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Music, Lyrics, and Collaborations


I was very tempted to cut the song down to 1:20 and leave it at that, but I came up with another idea: a self-collab. That's when you pretend you're working with another artist, and you jump into the next verse with a different flow. I think maybe I got bored with the same flow after a while. Next! 

They're all old-school flows, BTW. They're just varied. To be honest, I can't even do a "new school" or "mumble" flow because I don't comprehend it at all. I can do a "lazy" or slowed delivery, but I still use comprehensible and complete sentences that actually mean something. 

That's one of the major differences between older Hip-Hip and a lot of the new stuff. We were lyricists, poets, prophets, and messengers first and performers second. Now it's all about the beat, flow(?), and crazy-ass autotune hyperdrive, but no one even knows what these people are saying half the time. 

What's scary is that no one cares anymore what the lyrics are. Someone could literally rap to them to jump off a bridge, and they'd be like, "Ya!" "Hate yourself and your people!" "Yo!" "Do drugs till you go into cardiac arrest!" "Chyeah!" "Jail is cool!" "Ay! "Treat all women like garbage!" "Ya!" "Transform into a snake!" "Yooo!"

Please help me understand. 

The lyrics matter because they're the part of the song that feeds your mind. Then your mind shapes your thoughts, and your thoughts shape your actions. Long story short, your soul will be garbage if you constantly dump trash into your mind. 

Music is a powerful element as well. I'm not saying it isn't. The beat and sound can affect your mood and such. But if you ignore the lyrics, you might get subliminal messages you don't even want. You don't have to understand what they're saying to absorb those messages, either. 

Music and lyrics put together can be a healing or damning combination. Marinate on that concept for a while. 

This is not to say that all of my songs were "positive." They certainly weren't, especially the older stuff I wrote when I was going through the worst emotional torment in creation. I'm no saint in artistry or real life. But I hate to see good music get faded out by nonsense and wickedness. 

At any rate, I will go back to the music box later to try to drop the end of my song. Then I'll see if I like it. If not, I'll go with the minute piece. The song is basically an intro to me as a mature artist. It would probably be a great first track to an entire album. 

I might be down for some collaborations, but I might not be. I have to really think about it. Collabs are cool, but then I run into problems sometimes when I want my stuff taken down, and someone else insists on repeatedly putting it back up there. That's why I prefer to work with me, myself, and I. Then, I have the legal grounds to get my attorney involved (my job connected me with one) if my rights are violated because no one else owns any aspect of those tracks. 

But when I do a collab, we are both listed as copyright owners (because I am honest when I file). So that other artist has rights, even though I might not like what he does with the material I wrote, performed, and arranged. It kind of turned me off to future collaborations. I worked with many artists in the past, like producers, beatmakers, rappers, singers, etc. Only one person behaved in an asinine way, but that was enough to turn me off from working with other people. I think I'm good unless the next "collaborator" comes at me with some cash and a contract for my time and work.    

Sometimes You're Just Done/ Jalapeno Chips

These chips are the very first certified gluten-free jalapeno chips that have that FIRE I like. They're good, too. Most jalapeno chips (all) have a tame taste or are punked down for those who can't handle the heat. No, these are actually hot, and they're good, and they don't have any gluten. I hope they keep stocking these up. 

I've been listening to the song all day to see if there's anything I feel like I need to change. I like it exactly the way it is, and I'm seriously considering pulling a Method Man/Redman and leaving it at 2:00 or even cutting it down to 1:38. I can totally do that if I want to. 

Sometimes, you're just done, and there's nothing more to say. Other times, you find more words and pizzazz after you go back into the music box. It just depends. I have one or two short songs that are only 2.5 minutes. Most of the stuff is at least three minutes long, though. 

We'll see. The cool thing about being unpaid, unsigned, and non-mainstream is that you can do whatever you want. You can write whatever message you want people to hear and be as genuine as you like. You can perform in whatever genre you choose instead of being confined to a certain limited box because of your skin color or the way you look or such. I love Hip-Hip and R&B, but I also love Rock, Pop, Alternative, and so on. I like having the freedom to choose whatever I want.

You can arrange a song any way you like. You can make it 27 seconds long or eight minutes long if you want to. You can spit one long verse and no chorus, four choruses and no verses, or you can do a traditional arrangement. It's yours. 

