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My First Tire Blowout in Chevy Sonic LT

Yesterday, I had my first tire blowout ever. I was on my way to my destination from work. I wasn't feeling very well, and all I wanted to do was drink some hot tea and sleep so that I could get through the next day. I was listening to Justin Timberlake's old "Justified" album jamming to the music when my TPMS went off. I was on the highway doing "70-ish" in the Sonic LT

I didn't feel anything strange at first. I just saw the light, and I thought it had gone off because the tires lost pressure because of the cold air. I kept driving. Eventually, I felt vibrations, and I was like, "Dang. I think my tire is flat." Determined to get where I was going, I threw the hazards on, slowed down about 20 mph, called my boss about the following day, and kept going in the lonely lane. She rode pretty well for many miles. I almost made it to the destination, but I knew I was going to tear up my rim in the process, lol. I just wanted to get where I was going so bad and not have to wait for a towing service or something. Yes, I know I was wrong. 

The Traction Control light went off as I was coming off the ramp, and the tire finally exploded and left me on a rim. At that point, smoke started coming from what was left of the tire, and I smelled burning rubber. I drove to a pharmacy and then called for help. I called AAA, but then my SO called me, too. A random firefighter stopped by as I was waiting for AAA and/or my SO, lol. He put the donut on there with a quickness just so I could get where I was going, but I will not be able to ride to work on that. 

I destroyed my rim as you can see in the picture. I took the pic at about 10 p.m. and caught the lights outside of the pharmacy really well. I don't know what caused the tire to go flat, but I hope to goodness it wasn't another case of Timiarah car sabotage. My cars have a long history of being abused (hit while parked, keyed, stripped of headlights, stabbed in the sidewall, etc.) in Hardeeville by random haters. I could have just run over a nail or something. It's possible, but it's also possible that someone caused that leak. I have no idea what's going on in the parking lot when I'm working. I'll have to investigate the matter further.

I'm going to need a brand new rim and a tire now. To make it even worse, I shredded an electrical component from the braking system. I have to climb under there and see how extensive the damage is and if it can be plugged back up and electrotaped back to functionality. Sigh. I wasn't ready to start working on this car just yet, but I guess I have no choice now. The unfortunate part is that it's considered a holiday, so I'm going to have a hell of a time finding a rim today. I probably won't be able to get one until Friday. 

Overall, the car handled the situation quite well. I never once lost control of the wheel, and the ride wasn't bad, lol. I took it as far as it could go and really put it through the test. It was my first time ever losing a tire, and the car was a real trooper through it all. I think it just earned my respect as far as safety goes. It had great handling even when I was doing idiotic stuff. 

Not What I Expected

Today went in a totally unexpected direction. I didn't do anything I thought I was going to do, but I did end up doing stuff I wasn't supposed to do. First of all, my entire exhaust system is screwed up. I had no idea because, as I said, I don't go underneath cars. I crawled up under there today, though. I did it gangsta style with no jack or anything. 

Man, the hole is the least of the problems. Neither one of my mufflers is even connected to the pipe, lol. WTH? They've both snapped off. I'm not sure when it happened. It could have happened when I disconnected the exhaust from underneath the hood during the head gasket job. The weight of the pipes bearing down may have snapped the mufflers loose because they were old and rusty at the connection points. 

It could have also happened when those men helped me to connect the exhaust back to the car. I don't know. I wasn't under there until today. I knew nothing except for the unmissable hole. Those guys never said anything about what happened, which leads me to believe that it may have been them who did it, ha-ha. You think they would have said, "Say, uh, both of your mufflers have snapped off"? Lol, I don't think I would have gotten mad. I knew the ish was old. 

So I basically have two choices at this point: Pay someone several hundred dollars, or learn to weld before these pipes and crap touch the ground, lol. 

