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Front "Valve Cover" Off, Cams and Timing Chain Exposed


I only got to the first cover before I had to come in. I got aggravated by the insane amount of weird Ford electrical connectors. They suck, and they made me take way more time than I wanted to take on this vehicle. 

As you can see, the timing chain is present in the vehicle. I had already figured that out because I could see the cam turning under the oil filler cap. Whoever told the previous owner that the timing chain had come all the way off was very incorrect. I'll get at the backside tomorrow and see what's going on in the rear. 

What I'm wondering is if I can avoid removing the oil pan (to remove the timing cover) and if there's any way possible I can remove the heads without upsetting the timing. That's something I have to think about. I'll add a video to this when it's done downloading. 

I know I will have to replace a lot of things on this car. I just wanted to put that out there. I'm well aware of that. 

Upper Intake Manifold Is Off

I had planned to go outside from 12-3, but I shut the garage down and came in at 2. I'm tired, lol. I cleaned the garage out a little bit more and drained some more nasties out of my crankcase. Then I started taking stuff off.  I only managed to get the upper intake manifold off, and the situation doesn't look very pretty. Yep, one of the lines from on top of the manifold is broken. Sure is. Will need to replace, lol. I did that. It was stuck in there pretty good, and it was pretty brittle. I tend to be a little rough with brittle stuff. So oops.

Some things were wrong and had nothing to do with me. For instance, I found that the EGR housing is broken, and some hoses in the back of the manifold weren't even connected. 


Movie Commentary: Bully (2001)


I watched the old movie "Bully" a few days ago for free on Amazon. It's a classic movie starring Brad Renfro (R.I.P.) and Nick Stahl that was a true story of an event that happened in Florida in 1993. Seven young people got together and m*rdered one of their friends, who was a bully. Bullying survivors often watch this movie because they can identify with the victim. They sometimes discuss the events and give their opinions on what happened in different forums. 

I always thought the movie was an excellent depiction of not only physical violence but extreme emotional and s*xual abuse. The humiliation and degrading and shame that Marty went through struck a chord in me even more than when Bobby would just haul off and punch Marty in the face.

Some people say, "Well, why didn't Marty just stop being friends with Bobby?" That's the same question people ask of women who've been in similar long-term relationships. "Why didn't she just leave?" or "Why didn't she just divorce him?" or "I would've just left" are common comments. 

It's not that simple for someone who has been tortured in such a fashion. Abusers often apologize and then play on the victim's sense of friendship, family, or marital commitment. Bobby's favorite line after apologizing for a gruesome act of abuse was, "Marty, you're my best friend." 

Aside from that, the victims often have extremely low self-esteem and don't feel like they can do any better. Then there's the "comfort zone" factor. In Marty's case, he had been friends with Bobby all of his life. He probably didn't know what a healthy friendship was, and maybe it would have been awkward for him to break away and try one. 

Marty also had very little support. He tried to tell his parents what was going on, and they pretty much blew him off. They saw that he would come home with black eyes and bruises, but they didn't investigate the situation enough and didn't seem to care about Marty's well-being too much. At least, that's the way it seemed in the movie.  Abuse victims always cry for help to someone. Sadly, these people are often ignored, or people just plain sweep the stuff under the rug. 

Personally, I still don't think that Bobby deserved to die in the brutal manner that he died. I don't think he deserved to die at all. I understand the dynamics of such relationships. I know every last feeling that Marty felt, but taking another person's life is never the answer. 

However, I do believe that the courts should have taken Marty's years of emotional and physical torture into consideration. A human being can only take so much abuse before they just want to do something... anything... to make it STOP. Some people choose to run (flight), and some people choose to fight. Others freeze up and stop being able to function for a while. Those are the three responses to abuse, and they can alternate at any time during a cycle. 

It seemed to me like after experiencing a lifetime of emotional and physical torture, Marty was punished even more by being placed in prison with the stiffest sentence out of all of the defendants. That's not to say that he didn't deserve to do time for the specific crime. But it seemed like they gave him the harshest sentence when he was the one who suffered the most from the abuse. Some of the other kids did it just for fun or just to pass the time that night. They didn't receive the harsh sentence that Marty got. There's something fundamentally wrong with that. 

WARNING: "Bully" is a VERY graphic and explicit movie. It shows a lot of violence, foul language, drug use, r*pe, and s*x. The m*rder scene was graphic, as well. It is a very unapologetic depiction of a true story that probably should have been rated X, to be honest. It is not for you if the reality of abuse is too much for you.