You get the picture. There are no assigned personas. There are no agendas. No deadlines or pressure or anything. You get to just enjoy creating music. Of course, there probably won't be much money in it that way, but that's okay. I am an artist, so I enjoy my work, even if not a single person is listening or buying. 

Not sure how the new project is going to end up. Maybe it's meant to be short. Maybe I'm done. I won't be able to tell until tonight. 

Yes, the Music Inspired Me to Make Music


I spent about eight hours in my music box and stopped just now. I just couldn't do anymore. My brain was tired. I wanted to finish everything tonight, but that just doesn't work. It's never a good idea to rush a song because then it won't be the best it can possibly be. I did that a lot in the distant past and got a lot of songs that could have been much, much better. 

This one is fire, and if I'm saying my own song is fire, it is fire, at least to me. I am the cruelest, coldest, and worst critic of my own stuff. So if I like something, that means it sounds like something I'd seriously want to listen to. 

It is old-school Hip-Hop fire. It's not even the song I was originally working on. It's some new ish. Just came to me. I think people will like the flow. I'm definitely not any kind of old, washed up, or done with my music in any way. Yep. Old-school. I never adapted to the new "rap" movement and never will, lol. Eff 'em. 

I've been avoiding whole Hip-Hop songs lately because they're more work than other types of songs. So many words have to fit into three minutes of time. Like I said before, other genres are easier because you can stretch one word or phrase out for a very long time if you want to, haha. Can't really do that when you rap. 

Anyway, the first verse was fire. The chorus was fire. Then the second verse got corny. That's how I knew I was tired, and I needed to stop. I was like, "Yeah, no. Shut it down." I start saying whatever when I don't feel like making anything else up. No rush. I can go back in there tomorrow if the Lord is willing. I'm exhausted. Even if I did finish it, I would have had to do countless hours of vocal cleaning and mixing and so forth. To hell with all that. I'm going to bed.  I really pushed it. I only had a little bit of track left to cover, but like I said, so many words have to fit into that thang. 

The Next Morning

8:45: Listened to the song again when I first woke up to see if it was still fire. Sometimes, I listen to songs after I sleep on them, and I'm like, "What the hell????" Then I scrap them. It happens. 

Nope. Still fire. 

Song of the Week: Method Man and Redman's "Da Rockwilder"


We're going to go old-school with the song of the week this time. I've been watching "Wu-Tang: An American Saga" series lately and have been enjoying the backstory. In the last episode, they were all on a ferry ride trying to squash all their differences for the greater good of the music movement. It was difficult for RZA to make all that happen, but he had some help from his brother and one of his brother's best friends. 

A guy was playing the violin on the ferry, and I loved it! The violin is one of my favorite instruments. I use violins and cellos in my music whenever I can. Sadly, I can't play either of them for crap. I had better luck with the guitars and keyboards. I kept listening to that violin solo thinking, "Dang, that would go great in a Hip-Hop song!"

I found out later that the violin solo was from their song "Reunited." I had never heard Wu-Tang's Song "Reunited" before, so naturally, I had to listen to it. It's good, though it's explicit like most of their stuff is. I can't say that Wu-Tang Clan isn't a part of my history. It totally is, and I listened to them and liked them a lot. They had many members, but I always liked Clifford a.k.a Method Man the best. He had the perfect voice, and I thought his flow was killer. His voice and flow got better as he aged, too. ODB had good songs and bad songs. His flow was killer in songs like "Protect Ya Neck," but then he was a little too explicit and off the wall in some of his other songs for me. He was still a very talented artist who will never be forgotten. I think I liked Inspectah Deck, U-God, and some of the others, too, but Method Man was my main man. 

Listening to the "Reunited" instrumental makes me feel like droppin' some bars, LOL! It might have just inspired me to finish the new song I've been working on. Sometimes, all I need is a little inspiration from Hip-Hop artists to put me in the mood. I was using my own beat for the new song, but I stopped recording while I was in the middle of going back and forth to doctors and whatnot. It seems I have a few days to play around this week, and I might just do that.

I didn't choose "Reunited" as the song of the week, though I think you should listen to it just the hear that violin I'm talking about. I chose a song that Method Man did with Redman called "Da Rockwilder." This is probably one of the shortest songs in history, but every bit of it sounds good. It's the definition of a Hip-Hop song. I love Method Man's flow on this one. Redman is really good, too, though I'm not very familiar with him. They both got that s@xy NY and Jersey swag. Don't get me wrong. I love me some West Coast and Southern rappers, too. But nothing hits me like that NY/NJ swag. 

