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Rear Valve Cover Is Off

 The rear valve cover is off. It was quite a struggle. There's just no room back there to do much, lol. I had to get into some pretty strange positions to get all the bolts off. I'm pretty sure I'd have gotten into trouble for the positions I had to get into to get at all the bolts if I was working for someone else. I can hear my fictitious boss right now. 

"We don't climb into the engine bays." 

"We don't turn our backs to the vehicle, hoist one of our legs up onto the wall, and then lean back and unscrew the bolt blindly with the right hand because it's the only hand that fits in there."

Yeah, I do some crazy stuff when I'm trying to get at some of these ridiculously placed bolts. Honestly, I have fun when I have to do off-the-wall stuff to make something work. To tell me I can't do it is to take the joy and fun out of the already hard job. 

Back to Automotive Work


Okay, so I'm done with the "solo lady's night out" thing. I'm actually pretty aggravated about the experience now that I've had time to think about it. They should have updated their website to reflect that they had temporarily suspended the karaoke event. I wouldn't have gotten excited about the event and purchased dresses that I didn't even wear if I had known they weren't going to have karaoke night. I definitely wouldn't have gone there last night. I didn't think to call because I assumed that their website information was accurate.

Anyway, there's another place that does karaoke during the week. I will call them today to see if they still participate and when they do it. That place seems a bit more upscale than the one I went to last night, no offense. Maybe they still have it. I feel about Covid like this: If you're going to be open, then you might as well do it all. Offer all the services or close the entire establishment. It makes no sense to do some things but not others. The risk is still the same. You're either going to let people be around each other, or you're not. 

Gloves, masks, sanitizers, and wipe-downs. That's all you can do. I am personally so sick of the whole Covid thing and how our lives have changed that I want to vomit. We've lost jobs that we loved and entire lifestyles. We've lost people we cared about.  It's so bad that introverted people can't even find something to do during their moments of sociability. We're almost always okay with being alone, but damn! Even we want to get out and do some things that we consider as fun sometimes! It's just saddening that so much has been taken from us. 

But anyway...

Today I'll be going outside to remove the second valve cover. I want to see how bad the rear is underneath that valve cover. I'm not sure if I'm going to get much more than that done today. I might take a look at the timing cover to see everything I'll have to do to remove it and so forth. We'll see. My next automotive workday after today will be Sunday. 

Front "Valve Cover" Off, Cams and Timing Chain Exposed


I only got to the first cover before I had to come in. I got aggravated by the insane amount of weird Ford electrical connectors. They suck, and they made me take way more time than I wanted to take on this vehicle. 

As you can see, the timing chain is present in the vehicle. I had already figured that out because I could see the cam turning under the oil filler cap. Whoever told the previous owner that the timing chain had come all the way off was very incorrect. I'll get at the backside tomorrow and see what's going on in the rear. 

What I'm wondering is if I can avoid removing the oil pan (to remove the timing cover) and if there's any way possible I can remove the heads without upsetting the timing. That's something I have to think about. I'll add a video to this when it's done downloading. 

I know I will have to replace a lot of things on this car. I just wanted to put that out there. I'm well aware of that. 

Upper Intake Manifold Is Off

I had planned to go outside from 12-3, but I shut the garage down and came in at 2. I'm tired, lol. I cleaned the garage out a little bit more and drained some more nasties out of my crankcase. Then I started taking stuff off.  I only managed to get the upper intake manifold off, and the situation doesn't look very pretty. Yep, one of the lines from on top of the manifold is broken. Sure is. Will need to replace, lol. I did that. It was stuck in there pretty good, and it was pretty brittle. I tend to be a little rough with brittle stuff. So oops.

Some things were wrong and had nothing to do with me. For instance, I found that the EGR housing is broken, and some hoses in the back of the manifold weren't even connected.