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The Last Three PlayStation and Xbox Games Played


*Image is from https://cdn4.twinfinite.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/life-is-strange-before-the-storm.jpg and is not the property of Timiarah S.*

So the first narrative story I played was "Detroit: Become Human" for the PlayStation. I enjoyed that game so much that I switched genres and actively seek narrative stories now. Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy baseball, car racing, boxing, and other sports games. I spend most of my gaming time getting lost inside of narrative stories, though. 

My Experience With "Tell Me Why"

I'm on the Xbox now, so my second narrative story was "Tell Me Why." The agendas and propaganda annoyed me at first. However, I still felt it was a good story and acceptable game for an unswayable adult to play. I was interested in knowing the truth about the twins' mother and whether she was the monster the story portrayed her to be in the beginning. Nope. Not in my story. She wasn't. 

In my story, she was a wonderfully artistic woman who had lost everything (riches, status, family) to give birth to her precious first child. Then that child passed away, and she never quite got over the trauma. No trauma in this world is as devastating for a woman as losing a child. It's not something you just "get over" or "let go" of. It just isn't possible. You can try to move on, maybe, but you can never forget your lost babies. Anyone who makes the above commentary is insensitive and has no idea what it's like to have a child growing inside their body. They have no concept of the bond that a mother has (or is supposed to have) with her children. They have no empathy whatsoever. 

Mary-Ann's Trauma

Anyway, Mary-Ann was forever traumatized by the loss of her child. The trauma still affected her, even after she had the twins. She loved them to death but was extremely fearful of losing them. Sometimes, the fear of losing a child or children can make a mother extra protective and even controlling. She struggled with the trauma and struggled as a single mother trying to care for her kids, too. Their "father" had abandoned her early in the pregnancy, shortly after trying to force her to a**rt them. People judged her harshly for some of her bad choices and for not having enough money sometimes. Eventually, someone called Child Protective Services on her (for having a low income? for coping with trauma?), and the threat of losing her babies put her over the edge. 

That Devastating Night

In my story, Mary-Ann was never going to hurt "Tyler." She had the gun in her hand because he'd had a disturbing altercation with their "father" just a few minutes before "Tyler" showed up to show her her new haircut. "Tyler" then ran away, thinking that Mary-Ann would hurt her because she wanted to be a boy, lol. Mary-Ann chased "Tyler" to talk to her and explain that she wasn't going to hurt her. But Alyson only caught one part of the interaction and moved quickly to "save" her sister. Her action resulted in Mary-Ann's death, and a lifetime of confusion and misunderstanding came from all that. The whole story was more about making sense of what happened and who their mother was than it really was about anything else. 

My Thoughts on the Game

I played the game and took the ride with the twins to figure out what really happened that night. I enjoyed the game despite the innuendos and subliminal messages. They didn't affect me in any way, but I'd have reservations about letting an impressionable child play it. It kind of paints Christians as "bad" people, and they're not. They believe the information in the Bible, and they try to raise their children by such standards. They aren't any worse or any more "abusive" than those who want to raise their children on the "Do what thou wilt" manual. You dig? 

Narrative Video Games in General

What's interesting about narrative games is that everyone's story is different. I believe we change the events and how the story turns out based on our own beliefs, experiences, and game choices. My story may not have ended the same way someone else's story did. Mary-Ann might have been a completely different person according to someone else's gameplay. I have no idea. 

Next up on the Narrative Game List

Now I'm playing "Life Is Strange: Before the Storm." I play as an angsty female teenager who goes on a random trip with the most popular girl in the school. Again, the story's events have a lot to do with the choices I make. I chose to make them FRIENDS with traumatic backstories, but someone else might choose to have them interact in a "different" way. Again, it's not a game I would want a little impressionable child to play, but it's fine for a seasoned adult.  

Detroit: Become Human - I Finished the Video Game


I finally finished my first run of the "Detroit: Become Human" game for the PlayStation. I'm not pleased with the outcome, lol. I got Connor deactivated for making an empathetic decision and sparing someone's life. Ug, that darn empathy I have.

Then, I got Alice, Luther, and Kara killed because I didn't want to sacrifice anyone at the Canadian border. Dang. I thought about that decision more than once, and I just couldn't bring myself to sacrifice Luther or Kara. I was trying to preserve everyone's life. Unfortunately, they all got killed because of it. I think Alice and Kara would have gotten away if I'd sacrificed Luther, but I didn't want to want to kill the big teddy-bear brutha off, lol. 

The only one of my characters who made it was Markus, and he made it because I played him like a straight rebel who was no longer effin' around. I had him release a little somethin'-somethin' on Detroit that quieted the masses on down. Thus, he lived and some of his troops survived, as well. 

I enjoyed the game very much. I think interactive games will be my favorite genre now. Now, I'm not sure if I want to play it again from scratch or choose another game like "The Last of Us" or "Heavy Rain" or some such. DBH has numerous endings and outcomes, but I might want to try a new adventure and get to know some new characters. I'm seriously considering "Beyond: Two Souls." That might be the next one I mess with.

My favorite character from DBH was Kara because of her love for the little girl. Connor grew on me. I felt he was too robotic at first, but then I liked him after when he began to pick up empathetic characteristics. Well, then he died. 

I appreciated Markus in the beginning because of his artistic abilities. I enjoyed painting and playing the piano with him. But then the story changed when Carl's drugged-out son became violent. I made a decision that caused Markus to get into trouble, and then I had to play him differently from that point. 

I really enjoyed the graphics and the entire story. It was one of those games that held my attention for a long time. 

Nope, I didn't get a PS5. I tried several months ago and got cart-cleared by Walmart twice. After that, I just gave up. I can wait a year or two if I have to. I really don't play all that much.