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Now the Rings Fit Perfectly


The "I Am Enough" ring started to feel slightly loose after the first day. I thought I'd remedy the problem by going to Claire's and buying a ring snuggy to accommodate my finger's occasional post-swelling reshrink. It turns out there will be no need for that. The purity ring came today, and it's super snug. It also pushes the other ring up closer to my knuckle, which gives it a tighter fit. Right now, the rings fit very snugly and will not slip around my finger or budge. In fact, the purity ring is so tight I think I might have a problem getting it off, haha. Good!

I won't be needing to drive to Claire's today, and I'm happy with the fit. I'm concerned about what will happen the next time I swell, though. Doh! Got butter? 

Both of these are positioned in the place where a wedding band would go, and they'll be on my person for a long time. 

Not much else to write. The little musical artist in me has emerged, and I'll be nurturing her for a while. I won't stifle her. Instead, I'll let her express herself in whatever way she wants to do so. Shoot, maybe I'll get a whole album out of her in 2021.

If the Ring Fits... Wear It


So one of my rings came today, but I got quite a scare over it. I was so tired today (iron must be low) that I fell asleep while in the middle of doing some work. The last thing I remember doing was chatting with the music engineer who's going to be working on my song. I decided to stop trying to do everything myself and have someone else mix and master my tunes. Honestly, I don't even enjoy the process. I like saving money, however. But bad mixing and mastering can make a good song sound horrible. 

Nowadays, our quality has to match that of other artists, or we'll never gain the kind of traction we might want. I've done "okay" on some of my songs, but the work has been shoddy on most of them, as compared to what actual engineers and long-term producers have done with my stuff. So we'll see what this fella can do. I'm going to listen to his mix and compare it to my rough mix. I think there will be a huge difference, lol. 

My ring was missing when I first went outside to look for it. I had fallen asleep uncontrollably, and the delivery message had come in while I was passed out. It was just gone, but the delivery people had taken a picture of it in front of my door. Thus, I had to conclude that someone else had helped himself to it. I was upset because I wanted to try it on. I thought I'd have to call the po-po just to get a report and then contact somebody to have it replaced. It's a sentimental item, and it's important for me to have it on my person. I bought the message, not the metal or stones. 

Fortunately, the po-po "found" the item. I don't give a damn what happened or what someone tried to do. I really don't care to press any issues, either. I just wanted my ring. 

The good news is that it fits well. Since I last wore a ring, I lost a few pounds, and it was just enough to make this piece take on a perfect fit. It's kind of small up close, but it's fine since I'll be adding another ring to it. 

I Ordered Two Self-Love Rings

i am enough ring

I ended up getting two rings to wear. I hope to goodness they fit because the last time I wore a ring, it was a quarter size larger than the whole number. I'm praying I don't have to have them adjusted. I picked the two sterling silver ones that stated my business and intentions the best. 

I felt that "I Am Enough" said everything I needed to say to myself. I didn't need a long speech or three or four separate phrases. "I Am Enough." That is all. I don't need to shame myself for things I did in the past. I don't need to defend myself to anyone who is just as imperfect and flawed as I am. I don't need to backflip and tapdance for love, affection, attention, etc. And I don't need to do anything I don't want to do to try to make people like me. I am enough as I am, and if anyone doesn't accept me as I am, that's okay. Next.

vancaro i am enough ring
Vancaro sells a "sunflower" version of this ring, and this is how they described it: “'I am enough' means that you don’t have to strive to become more worthy, more valid, more acceptable, or more loved. You already are all of those things. It is also aimed at those ladies who love to embrace themselves and are not afraid of being themselves."

I didn't buy the gorgeous Vancaro one because I wanted to see if the one I got would fit. But I think the one I got has its own unique beauty. It's just for me. 

The other ring I got was a gigantic purity ring. I want to wear that statement because that's where I'm at, and that's what I'm about. It doesn't matter what mistakes I made in the past or what I may or may not have accepted. I am forgiven because of "God's" grace and mercy, just like anyone else who humbly asks for it. Purity is what I stand for now, and anyone who approaches me will see that and get up out my face if they have any other ideas, haha. It will also remind me not to accept anything less than that. I am worthy of pure love, pure intentions, and pure commitment. I am worthy of being with someone who wants to see me succeed and grow in my faith, not cause me to stumble. I'm worthy of having someone who wants to grow with me as well. 

There's only one way anyone will ever get that purity ring off my finger, and it's going to require a level of effort that only someone who truly loves me will offer. If I never meet anyone willing to put forth that kind of effort, that's fine too, but I can't help 'em. I can rock the purity ring for the rest of my life and be just fine.

I'm not real big on jewelry, but I do wear it from time to time. I've always preferred silver to gold. Gold is okay. It's certainly the more expensive of the two metals, but I like silver much better. 




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Self-Love Jewelry: Yay or Nay? T's Thoughts


I am enough ring

Self-love jewelry is a current trend that people view with varying levels of approval. Some people think it's weird or "feminist" for a woman to buy herself a self-love jewelry item. Other people believe it's "sad" when a lady buys jewelry for herself. Then there's the portion of the world that truly gets it! Self-love jewelry isn't a feminist statement, an act of desperation, or a weird fetish. It's a statement that simply says this: I love myself even if no one else does. I will commit to myself, and I will gift myself as well. 

 I am Enough Ring

What Is Self-Love Jewelry?

Self-love jewelry can be any item that someone buys for herself. A woman can go out and buy a $2,000 diamond necklace for her own neck and call it a self-love item. However, the term "self-love jewelry" usually refers to jewelry that makes bold statements of self-love. The items are often inexpensive, but consumers can certainly find pricey ones if it floats their boats to do so. The jewelry comes in silver, gold, tungsten, diamond, and much more. I'm a simple girl with skin allergies. So I prefer my jewelry to be crafted of hypoallergenic silver or stainless steel and not the least bit flashy.

purity ring
The most common self-love jewelry items are rings. These rings have statements on them such as "I Am Enough," "I Am Worthy," "True Love Will Wait," "I Will Wait," "Purity," and so on. 

Celibacy and purity rings are self-love rings because of what the vows represent. They represent a commitment to oneself to accept nothing but the highest and purest forms of love in the future. They also symbolize a commitment to "God." Thus, they're also God-love rings. Such commitments can be made at any time in a person's life, and they would certainly justify the purchase of a purity ring.

purity ring

Perhaps the most interesting self-love ring on the market is the one that has the entire Serenity Prayer on it. This is a great item for a recovering codependent in the world. It reminds the wearer that she must focus on God and herself and not worry about the situations or people she can't change.

serenity prayer ring

My Take on Self-Love Jewelry

I'm all for it, and I think people should love on themselves a whole lot more. I've been thinking about buying myself a ring for a while now. To be honest, I want all the self-love rings in the post. But I can only choose one right now, and it will have to be the one that carries the statement I want to express the most. I'll be wearing the one I get for a very long time. 

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Canyon Bakehouse: The Best Tasting Gluten-Free Bread EVER!

This stuff here is delicious. It's the best gluten-free loaf bread I have ever tasted in my life. It's expensive, but it's worth it. Try it if you can't eat gluten. They have other options for people who don't like white bread. I give it five stars because I can't stop eating it once I get started. I'll eat it as a sandwich, toast, or just rawdog bread with no butter or peanut butter or nuthin'. This loaf gets gone with a quickness!