That beat was amazing, but it was the artists and their energy and flows that made the song addictive. This song always gets played numerous times in my car when I'm in old-school mode. It's a fun tune.

Song of the Week: "Stronger" By Josephine Clarke

I discovered this song while re-watching the second season of Monogamy," lol. I was like, "WHO is that?!" The voice was so beautiful. I wasn't sure of the lyrics, but I NEEDED to find out ASAP. 

I looked her up, and her name is Josephine Clarke. She's a young beautiful sister with some amazing vocals. I thought a white girl sang it until I saw her video. Oops. But the same thing happens to me with some of my non-rap songs sometimes. My own ex-husband didn't think "Flying Away" was even me, for example. He thought it was "a group of white girls." LOL! Uh... no. It was just one me. This young lady has a lot of songs that are styled like "Stronger," and she sounds great in them all. 

So I listened to the "Stronger" song again with the lyrics, and I was like, "Wow." The lyrics are so deep. I like songs with meaning, so I really fell in love with this after I read the lyrics. I couldn't find any interviews or articles explaining what they meant, so I had to do my own interpretation. It sounds to me like someone tried to hurt the writer deeply, even shatter her, but his/her/its plan didn't work. What they did just made her stronger. 

Yeah, unfortunately, some people in the world will intentionally "light you up," watch you choke, enjoy your pain, and then hope that you never recover. I love this song, and I really feel the lyrics and the emotion in the vocals. This woman should have a million views and listens for this. I don't know why it's not on the top of the charts, but it made it onto a very good TV show. Shame on whoever didn't put this song on the top of the charts and all over the radio. 


If I say that I tried,

you'll say that I lied.

It's like you don't want me here.

The truth's in the eye,

but yours' to the side,

depriving what got me here. 

So when I grabbed my rope, you lit it slow. You watched it smoke. You did it. 

And when I just couldn't cope, you watched me choke. I did it, but you didn't know...

that you made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger, stronger. You made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger. You made me stronger. 

Strong enough not battle.

I am here for the riot. 

My heart is not broken shattered,

in spite of how hard you tried it. 

I'm better than you know. 

You can bet the house and deed.

I know all that I need's here with me.

'Cause when I grabbed my rope, you lit it slow. You watched it smoke. You did it. 

And when I just couldn't cope, you watched me choke. I did it, but you didn't know...

That you just made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger, stronger. You made me stronger, STRONGER, stronger. You made me stronger. 

Song of the Week

 "Damage" By H.E.R

I don't know who this artist is, but I kept hearing this song on the radio. Again, I had no idea what was being said. I had to sing incoherent in-tune words to Google to find the name of the song. Fortunately, my singing was pretty okay. It found the song for me right away. 

I liked the melody, obviously, but then when I read the lyrics, I liked it even more. It sounds like it's a song about someone who doesn't want to be taken advantage of or get hurt. I feel like she's saying, "You know you can do damage to me, but please choose not to take me for granted. Learn who I really am, or I'm out." I love it. It has definitely been on the playlist this week. 

Lyrics to "Damage" by H.E.R.

If you got it, it ain't a question

Oh, it ain't no room for guessin'

No more than emotionally invested (No, no)

Showin' you all my imperfections, oh

If I let you, you'll take me for granted, yeah (You, you, you, you)

If I'm worth more than you could manage, manage, yeah

Open with me, oh we could be honest

Closer to me, oh giving me solace

Promise that you won't let me fall

Holding me tight

Loving me right

Giving me life

All night

You could be (You could be)

Telling me lies

Making me cry

Wasting my time

The whole time

So just be

Careful what you take for granted, yeah

'Cause with me know you could do damage

You, you could do damage

You, you could do damage, yeah

Worried about it I'm putting pressure (You know)