By the way, I'm not kidding about learning to weld. My motivation goes up when I'm having expensive car issues. If it's doable, I will figure out how to do it. I'll weld them joints back on with NO jack at all -- gangsta style, just crawl under there and grab them craps with my bare hands and burn 'em on. 

Seriously though, I'm not sure how mobile I'll be. I noticed that I didn't have much mobility in my right arm when I reached to touch the pipe, and I kind of need it if I'm going to tinker with the exhaust. I want to do this. I love a challenge. I actually want to weld them back on without using a jack. You know why? Because it's different, and it's acrobatic, and it's fun, and there's no fear because the car belongs to me. 

I'll watch some videos and then work on it when my time at the new job goes down. I think it'll be fine for a few more weeks, but it needs to be done soon. 

I found some awesome skirts at the Goodwill today. One of them had flowers on it. It's so pretty. I love my skirts. I needed some "new" ones because all my other ones had holes in them. I did sew them, but I'm not the best sewer. The patch jobs look like amateur jobs. 

Oh, and I heard that some "karma" came to someone who had wronged me. At first, I smiled, but I didn't really mean to bask in someone else's misfortune. It was more like an "I told you so" smile. Like I told you it wasn't me. But I actually hate for any of my brothers or sisters to see misfortune or get themselves into misfortune. Every time that happens, the devil wins a round. So no, I'm not happy for that individual's current plight. I'm sad it had to come to that, but then again, maybe Yah is calling that person. Sometimes he lets bad things happen, and they end up being good things. 

Tonight, for Shabbat, I am going to make a faith-based video about prayer. HalleluYAH! Studies, prayers, and rest after that. 

Salesman Wigs, Uber Laughs

You know you've had a great day when you share a laugh with your Uber driver as he drops you off at your destination. The reason? Well, the Uber driver could overhear the insurance salesman as he snapped on me and hung up on me because I wasn't giving him my "full attention." Can I say WTF? Nope. Only, if I mean what the fudge. 

That was hilarious. The health insurance people have been calling me. Yeah, of course, I've been looking into coverage, but it does me no good because all the plans are screwed. Believe me; if there was a plan that was within my price range, I would have it. I'm a numbers girl. I've already tried running the numbers six ways to Sunday. You're either screwed on the premium, or you're screwed on the deductible, but ma'am, you... are... screwed.

Grammarly's gonna tell me I used several unnecessary ellipses now. 

I don't like insurance salespeople much, to be honest. A lot of them don't care who they sign up, just as long as they sign somebody up. They do all kinds of shady stuff to earn their pay and don't really care about the people. It's all the same: life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, whatever. 

The man got mad at me because I don't beat around the bush or play games. I want cheap coverage. I'm low income but apparently not low enough for Medicaid. My budget is ___, so you're wasting my time and yours if you can't get me this premium with this deductible: $0-$50. Yes, I already played around with different numbers. That's how I am. I'm sorry if you feel as though I'm trying to take over your job, but I like running numbers myself and trying to get myself the best deal. There are times when I want someone else to do it, and times when I don't. Today just wasn't a good day for sitting there and listening to a licensed agent tell me that they couldn't find me the pricing that I need either. 

So basically, he clicked me because he demanded my full attention, but I had to tell the Uber driver where to stop. I saw him out the corner of my eye with his arms up like hellooooo, so I had to answer him. So the bratty little salesman hung up. Yeah, we laughed at that crap. Dude was silly, lol. 

Now, I am getting ready to take the longest sleep ever. I have some swelling and whatnot. I have that pitting edema that is usually a sign of major organ failures and such. 

My breathing is okay right now although I do have some chest pain on the right side. I'm tired. It was a long day for me today, and I got upset today because it seemed like all this stuff was working against me this morning. OMG. Come on. 

Now I can't keep my eyes open anymore. I'm just so tired, and I mean that in an "I'm just physically sleepy from not getting much sleep yesterday" kind of way. I was having an 80s "Guiding Light" episode marathon.

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