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Celebrating Celibacy

*An excerpt from a random author's musings*

"Celibacy is a wonderful thing for a woman. It serves as a protector for a goofy woman who only lies down with folks she "loves" but then settles without receiving any commitment. It's a type of spiritual purification for a woman who knows that she needs to stay pure for her spiritual gifts to resharpen. It also returns the self-esteem and self-respect to a woman who loses them when she falls for a lie or chases an illusion. 

No, the woman can't erase the past. She can't do anything about what other people may or may not think about her in general or the poor decisions she made in her past. She can't get the little piece of herself back that was manipulooted. But she can feel good about herself that she is now celibate again. 

As far as feeling guilty and allowing others to shame her... NOPE. She doesn't feel guilty, and she refuses to be shamed. Only one entity can judge her for whatever she may or may not have done. Only one entity has a Heaven or Hell to put her in. That same entity grants mercy and forgiveness for the dumb things people do while they're still learning. 

We all live and learn. Apparently, she still needed to learn another lesson after her previous six-year celibacy run. Some people are a little denser than others when it comes to matters of the heart. And for her, it was a matter of the heart. It's always a matter of the heart. That's why it didn't bother her in the least to return to celibacy... forever if necessary. She never cared much about having relations other than to create life or to express love. She can do without it... forever. 

She won't ever sell herself short again or accept anything less than what she deserves. D is a dime a dozen. Even if it's good, it isn't worth a damn without the commitment and mutual love. If it's not good, well, that's even worse. 

Love, care, and commitment are what she deserves. She is worthy of such things. She is good enough. She is valuable enough. She'll have all of those next time (with a healthy person, of course), or she'll have nothing. It's fine either way because she has learned to enjoy and appreciate her alone time just fine. 

1 year, 1 month, and counting...

She's eager to beat her own six-year record, even though she'll be old as crap by then."