You'll only cut me if I let you

No, we ain't doing this just for pleasure

Either learn me or I'm a lesson gone oh

If you want me don't take me for granted, yeah, yeah

If I'm worth more than you could manage, baby

Oh you're falling for me, oh baby I've caught it

Ooh we could be whatever you wanna call it

Promise that you won't let me fall

Holding me tight

Loving me right

Giving me life

All night

You could be

Telling me lies

Making me cry

Wasting my time

The whole time

So just be

Careful what you take for granted, yeah

'Cause with me know you could do damage

You, you could do damage

You, you could do damage

Oh, you could do damage

Know you could do damage, yeah

Oh, you could do damage, yeah, yeah, oh, oh

Oh, you could do damage, oh with me

Rappin' for "Jesus"? WTH? LOL

The world of YouTube is insane sometimes. I came across this reaction to an old video with a white pastor and his wife singing their "rap" song called "Rappin' for Jesus." The first time I saw it, I was just confused. I didn't know whether to laugh or be offended. Of course, my silly side took over, and I laughed at it. What's really funny is not the song itself but the natural REACTIONS of the people who watched it. 

I watched several reactions. Most people laughed. One brother wasn't too happy about it at all, and I can understand why. It's like, "Is that what they really think of us?" Do they really think they have to break stuff down in extremely corny rap to get through to us? WTF? It is offensive in that way, and because they felt they had to say n***a multiple times throughout the video. I mean, what in the actual f***k? We're not even going to talk about their image of "Jesus" right now. Woo, Lord. 

But some of the elements were funny. Like they were old as the hills really trying to spit some bars, and they had no rhythm whatsoever. The dude said he raps better than Biggie, too. Woooow.

What put me over the top was the reaction by this guy, Leo. I have to give Leo an award for having the damn funniest reaction to a video I have ever seen in my entire life. OMG, I died. Several times. ALL of his reactions were hilarious, especially when he started talking to "Mary Lou." ROTFL. I talk to the TV sometimes, too, bruh. Hahaha. 

**The video is the property of Mr. Video on YouTube. I own no parts of such video and am sharing strictly for your entertainment.**

**I do not condone or cosign on the use of any herbs.**

Getting Better and Thinking About Music

So I have been unwell and trying to recover from that gluten exposure from over a month, ago. Sometimes the symptoms linger on for months, and they come and go on their way out. This week I had headaches, but my stomach is slowly returning to my version of normal: not flat but not completely blown up like I'm in the second trimester of pregnancy.

 It took me six entire months to feel better the last time something like this happened, and I had no assistance whatsoever for lack of insurance. I slowly healed by changing my diet. My problems started again once I returned to a "regular" job and started eating gluten-filled foods on my breaks and such. At the time, I didn't know what was making me sick. But I was tired all the time and had headaches and a distended stomach at times. I got faint several times at work with blurred vision, but I never really told anybody. Hell, I loved the job so much I didn't want to make anyone nervous who already felt like I shouldn't have been doing that job, lol. 

But yes, I haven't felt right for a long time. I used every bit of my strength to work that job, but I often passed out the moment I got home. I got frozen shoulder twice, was nauseous when I shouldn't have been, suffered unexplained dental issues, hair loss, severe gastro issues, and more. I even suffered in the motherly area, which I always felt was a tad bit too early to be happening just because of my age. 

I've been getting a lot of rest and waiting for more tests. I drag myself out of bed or off the couch and work on music when I can. I'm hoping I will feel well enough to get back to the gym next week. We'll see!

My music is changing. The last song I wrote was more positive than many of the others because I'm having more positive experiences now. I'm starting to look at life from a "The rain falls on the good and the bad" perspective. Each of our bad experiences teaches us lessons. We're supposed to learn from them and take from them a growth opportunity, not dwell on them or stay upset. Sometimes that's easier said than done, but it's working. 

"The Way It Is" was the very last song I wrote. I guess I used two different delivery styles to express the same concept. I sang a little, and then I rapped a little, and then I sang a little, and then I rapped a little. 

Before that, I wrote "Husband Benefits," which is an overdue song that does not reflect anything that's going on in my personal life at this time. It's about men who don't respect women and want to get the "husband benefits" without actually becoming one's husband or committing. A.K.A. f*** boys, narcissists, and undercover booty call bandits.

"I Don't Like It Rough" is a remix of a tune I wrote years ago. I tried to sing it in a higher pitch when I first wrote it, and I was out of my range, plain and simple. One of my relatives suggested that I try to "go lower" because I sounded "winded" as I was trying to carry those high notes, haha. I took the constructive criticism and remixed it later after I created another Dubstep-type beat. This version came out much more natural. I really like it, and I don't usually like my own voice.  I don't like it rough has more than one meaning. Yes, it means what you think it means, but it also means I don't like being treated like crap overall.

