluten-free pancakes the other day, and they were okay. They weren't like Aunt Jemima pancakes or Bisquick or anything, but they worked. Got a little tired but it resolved.

Today I ate some creamy tomato soup from Panera Bread (gluten-free) and tried to take the lactase enzyme by itself to see if it would prevent a reaction from the milk. SMH, I fell asleep several minutes after eating it and didn't wake up for four hours. Some stomach issues, too. I ate the entire bowl, and it had lots of carbs, fat, and sugar (probably fructose). So I think it was elements other than the milk that I didn't digest/absorb properly this time. Lactase enzyme usually prevents me from reacting to milk. That's why I think I need all the enzymes at once.

It's so frustrating because it's not just one problem. It's several. Being gluten-free has definitely stopped the harsh immune system reactions, but I still can't process various other foods right. It makes me not want to eat at all

I just bought a blender today to make my own smoothies to eat three times a day.  I'll stick with the liquid meals. There's still no guarantee that the fruit sugars won't throw me off in some type of way, too. SMH. 

Rice and Bean O's Cereal


After searching through aisles of cereals to find something that had no gluten and no high-fructose corn syrup and not that much sugar in general, this is what I came up with:


"Looks like Cheerios. Tastes like literal riceandbeanios." 

For real. This cereal is nasty as hell. I should probably eat it for dinner and put some hot sauce on it. It tastes like a dinner item. 

Actually, they're called Power O's, and they're by a company called Love Grown. 

They were expensive as far as cereals go. All the gluten-free stuff is expensive. D'ya think I would be paying for all this stuff if the other stuff wasn't literally killing me? I don't think so. It's like $50 every time I go to the store, and sometimes I go many times a week. I don't get food assistance at all, so it's all on my dime. 

Most of the stuff isn't very good. The stuff that is good is usually only good because it has a ton of sugar in it. And well, I can't have too much sugar either, so... yeah. Riceandbeanios. I used to like GF oatmeal, but the oats were giving me a problem too sometimes. We don't really find out these things until we do an elimination diet and then re-introduce things.  

Eggs are sometimey. I can cook up a couple eggs one morning and be fine and then react to the eggs the next time I have them. 

All meats have gone over well. 

For veggies, I eat spinach, carrots, and mushrooms from time to time. I eat avocados too, though I'm not sure if they're a fruit or a vegetable. Broccoli and cauliflower are good too, but I don't have them that much.

I eat bananas (one) and don't really deal with too many other fruits because it appears that I have to also watch the fructose. I drink a little bit of lemonade and a whole lot of water. I drink teas too. 

Almond milk is where I get my calcium (hopefully). I have a vegan protein shake mix I use with the almond milk to try to get plenty of protein. That plus the various meats give me enough protein, but I'm still not getting enough fiber, so things get kind of tricky there.

I am just now learning about my own body and system and what I can and can't eat. That's a shame that I never paid enough attention to myself to know until now. But I'm glad I finally got a clue, lol. I was never even tested for food allergies/intolerances at all (that I know of) until this year because I never thought that any foods were causing issues. It just never occurred to me, even though I had several other allergies. Technically, allergies are just immune system overreactions. It should have clicked that maybe I had a food-related overreaction too, but it didn't. 

Anyway, this lifestyle is a major pain in the behind and the wallet, but I'm not doing it as a fad or hobby. It's like I have no choice if I want to feel well. When I think about all the years I was exhausted, I'm just like... damn. 

I'm going to put this post in the personal growth category because I feel like that bettering your health is a part of personal growth.