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Friday, November 26, 2021

"Last Stop" Video Game Review: It Has Several Dimensions to It


The "Last Stop" video game ended up being a wild ride for our "gaming experience writer." It began as a game she wasn't sure she wanted to finish and ended with a wow and a head scratch. It went from being a lame story about ordinary people's lives to being a compelling Sci-Fi adventure. Then it closed out all the way in the spiritual realm.

What Is the "Last Stop" Video Game About?

The story revolves around three main characters and a "stranger":

John: A middle-aged man with a little girl and a bad heart who keeps getting the neighbor's mail.

Meena: A hardcore borderline narcissistic ex-military hero who works for an intelligence agency and is unhappy in her marriage.

Donna: A young woman who decides to follow a handsome but suspicious "stranger" with her friends one night after seeing numerous people go into his home and zero people come out.  

Each chapter of the story is more intriguing than the last and is full of adventure. It comes together nicely in the final chapter by bringing all the main characters together in one otherwordly spot. 

Why Is the "Last Stop" Video Game Sci-Fi?

  • The stranger zaps people to oblivion with fluorescent green eye beams.
  • Two characters literally swap bodies.
  • There are aliens and blue people.

The gaming writer eventually found herself going through portals and coming out in a world where no one even spoke English. Sure, English subtitles showed up on the screen, but only gibberish came from the mouths of the "other folks." 

Who Is the Stranger in the "Last Stop" Video Game?

Maybe the stranger is a different entity to different players, but our gaming experience writer concluded that he's that ole snake known by various names in the Good Book. 


The wildest part of the seven-chapter game was the end, where the stranger's true nature revealed itself. You see, the game first leads the player to believe that he's a handsome and harmless "alien" who knows the heart of his target and cares for her. 

He tricks her into trusting him by pretending to care about her life and problems. He asks a lot of personal questions about her but doesn't reveal too much about himself at first. She finds herself drawn to him because he's cute, articulate, attentive, and interested in getting to know her. At one point, he claims that no one knows her as well as he does. 

Then he shows her a few of his "special powers" and leads her to believe he will use them to help her. All the while, he snatches the souls of everyone she cares about (her sister, her mother, her friends, the boy she has a crush on, etc.).

He eventually talks her into going down a portal with him and then flips the script once he gets her there, LOL! He turns into this mean, nasty, and threatening entity who keeps yelling at her, "You're MINE!" 


One of the other characters comes to save her, but she kills the stranger — or so she thinks. Nope. It turns out that he's a special kind of entity who can't be killed. He pops up again in her bedroom while she's sleeping and tries to "make a deal" with her. 

First, he says, "You killed me. I'll give you one last chance to redeem yourself for what you did."


Well, when that doesn't work, he switches to "offering her a deal." 

He says he'll give her back all the people he took from her if she will sign a contract to be his and dwell where he dwells for all of eternity upon her death.

Hmm, that didn't sound like ordinary alien talk to our gaming experience writer. It sounded like a whole different realm of language if you know what I mean. It was quite eery.  

No, thank you.  

The player must choose to sign the contract and take the stranger's shady consolation prize or refuse it and tell the mofo to get lost. He has no choice but to leave if the player rejects the contract and tells him to leave forcefully. We don't know what happens in the other scenario because we chose to NOPE the deal.