"Waste My Time" came from a period right before "Husband Benefits" should have been written, haha. I like my voice in that one too, and I like my beat. 

Nirvana's "In Bloom" is Nirvana's "In Bloom." It's one of my favorite Nirvana songs, so I had to give it a go! I loved the way they mixed and mastered the vocals on that track on the "Nevermind" album. The vocals sounded sweet every time they doubled up on them. I think they used Dave as a backup on that, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I liked it so much that I had to sing it my damn self. My voice is nowhere near as strong as Kurt Cobain's, and I definitely can't scream, but I had fun. It's a mellow version of a cover, I guess. 

I mixed three of the songs myself. The last two, I did not. Two of the music pieces (of the first five) are my creations, and three of them are not. None of them is perfect. All of them have some flaw or another,  but I think they're getting better. 

Real Hip-Hop Ain't Easy


I did everything I said I was going to do over the weekend, which included "playing" with my video games, creating music, and dedicating the largest portion of my time solely to healing and spiritual nourishment. The more positive things we feed into our processors (brains), the more we wash out the negativity that was placed into them. The more we surround ourselves with positive, supportive people and their energies, the more we cast out the negatives. The more we act as friendly and compassionate advocates of ourselves, the less we feel that we need to rely on other people to be such. That's reprogramming in a nutshell. 

What can I say about the music I make for myself? It doesn't really mimic anything I've ever heard, and it doesn't really have a definitive genre or style. It's usually a mixture of the things I personally like. I usually create sounds that make me feel good and sounds that I enjoy hearing. Then I see how they carry over elsewhere. You see, I don't make music or write songs for money, fame, validation, recognition, and so on. All of those are nice, and I certainly wouldn't reject them if they came my way. But they don't motivate me to create art. My love for art motivates me to create art. 

So I came up with two pieces. One has more of a Dubstep overall sound but also has Rock undertones. The other is a Hip-Hop sort of thing with many Classical aspects and a tad bit of a Latin sound. My creations are usually genre mash-ups that somehow work. My soul loves a variety of instrumentations, and it likes to hear those things together. So a mixture is what usually comes out of me if I'm the person building the musical composition. 

Favorite instruments:

  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Trumpet
  • and the effing FLUTE

The next step will be to write something for one of the musical pieces. I started rambling an incoherent melody to the Hip-Hop-ish one, but that one's going to require a lot of words. Hip-Hop is one of the hardest styles of music for a lyricist. Well, at least Old-School Hip-Hop is. I've said this many times before, and I'll say it again. You have to have a vocabulary that makes sense, a message that means something, the ability to make things rhyme, the diction and clarity, and the skill to deliver those words in a catchy way (a good flow). 

It is NOT easy. It's much easier and faster to write a pop song or something because you can fit much fewer words into a longer stretch of music, lol. You can just hold the notes for a long-ass time, hahaha. With Hip-Hop, you have to talk. You have to express ideas and try to entertain at the same time. With other styles of "rap," you can mumble incoherently and mesmerize the audience with the beat and gargly effects. But for the old-school stuff, you'll want your lyricism to be just as memorable as your beat, if not more. Lyrics matter!

Musical Endeavors


I've been biding my time doing things other than watching narcissism and codependency videos, haha. I already have enough knowledge. I've had the knowledge for over 20 years. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes many years to put the knowledge into practice. We can still continue to make mistakes long after we become aware of narcissism and codependency and all the red flags that come along with it. Growth and recovery times differ for every person. 

The movies and videos are only a small portion of my healing process. My process also includes indulging in my hobbies, interests, and talents. One of the golden rules of some of the recovery programs is to ensure sure we set aside time to "play."

I started trying to build myself a better recording area. I can't finance a full studio, so I have to work with what I have. I ordered acoustic panels and soundproof weather stripping and other such items to eliminate the noise when I record. That will minimize the work I have to do with my vocal tracks when I'm done "playing," and it will make it much easier for whoever's mixing and mastering to come up with a great finished product. 

