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Rappin' for "Jesus"? WTH? LOL

The world of YouTube is insane sometimes. I came across this reaction to an old video with a white pastor and his wife singing their "rap" song called "Rappin' for Jesus." The first time I saw it, I was just confused. I didn't know whether to laugh or be offended. Of course, my silly side took over, and I laughed at it. What's really funny is not the song itself but the natural REACTIONS of the people who watched it. 

I watched several reactions. Most people laughed. One brother wasn't too happy about it at all, and I can understand why. It's like, "Is that what they really think of us?" Do they really think they have to break stuff down in extremely corny rap to get through to us? WTF? It is offensive in that way, and because they felt they had to say n***a multiple times throughout the video. I mean, what in the actual f***k? We're not even going to talk about their image of "Jesus" right now. Woo, Lord. 

But some of the elements were funny. Like they were old as the hills really trying to spit some bars, and they had no rhythm whatsoever. The dude said he raps better than Biggie, too. Woooow.

What put me over the top was the reaction by this guy, Leo. I have to give Leo an award for having the damn funniest reaction to a video I have ever seen in my entire life. OMG, I died. Several times. ALL of his reactions were hilarious, especially when he started talking to "Mary Lou." ROTFL. I talk to the TV sometimes, too, bruh. Hahaha. 

**The video is the property of Mr. Video on YouTube. I own no parts of such video and am sharing strictly for your entertainment.**

**I do not condone or cosign on the use of any herbs.**

"The Haves and the Have Nots" Closes out With a "Meh" Series Finale


*The above image is from The Haves and the Have Nots season finale - JetMag.com and is not the property of Timiarah S.*

Tyler Perry wrapped up "The Haves and the Have Nots" today. All I can say is wow. I felt like it was rushed and had the laziest possible solution: kill 'em all. People died who didn't need to die, and their deaths were quick and brutal. The scene with Katheryn and Diamond disturbed me the most just because of its graphic nature. 

Personally, I liked Katheryn because she became a true friend to Hanna. We don't often see rich white women becoming real friends with black women who don't have as much money as they do. It's just not heard of very much. So I appreciated their friendship. I hated to see her go out like that, but then again, she had covered up a little girl's death to protect her son in the first seasons. She was an enabler, and she died for protecting someone who ended up killing himself in the end anyway. 

Yep. Wyatt OD'd after having been told several times that the drugs he was taking were going to kill him. There was nothing anyone could do. His heart stopped when the lethal combo hit his system, and no one could revive him. 

I liked Hanna, too. I felt like she was a good person who had a rough period earlier in life because of her trauma. She did the best she could and didn't have much when raising her kids, but she tried to be there for them later in life. She also turned to God when she got older. 

I never liked Wyatt from the beginning, and his behaviour just got worse as each season passed. I never liked Jim and disliked him even worse after he tried to force Candace to abort her child back in the day. I hate bullies who do that to women. 

Candace was troubled because of her childhood too, but she had a chance to redeem herself. She had several chances, and she just couldn't do the right thing in the end. It broke my heart to see her die, especially since she was pregnant. 

Benny lost his life because he got in the middle of an abusive relationship between an obsessed mob family member and his ex-girlfriend. That was heartbreaking, too, because he tried to stand up for someone who couldn't stand up for herself and died because of it. But he also played a part in stealing a whole lot of money. Maybe he died as a consequence of that. 

Veronica was a character who I thought was a badass and liked the first season for her spunk. But she became uglier and uglier as her true character unraveled each season. She was a straight-up narcissist who had no care or concern for anyone. She was quite caustic and mean-spirited, and I had no good feelings about her by the end. I thought her death was lame, though, and I thought she'd have been smarter than to go out like she did.

Jeffrey, Madison, and David got the bombdiggety at the hands of Justin's crazy brother. I was mad at David in the end anyway because he supposedly "liked Hanna" but encouraged Jim to pay the mob to kill her daughter. He had been such a lapdog for that devilish man the whole series that I was just through with him. I didn't really want him to die, but he did. 

I didn't care too much for Jeffrey or Madison. It wasn't their lifestyle choices I didn't like. They were just kind of bland characters, and I didn't need to see their bedroom activities at all. I liked that one odd fella, Colby, because he always stood up for himself, but I think he died a few weeks ago. 

Jim's demise was the only one I cheered, but that was because he had just drowned Hanna's daughter in a tub, rubbed it in her face, and then tried to kill her. Yeah, I actually spoke to Hanna from in my seat that time. I think I said, "Run his ass over!" Then she did just that.  

Unfortunately, that's going to haunt her forever. She wasn't a killer. She was someone who snapped after seeing her daughter in the tub like that. She was a woman of God who ended up doing something that God doesn't want His children to do.  She'd already gone through so much, and her suffering isn't even over yet. She has no idea her son is gone, too. 

The only good thing is that she has a new grandson. Babies are bundles of joy who can bring light to any situation. She might be okay if she can put all of her energy into loving her grandson and remembering  Benny through him. She might be able to stay out of jail on temporary insanity or self-defense, but it'll be tough because she could have chosen to drive away. She turned all the way around to run Jim over, and that will be a tough point to argue. 

Man. That wrap-up was tough. Welp, it looks like Hanna is the only "Have" left. She has all the Cryers' money now. We don't know if Mitch is alive at this point. I think he was probably killed for going up against his uncle to protect Candace. At the very least, he will be crippled for life. I liked Mitch. He was a good guy who loved Candace and Benny and didn't want any parts of the mob game. But he messed up when he used their name to offer Candace protection he didn't have the power to give. Everything was just so sad. 

I was disappointed and felt like Mr. Perry could have fleshed the stories and characters out a bit more for the wrap-up. He could have made a two-hour finale and filled in all the blanks that never got filled in. But he didn't. Oh well.

I usually don't follow Tyler Perry stories, and I've never watched a single one of the Madea movies. But somebody told me about HAHN a long time ago. First, I was like, "Wow, John Schneider is kind of attractive at middle age." Then I became invested in the story after the first one. Now, eight years later, it's over.  Life goes on.