I don't think I give myself enough credit as a producer of actual music, though. I just listened to a few of the songs I produced myself all the way, and they came out pretty good. I mean, they got a good amount of attention too, as compared to some of the stuff I did on other people's productions. The mixing and mastering weren't bad either. It wasn't top-quality work, but it wasn't shoddy either. I'll have to renege on that negative commentary I made about my own productions, at least for those two tracks. 

I think I tend to be more detail-oriented when eliminating background noise from my own tracks than some others are. I literally sift through every second of the track and zone in on those hard P's, S's, pops, and other such noises when I'm really focused on something. I'll highlight little itty bitty minuscule parts of a word, for example, and get the pop of the P without erasing the whole P, for example. That's when I'm focused on the project, though. When I'm feeling lazy, all sorts of stuff could be left in, lol. 

I think I will spend the weekend composing some music instead of singing to someone else's music this time. I like to mix it up and do my own stuff sometimes and collaborate other times. I haven't made a beat for myself in a while, and I think it's time to just open up my mind and see what comes. I like odd instrumentations, and I like putting them together. I like violins and trumpets and pianos and bells and whistles. I also like hard drums. So we'll see what happens. 

The above picture is not of my recording area, but it was fitting for the post.  

Now the Rings Fit Perfectly


The "I Am Enough" ring started to feel slightly loose after the first day. I thought I'd remedy the problem by going to Claire's and buying a ring snuggy to accommodate my finger's occasional post-swelling reshrink. It turns out there will be no need for that. The purity ring came today, and it's super snug. It also pushes the other ring up closer to my knuckle, which gives it a tighter fit. Right now, the rings fit very snugly and will not slip around my finger or budge. In fact, the purity ring is so tight I think I might have a problem getting it off, haha. Good!

I won't be needing to drive to Claire's today, and I'm happy with the fit. I'm concerned about what will happen the next time I swell, though. Doh! Got butter? 

Both of these are positioned in the place where a wedding band would go, and they'll be on my person for a long time. 

Not much else to write. The little musical artist in me has emerged, and I'll be nurturing her for a while. I won't stifle her. Instead, I'll let her express herself in whatever way she wants to do so. Shoot, maybe I'll get a whole album out of her in 2021.

Spent Some Time in the Ole Music Box


I never know how my days are going to go. I had a bad week last week. I had to deal with some extremely old information that came up and almost caused me to shame myself and bury myself in my home. It was really silly to go in on myself over it, but I did a little bit. No one likes their old skeletons and such being brought up, but everyone has them. Some of us feel shame much, much more than others, though. 

So I had planned to do something completely different from what I actually did yesterday. I was going to read some materials about dealing with shame, but I ended up working on songs and getting lost in the music. Not sure what happened there, lol. I sat down and listened to beats to see if I could get a spark to write, and I did.

I still love to create art. I just wish I had the right equipment to make perfect-quality tracks. If I ever hit the lottery, I think I'll buy myself a personal studio. There's only one problem with that: I don't play the lottery. Haha.

Singing has been quite a task lately. When we get older, we have to work 10 times harder at everything than we did when we were younger. We must work harder to have children, stay fit, stay awake, look good, etc. We have to work harder to sing, too. I used to be able to go for months or years without practicing, and then I could warm up in 20 minutes or so and sing something pretty well. I was never a very strong singer, but I could make something sound a little pretty if I took my time with it. Now it takes me even longer to get stuff right. 

The only exception is if I'm doing a gritty rock song or something. My deep, raspy voice is perfect for those types of songs. The Nirvana cover took only one recording, for example. It got a very good response from the music community, much better than I expected. I don't ever feel "out of my element" when I'm doing that type of song. It's when I have to try to do some ballad or R&B type thing that I get nervous. I LOVE the music. I just don't think I can sing it well. I can rap, though. 

Raspy rock is not always what I want to write and sing. This time I was in the mood for something else. I got two rough drafts put together, but they need lots of work. They need to be re-sang, remixed, re-everything. One is a mature version of something I wrote in 2012 and only sang once. 

The other song goes hard. That's all I can say, lol. It's some real ish. I never plan the content of my songs. It just comes out. I put this bomb-ass beat on my ears, and then stuff started coming out. 

Both tunes need a lot of work, but at least I didn't lose my love for music. Now, back to those shame readings. 

Lifehouse: Good and Grungy

Some of the songs from Lifehouse's old album "No Name Face" have been on my driving playlist lately. It's hard to believe that these songs are 20 years old. Wow. I remember seeing "Hanging by a Moment" on MTV over and over and over again back in the day. Their music didn't really catch on with me at first. I felt like Jason Wade's voice didn't match his looks (he looked super-young but had a grown man's voice), but then I started to like it. 

He has one of the s*xiest rock/alternative/post-grunge voices of all time. It's kinda deep and grungy (which I love), but then it breaks out in those whiney, painful falsetto bits from time to time (see: "Somebody Else's Song") that are also quite dreamy.

But I didn't like Lifehouse just for the voice. Their lyrics were deep, as well. I remember listening to "Sick Cycle Carousel" one day with one of my female besties as we were discussing the extremely unhealthy relationship I was in at the time.

"If shame had a face

I think it would kind of look like mine

If it had a home would it be my eyes?

Would you believe me

If I said I'm tired of this?

Well here we go now one more time"  

I really liked that song too, but I'll have to say that my favorite song on the album is "Simon." I'm not sure if it's as popular as "Hanging by a Moment," but it always gets played when I'm on a Lifehouse kick. Its vocal arrangement is gorgeous, but it also has a deep meaning. When asked about the song, Wade said the following:

"I wrote this about a friend of mine who told me about his childhood. He was telling me how he went to school and was the outcast, and everyone picked on him and called him names, and he didn't have one friend. I started feeling the same emotions he must have felt and just started writing these lyrics... The feeling of being alone, of being abandoned, connects to that. So "Simon" came really easily."

Some confusion existed over the years about whether Lifehouse was a "Christian" band. Wade concluded that the band wasn't a Christian band but that he was a Christian. There's a difference. Christian bands generally focus their content on the Creator. But bands with Christian members don't always do that. I always thought Lifehouse's songs had a lot of substance to them. I like music with good substance, deep lyrics. 

My personal taste in music has always been very diverse. I mess with all genres and have quite a variable playlist. I loved the grunge era to pieces. Some Lifehouse songs remind me of that grunge. 





A Fan of Some New Music?

Do you automatically classify as a fan if you like more than one song by someone? I hope not. 

It appears that I have been liking music by Chris Brown for quite some time now, and I didn't even know it was him. As I said, I hear all kinds of different things on the radio when I drive. I don't do Google searches for every tune I find favorable. I did seek out Ella Mai to download the songs "Trip" and "Boo'd Up." Other than that, I didn't put too much effort into downloading personal copies of any new music.

However, I just found out today that I had been digging "No Guidance" by Chris Brown for months without knowing it. I talked about how I liked "Go Crazy" too. I hear these songs a lot on the radio. He sings a few other songs that I really liked the melody to and didn't know it was him. I usually don't like the other artist who gets on the track with him, though. I like his singing, but not the weird autotuned rappers who get on most of his tracks. That one Young Thug kid sounded like a dying robotic animal that had just been run over by a truck. It's very painful to listen to, and it's even more painful that such sounds are considered "good music" these days, hahaha. The kids love it. Drake doesn't sound bad in that one particular "No Guidance" song, but I'm not a fan. 

I'm from the old school. I'm used to hearing my brothers sing soulful R&B and meaningful, coherent rap verses with their natural voices. 

You Really Can Hum to Google to Identify a Song

You really can hum to Google and find a song, even if you don't know a single lyric. All you have to do is hit the little mic button and ask Google "What's this song?" It'll then let you sing, hum, or play whatever part of the song you know and find it for you.

I play the radio when I drive, and I hear all sorts of songs. Some of them catch me, even though I don't usually listen to that particular type of music. 

I had a song in my head today, and I tried the "hum to Google" thing to see if it worked. The only words I knew were "Something something something in the middle of the night," lol. I liked how the singer sang the three or four lines starting with that, but I had no idea what he was saying. None whatsoever. 

I hummed it into Google just like the fella sang the tune. Apparently, I was "in key" and "in tune" because it pulled the song right up for me. 

The song was "Go Crazy" by Chris Brown and Young Thug. I turned the video on for a few seconds and read the actual lyrics. 

Oh my, hahaha. Nevermind.

I guess my ears liked Chris Brown's voice, but I didn't know what the song was about at all. Furthermore, I definitely had never heard Young Thug's part in the song while I was in my car because I didn't care for it at all. That cringy autotune hurt my entire soul, lol. Sorry. I couldn't listen past that point.